Can A Tow Truck Move One Car To Get To Another?

Can A Tow Truck Move One Car To Get To Another?

Legally speaking, towing one truck to get to another is not permitted especially since doing that may imply repossession. Therefore, if any repo company wishes to collect back their car, the laws that prevail in the place on such matters should be respected at all costs.

However, in some cases, vehicle owners may permit finance companies to enter their property and repossess a vehicle especially if there is a default in making up-to-date payments for rental cars, which is agreed upon when signing for such loan documents. 

Despite this legal restriction, some people still tow a truck out of the way to get to another. All they are required to do is put the wheels of the blocking vehicle on a tow dolly or tow truck and take it out of the way.

And after towing the car they want to be towed out of the way, the obstructing vehicle can then be returned to where it was before. Therefore, even though the practice of towing one truck to get to another is not advised legally, people still do it.

Why can’t a tow truck move one car to get to another?

First and foremost, moving one vehicle to get to another is more or less illegal or improper since the law does not permit it in most places. Even in the case of repossession attempts by repo companies, certain conditions must be met before you do that.

Again, it is very offensive to tow someone’s car just to get to another, more so if they did not park their vehicles wrongly or illegally. These are some of the reasons why you must not tow one car to get to another except if you do it with the consent and agreement of the owner of the vehicle.

When can a tow truck move a car to get to another?

There are a lot of instances when a car can be moved from one place to another to have access to another car. However, you must ascertain the validity of your action before you proceed. Otherwise, you may run foul of the prevailing laws with severe tidings for disobedience.

Some of the reasons why you can move a car to get to another are if it is parked illegally or on a property that is not yours. This can be referred to as trespassing onto private property.

Similarly, another car can be moved to get to another if the owner of a property complains to the police about it. Also, a car can be shoved aside to get to another if there is a visible sign declaring that you must not park in a restricted area.

If you proceed to park even after this warning, you risk your car getting towed even if doing so may involve moving other cars aside to achieve this aim, despite any offense to the law.

Is it safe for a tow truck to move one car to get to another?

As long as the tow truck moves the other car properly and with the use of a compatible tow vehicle, the process can be quite safe. Despite this, however, there is the issue of the law to contend with especially if the owner of the car moved complains to the authorities.

However, in terms of possible damage to the towed car itself, it can be done quite safely. As a result, the issue is whether it is right to do so but not whether it is safe or otherwise. All the same, if you do it properly, it is very safe to undertake regardless of the type of vehicle involved.

How does a tow truck move a car to get to another?

How a tow truck moves one car out of the way so that it can get to another is not much different from how towing is generally done. This means that if it becomes necessary to remove one vehicle out of the way to get access to another, any of the conventional methods of towing can be utilized.

Therefore, the car needed to be removed can be taken away from any obstruction with the aid of a tow dolly or even with the use of a winch to drag it along and get it out of the way. Furthermore, it can also be removed from where it is not wanted by hooking it up to a tow truck with the aid of a compatible hitch.

Although not quite necessary, if you have to, you can also get the car out of the way by simply loading it on the flatbed of a tow trailer. Whatever method you wish to use in getting the offending car out of the way, you should make sure that both the vehicle to be towed and the towing trailer are very compatible in terms of weights and sizes.

Also, attachment between these vehicles must be done properly before anything, and ensure that your lights, brakes, and mirrors are all in perfect working condition as well.

Will towing two cars together affect both cars?

Towing two cars at the same time though difficult is not likely to affect them unless something is not quite right.

Nevertheless, if you insist on towing 2 cars together, you are not without viable options. These options will be decided by available funds and high skill at driving large vehicles with retailers or cars attached to them.

To be candid, towing more than one car demands extra skill. Hence, it is not permitted to tow 2 cars at the same time with a trailer or tow truck. For one thing, an empty trailer can easily cause a car to take much longer to stop than a loaded one.

Consequently, in some states in the US, like California, drivers require special permission on their license to pull 2 cars at the same time. Although generally speaking, the endeavor of towing 2 cars is considered very difficult.

All the same, if it is done correctly, there is little chance of it affecting any or both cars. However, you must ascertain whether such driving is permitted where you are and also whether you have the skill to undertake the feat safely.

Unless you are sure of these facts, you should refrain from attempting it for whatever reason.


(1). Can you be towed while in the car?

No, it is not legal for you to be towed while sitting in the towed vehicle. It is considered an act of kidnapping if you are towed while sitting in the car. Furthermore, for a car to be towed, there could be several reasons.

First of all, the car could have been impounded by the police, tow company, or rental agencies among many others. Therefore, climbing into it while it is being towed can be rightly considered as intrusion, trespassing, or obstruction of the law, which are all serious offenses.

Consequently, your car cannot be towed while you are still in it.

(2). Can you tow a car from the back?

From their designs, most cars can be towed mainly from the front. As a result, there are hooks or recessed hooks on the front of most vehicles commonly covered by plastics, which are important during towing.

Generally, a rear-drive car cannot be towed backward. In addition, it is strongly advised that drivers should not tow vehicles on a tow dolly because in cases where the steering wheel is unlocked, the car can fishtail all over the place.

Therefore, all rear-wheel-driven cars should be towed with their rear wheels off the road, while front-wheel-driven cars with their front wheels raised off the ground as well.

This simply means that you should not attempt to tow a rear-wheel-drive car with the rear wheels on the ground to prevent any possible damage to its transmission system. However, for a front-wheel-drive car, it can be safely towed as long as its front wheels are not on the ground.

In a nutshell, if the car is a rear-wheel-drive version, you can tow it from the back with its front wheels on the ground, but you should not tow a front-wheel-drive car from the back. Therefore, yes, you can tow a car from the back only if it is a rear-wheel-drive model.

Conclusion – Can A Tow Truck Move One Car To Get To Another?

Moving a car away to get to another has obvious applications if you are not very careful. For one, it can constitute a trespass or violation of individual rights and property if you should move someone else’s car out of the way just to get to another.

However, it becomes necessary, you may seek their consent before doing anything. To move a car out of the way so that you can get to another, you have the option of using a tow dolly for front-wheel-drive cars, a tow truck, or even a winch that can be used to drag it along.

Whatever method you settle for, make sure that it does not constitute any threat to the vehicle itself and you can always confirm this information from the user manual.

Can A Tow Truck Move One Car To Get To Another?
Can A Tow Truck Move One Car To Get To Another?

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