Can Towing Companies Charge For The Days They Are Closed?

can towing companies charge for the days they are closed

Except for a few instances, which is very uncommon, you will have to pay for the service of a towing company when you call for it. There are instances where you will also have to pay for the service when the firm was called on your behalf.

In a situation like this, you will have to pay for the hauling service and other charges if the firm is responsible for securing your automobile. Due to this, many people also wonder whether hauling services also charge for the days they are closed. Will a hauling firm charge for the days they are closed?

You might think it is unethical or illegal for a hauling firm to charge you for the days they are closed. Well, hauling companies just like other business organizations do not operate on emotions.

The answer to this question is a potential yes or no. The choice to charge you or not depends on the policy of the firm. Detailed information is provided in this article.

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How to avoid being charged for the days that towing companies do not operate

Some hauling companies do not operate on weekends and public holidays. If your automobile is with these hauling companies during this period, you will likely get charged. The possibility that this will happen depends on the policy of the firm.

The truth is when you are charged, you will pay higher than what you budget. If you fail to retrieve your automobile as soon as you can, you are potentially increasing the payable fee. To avoid being in such a situation and paying for the days the firm is closed, you should retrieve your car before the holidays or weekends. 

Likely options when you want to tow your vehicle

Some of the instances where you will have to tow your car to a  mechanic workshop or safe location is when the car breaks down on the road or is involved in an accident. You have several options when you want to haul your automobile. The following are some of the options you can explore when you want to haul your automobile.

Be a member of an organization

Instead of asking your friend or any member of your family for help when you need it, you can register as a member of some organizations that are known for rendering top-notch roadside assistance to their members.

There are many such organizations in the US and the policy of each organization differs. Your level of membership will determine the type of service you are qualified for.

A member of AAA on a basic level is qualified for free 7 miles hauling service 4 times a year while a premier member is qualified for more miles and other additional services.

However, one of the criticisms of this option is that the organization could decline to haul your automobile, irrespective of your level of membership.

For instance, if you need a hauling service as a member of AAA, you must be with your membership automobile when you call for help and your automobile must be registered.

Apart from this, if you fail to meet up with other requirements, your call for help could be declined. It is recommended that you study the policy of any organization before you subscribe to their membership.

Use a towing firm

Instead of passing through the hassle of phoning a friend for help or registering with an organization that could decline to help when you desperately need it, you can easily call for the service of any hauling firm in your vicinity. Though it might be expensive, this is, however, relatively better and easier than the other options.

Ask for help

If you have any close associates who own an automobile, you can ask them person for help. However, make sure the person’s automobile can haul your automobile. You can use a haul bar, hauling dollies, and a hauling package.

Any of the hauling options that you will opt for when your friend is willing to haul your automobile depends on some variables. For instance, the transmission of your automobile is very important. In a situation where you want to flat haul, you should first confirm if your automobile is suitable for it.

To avoid having issues, you should know more about the law of your location. For instance, in most states in the US, it is illegal for you to haul or drive a vehicle without a functional braking system. The weight and size of what could be legally towed on the road also vary from state to state. 

How to hire a towing firm

Hiring a hauling firm might seem easy but you have to be alert to avoid being defrauded. This is because many unregistered companies are ready to exploit you if you should fall for their tricks. Below are some of the procedures you can follow when you want to hire a hauling firm.

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Ask from people

If this is your first time hiring a hauling firm, you can easily ask your friends or any other trusted fellow for recommendations of a reputable hauling firm. If you can get one, you won’t experience the hassle of experimenting with different companies.

Search for one

There are instances where you will not get recommendations for a hauling firm or the firm cannot do the task, you can easily search online for some of the companies that are close to you.

You have to be diligent when you are searching online for a hauling firm. This is because many companies are trustworthy and their profile is online. You should do some background research about any of the companies that you will hire. You can read the reviews from previous clients of the firm.

Call the companies

You can potentially determine a firm that is reputable or not when you read reviews. You can then proceed to contact the companies with many positive reviews. While speaking with the firm, you should ask about the firm’s license, the likely amount you will pay, and other additional services that could be beneficial to you.

Also, you should be willing to tell the firm some information about your automobile. For instance, the hauling firm would want to know the name of the automobile, the model, year of production, gross weight, supporting documents, and other needed information.

Await the arrival of the towing truck

Once you have agreed to the terms of one of the hauling companies, you should patiently wait for the arrival of the truck.

The period of waiting should be used for some important activities such as contacting the insurance firm if needed, taking pictures, arranging for alternative means of transportation, and removal of vital documents from the automobile.

Check the details

Before you allow the firm to move your automobile away, you should first confirm that you are dealing with a legit firm. You should ask for a copy of the firm’s license and also confirm the identity of the personnel. If you are not convinced that the firm is real, you should not go ahead with the agreement.

Benefits of hiring a towing firm

Some of the options you can adopt when you want to haul your automobile have been highlighted earlier in this article. The truth is that each option has its comparative benefits and drawbacks.

Nevertheless, you cannot compare the service of a professional firm with what you will get when your friend hauls your automobile. Here is a list of some of the benefits of hiring a professional hauling firm.

It is easy

You might have to wait longer or call more than one person if you rely on a friend for hauling service. Not only that, you will still go through the hassle of connecting your automobile, depending on the method you want to use.

In a situation where you are hiring a hauling firm, you do not have to experience the hassle. The personnel will do the necessary things, then safely haul your automobile to the preferred location.

It saves time

If you are hauling an automobile without the right knowledge or expertise, you will spend more time trying to connect the automobiles. Not only that, you will move at a slower speed and will constantly have to monitor it.

If a hauling firm is handling the process, the firm has the right personnel and experience needed for the task. The automobile will be hauled to your preferred destination within the shortest duration.

It is safe

hauling could ruin different parts of your automobile if it is done wrongly. Your friend might not have the experience to safely haul your automobile and the organization might decline to haul the automobile when you need the service.

With a hauling firm, you will be guaranteed that the firm has the capacity, expertise, and experience to haul your automobile safely.

Conclusion – Can Towing Companies ChargeFor The Days They Are Closed?

The policy of the firm will determine whether you will be charged on days that the firm is closed. It is better that you avoid the situation than to hope that the firm will not charge you. 

Can Towing Companies Charge For The Days They Are Closed?
Can Towing Companies Charge For The Days They Are Closed?

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