Can I Tow A Car On A Motorway? Get Answers Here!

can i tow a car on a motorway

The motorway is not a place where you should think about fixing issues with your car. This is due to the speed of the vehicles and the risks. However, while it is not advisable to be fixing issues with the car by the roadside on the motorway, many car owners wonder whether they can tow their vehicle there.

Except your vehicle is causing an obstruction, it is not recommended that you tow a vehicle on the motorway. In a situation where you don’t have alternatives but to tow your vehicle on the motorway, you should leave the motorway through the next exit. Check out this article for more information.


What can I do when my vehicle breaks down on a motorway?

It has been stated earlier that it is risky to tow your vehicle on a motorway. Nevertheless, you can not leave your vehicle there when it has issues. You have to think of what you can do to safely get your vehicle off the road.

While towing isn’t the best option and you have to leave the road as soon as you can when you do this, you can get a recovery truck that will take your vehicle away from the motorway. Doing this will reduce the risk of towing and you can get to your destination quickly.

The factors you should consider when you want to tow a vehicle

Towing a car could get you fined by the authorities. Avoiding some of these things will not only save you from being fined, but it will also protect you from other issues. The following are some of the things you should consider when you want to tow a car.

Registration of the car

Except for your friend or family member who is the one towing the car, no towing company or organization will agree to tow your car without asking you if the car is registered or not. This is because the towing company will not want to be involved in towing a stolen car or a car that has been involved in a crime.

Moreover, other legal papers of the car are important.

Braking system

Did you know that it is illegal to tow or drive a car without a functioning brake? If you want to tow your car, you should ensure that the brake is functioning. In a situation where there is an issue with the brake of the car, you can install a supplemental brake.

If you drive a modern vehicle, you can turn on the electronic parking brake. You can check the manual of the car if you don’t know how to turn this on.

Weight of the vehicle

Depending on the law of the state where you are, you could be arrested or fined due to the weight of your car when you are towing it. There are laws in different states that stipulate the weight of the car that can be towed.

For instance, if you live in Texas, it is illegal to tow a car with a weight beyond 1200 lbs. You should first know the law of the state before you begin to tow your car.

Moreover, the weight of the car will also determine the type of towing truck that you will use. It is risky for you to use a towing truck that doesn’t have the towing capacity for your car. This is one of the reasons why the towing company will ask you for the model of your car when you call them for a towing service.

Be mindful of the transmission

If you want to tow your car, especially when you want to flat tow, you should first confirm if your car can be flat towed. On a general rule, all four-wheel and rear-wheel vehicles can be flat towed. When you are doing this, you should remember to put the car in tow or neutral mode before you begin to tow it.

You can consult the manual for more information. Moreover, pressure on the transmission will also increase the pressure on the tires. There could be a blowout if you are not careful.


This is where experience and expertise matter. When a car is being towed and there is a need for turning, you cannot do it the way you will turn if you are driving alone. Doing this could affect the car you are towing.


While you are driving a towing vehicle, you cannot move the same way you will move if nothing is attached to the car. It is recommended that you do not exceed 70 mph, especially when you are flat towing.

What you can do when your car is wrecked

When a car is involved in an accident and is wrecked, the next thing that you should consider, especially when it is obstructing traffic is to call a towing company. Highlighted below are some of the procedures you can follow.

Inform the insurance company

The first thing you should do when your car is wrecked is to inform the insurance company. The company will likely have a favored towing company that will tow the car to the particular place where the company wants the car to be taken to.

Call a towing company

If the insurance company gives you the go-ahead to call a towing company, you should just ask your friend for a recommendation or search for the closest towing company online. However, make sure you are diligent when you want to hire one to ensure that you have picked the best.

Have evidence of the incident

Merely reporting to your insurance company on the phone might not be enough to get your claim when you need it, you should have evidence also. You should take pictures of the wreck with your phone.

Make sure you take the pictures from different angles and you should take as many as you can. You can do a video recording of the car.

Get a witness

In a situation where the incident could lead to a lawsuit, it is recommended that you also get an alibi. You should ask for an eyewitness account of the incident and ask for their permission to record their voice. If possible you should do this for two people or more.

Prepare for the arrival of the truck

While waiting for the truck, you can use the opportunity to do some things. For instance, you could use the opportunity to remove some of the vital documents or valuables in the car. You can also use the opportunity to make provisions for your next transportation needs.

Be sure about where you are taking the car to

There are instances where the insurance company will suggest where you will take the car to, probably for inspection or repairs. You might be lucky and your insurance company will tell you where the preferred destination for the car is.

In a situation where the company does not suggest, you have to think about where you will take the car before the arrival of the truck.

Confirm the towing company

In a situation like this, many people might want to take the advantage of the victim. Some towing companies will show up unvented while some will be ready to exploit you. Make sure you confirm the identity of the company you are dealing with.

Before you allow the company to tow your car, ask for the fee and the other services that could be rendered by the company.

Reasons why you should tow your car away from an accident scene

When your car is wrecked, you should not leave it by the roadside or motorway. Though you might think you will attend to it later, you could, however, be incurring higher expenses. The following are some of the reasons why you should tow your car away when it is wrecked.


Leaving the car by the roadside could lead to further damage and vandals could steal some valuables from it. Moreover, it is not safe for a mechanic to come to a lonely road or motorway and start fixing your car.

You need to get the car to a safe location as soon as you can. When you do this, you will not be bothered about what could happen to your car where you left it.

Convenience of others

When a car is involved in an accident, it could be obstructing traffic. Leaving the car there will inconvenience others. The best thing you should do for the sake of others is to tow the car to a safe place.

Less expensive

Calling your mechanic to come down to where you are could cost you more than your budget. Moreover, fixing the car by the roadside is also risky for the mechanic. When you tow the car to the mechanic workshop, the car will be safe and you will save yourself from some expenses.

Conclusion – Can I Tow A Car On A Motorway?

You shouldn’t tow a car on the motorway. If you do not have an alternative, make sure you exit as soon as you can.

Can I Tow A Car On A Motorway? Get Answers Here!
Can I Tow A Car On A Motorway? Get Answers Here!

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