Can I Tow With A Leased Vehicle?

Can I Tow With A Leased Vehicle?

Of course, one can tow with a leased vehicle. To do this, you may have to only add a tow bar to the vehicle which can be done so skillfully to ensure that you do not breach any laws, terms, or conditions placed on the vehicle by the leasing company.

If you undertake to tow with a leased vehicle, you have to be certain that it has the required trailer towing package, which increases the towing capacity by about 1,500 pounds.

Again, you should also be aware that these companies do not take kindly to drilling holes in their vehicles after leasing them out. Should you do this, you are certain to have issues with the company.

Additionally, if you must tow with a leased vehicle, you should take into cognizance all the conditions that will enable you to tow correctly by obeying the specifications of the manufacturers, like weight and speed limits, and the use of the correct tow bar, and so on.

Consequently, unless the leasing company prohibits towing with their vehicles, you are not doing anything wrong by towing with them.

All that may be necessary is to ensure that you do not alter, deface, or disfigure the vehicle in any way. Lucky enough, there are leased vehicles that come with complete sets of towing packages for your use whenever the need arises.

The issue is not actually about towing with a leased vehicle or not, because in most cases, what is required is that you return the vehicle after the lease in the same condition it was given to you in the first place.

For this reason, the leasing company’s inspection team will check out your lease after return to ensure total compliance with their regulations. If they are satisfied, you do not have any issues.

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How do I tow with a leased vehicle?

At the time of giving out the vehicle for hire, the company is mandated to acquaint you with all the conditions under which they are leasing the vehicle.

Therefore, as long as you do not subject or permanently modify any specifications of the vehicle, you are in the clear. Therefore, before you tow with it, make sure you do not deface it.

Consequently, you are free to add a tow bar to it when towing. In addition, depending on the specifications of the vehicle, you can use a tow dolly or the flatbed of a tow trailer in towing it.

However, make sure that you strictly observe all the conditions necessary for safe towing which include driving within permitted towing speed limits and obeying all laid down recommendations without any compromise.

You can use a tow dolly or the flatbed of a tow trailer if you are towing a leased FWD vehicle. Similarly, should the vehicle be a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) or a 4-wheeler (AWD), you have the option of towing it on the flatbed of a tow trailer too.

Essentially, you must refrain from subjecting the vehicle to anything the company might have disallowed before leasing their vehicle out.

Is it safe to tow with a leased vehicle?

Towing a vehicle is very safe, but you have to do it in strict compliance with all the recommendations of the manufacturers. Hence, you are advised to enquire from the leasing company at the time of hiring the vehicle and all the conditions under which you can tow with it.

In addition to this, you should also refer to the user manual of the leased vehicle before you do anything. By doing this, you are essentially making sure that you do not damage, deface, or mutilate the vehicle.

Should you be still confused about anything, you may ask the company or any auto specialists closest to you, just in case. If you observe all these conditions strictly, it is very safe to tow with a leased vehicle.

Can I be stopped for towing with a leased vehicle?

Yes, you can be stopped for towing with a leased vehicle not just because it is leased, but because you might have done something else wrongly. Commonly, you may be stopped while towing if something is not done right or you have disobeyed any traffic regulation.

Some common offenses that may cause you to be stopped include towing at abnormal speeds, damaged or malfunctioning lights, the use of severely worn out or damaged tires, and so on.

In summary, whatever will jeopardize the safety or lives of other road users and their properties, is likely going to cause you to be stopped, but not just because the vehicle is leased.

Can all leased vehicles be towed?

There is a strong doubt about whether all leased vehicles can be towed. This is primarily because a good number of newer cars are fitted with electronic mileage centers, which in most cases do not operate undertow.

Therefore, should carry out any modifications on the vehicle which will enable you to tow with it, it can be regarded as wilful damage to it. This can cost you significantly. As a result, the best way to avoid any complications is by not using a leased vehicle to tow.

Nevertheless, on a general note, most leased vehicles can be towed if you are careful enough. However, before you do that, it is strongly advised that you find out from the leasing company whether the vehicle is towable or not.

In addition to this, you can also find out from the user manual of the vehicle whether it is safe to tow or not. Even when it is towable, you are still required to make sure you do it strictly as recommended.

After all, every vehicle can be towed on the flatbed of a tow trailer no matter its size, weight, or make. What is necessary is simply to find a compatible tow truck? So, yes, most, if not all leased vehicles can be towed, one way or another.

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Why should one tow a leased vehicle?

Most people tow a leased vehicle for pretty much the same reasons why all other vehicles are towed,  whether they are leased or not.

For instance, if you have another vehicle you wish to take somewhere, which conforms to the towing capacity of your leased vehicle, you may be tempted to use it in towing the vehicle to the required destination.

Again, there may be instances where someone is in distress as a result of a broken-down vehicle. In such situations, you may decide to use your leased vehicle in giving a helping hand.

In all these situations, you are strongly advised to find out whether it is permitted by the leasing company to tow their vehicle or not. If it is not, you are better advised not to tow with it, lest you run foul against their regulations with obvious consequences.


(1). Can you add a tow bar to a leased vehicle?

Yes, you can add a tow bar to a leased vehicle. However, when it comes down to it, you should choose a tow bar that will not lead to the drilling of any holes in the leased vehicle. In other words, do not do anything that will cause permanent damage or alteration to the leased vehicle.

Should you do this, you may end up paying for the damage caused thereof. So, yes, you can add a tow bar to a leased vehicle, but make sure not to deface it in any way.

(2). Can you tow a car with a pickup truck?

Using a pickup truck to tow a car can be done very safely with the aid of a trailer. For one thing, trailers can be said to be more or less flexible when it comes to handling the different features and unique designs of cars which include front-wheel-drive models, as well as four-wheel drive or even rear-wheel types.

It should not be forgotten that trailer towing is in every way similar to the use of a tow dolly, albeit with a few differences. When it comes to towing a car with a pickup truck, certain factors must be put into consideration.

These include the value of the weight to be towed, as well as which truck can effectively cope with that weight. To address this issue satisfactorily, most pickup trucks have this vital information on labels fixed to the driver’s side door jamb.

This information relates to issues like the sizes of tires and wheels, tire pressure information, as well as the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). A critical inspection of the towing chart in the user manual will also be of tremendous assistance in this regard.

Conclusion – Can I Tow With A Leased Vehicle?

Why, where, and when should one tow a leased vehicle is not much different from what is done with all other vehicles. Nevertheless, since a leased vehicle is simply a hired vehicle, it should be understood that whatever you do, it must not result in any damage, mutilation, or disfiguration of the vehicle.

Consequently, one must ensure that holes are not drilled and any damage thereof is prevented, lest you pay extra for damaged incurred while the vehicle is in your custody.

Can I Tow With A Leased Vehicle?
Can I Tow With A Leased Vehicle?

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