Can Towing Companies Sue Me?

can towing companies sue me

There are instances where a contract or agreement could go wrong. In a situation where the parties involved are unable to resolve it, it could lead to a lawsuit. Did you know what could happen when you hire a pulling company and there is a disagreement?

Some car owners are bothered about such situations, especially when they are unable to reach a compromise with the company. Hence, they asked if the pulling company could sue them.

Just like how you could be sued by any other business organization when there is a breach of agreement, a pulling company can also sue you. You might be wondering how possible this is and under which circumstances. Keep reading this article for more information.

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Reasons why a towing company can sue you

When you hire a pulling company to pull your vehicle or this is done by a third party, it could lead to a lawsuit if you are unable to resolve the issue with the company. Below are some reasons why a pulling company could sue its client.

Terms of payment

This is one of the commonest reasons why many car owners are sued by pulling companies. In a situation where you fail to come to terms with the agreement earlier made with the pulling company after the company has rendered the service, you could be summoned to court.

For instance, if you have an agreement to pay a certain amount to the pulling company after pulling your vehicle, if you fail to honor the agreement, the company could decide to sue you.

Private property

The truth is if you park on private property, you could be regarded as an intruder. Suppose the owner of the property has waited for a certain period and you have failed to retrieve the car, In that case, the owner of the property could call a pulling company to pull your car away after informing the authorities.

Did you know that the owner of the property will not be responsible for the pulling service? Well, you will have to pay the pulling company before your car will be released. If you fail to pay for the service rendered by the company, you could be sued for it.

Obstruction to traffic

In a situation where your vehicle breaks down on the road and you neglect it there, it could cause an obstruction. In such a situation, the police could call a pulling company to pull your car away. When this happens, you will have to pay for the service of the company. Failure to pay means you could be involved in a lawsuit with the company.


Payment for rentals is very important. If you fail to pay for your rentals and your car is pulled away, you will have to pay the pulling company for the unwanted service. When you fail to pay for the service, the pulling company has the right to sue you.


You cannot live in a neighborhood without following some of the guidelines in the area. In a situation where you have defaulted on one of your obligations or your vehicle is disturbing the peace of the neighborhood, the authority could get your car pulled.

When this happens, you will have to pay for the service of the company. Though this might be an unwanted service, failure to pay for it could land you in court.

How can I get my car towed?

When your car breaks down and you need to pull it, there are different options that you can consider. Any option you opt for has its comparative benefits and disadvantages. Below are some of the ways you can get your car pulled.

Call an associate

Your friend, family member, or anybody from your close associate could get your car pulled. While this is the easiest and cheapest option, you could also be ruining both cars if the process should go wrong.

For instance, the weight of your car is important. Hence, you must get a vehicle that can pull your car. Not only that, but you should also consider your safety. Does your friend have the experience and expertise to pull your vehicle?

In most situations, it is likely you waste more time when you call your friend to pull your car. This is because you could lack the right tools needed for proper pulling. In the long run, if the process should go wrong, you could be spending more than your budget when you call your friend to pull your vehicle.

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Register with an organization

AAA and several organizations render roadside assistance and pulling service for their members in the US. Being a member of such an organization covers you when you need pulling service anywhere and anytime. Nevertheless, these organizations have policies that members must comply with.

For instance, being a member is not enough for you to get your car pulled by the organization when you need it. You must be with your membership card, your car must be registered, and several other things that you must comply with.

Moreover, the type of pulling service that you get depends on your level of membership. For instance, if you register with AAA as a basic member, you will get a free pulling service of 7 miles 4 times annually.

Hire a towing company

Many companies offer pulling services and their charges differ. You can easily call on any of them whenever you need a pulling service. However, before a pulling company agrees to pull your vehicle, there are some conditions that you must fulfill.

One of such conditions is that you must truthfully answer the questions that the company will ask you. Doing this will help the company know the best way to render the service. Moreover, if you need other additional services, you should ask the company before you agree to terms with them.

How to hire a towing company

The truth is pulling companies are abundant. The issue is how to hire the right one from the pool of available companies. Whenever you need the service of a pulling company, below are some of the steps you can follow.


Through recommendations from friends, family members, and close associates, you can hire a company. If a reputable company is recommended for you and the company can fulfill the task, you can go ahead with the company. A recommendation is regarded as the easiest and best way to hire a pulling company.

Online search

If the step highlighted above cannot produce a company, there are many reputable companies online. You can go ahead to search for pulling companies around you. There is a high chance that many companies will be suggested to you but you should consider the companies that are close to where you need the service.

Narrow down the list

After surfing the internet and you have compiled a list of some of the companies that are close to you, you can narrow the list by reading reviews about each company.

Most clients that are not satisfied with the service of a company will have negative things to say about the company. Any company with many negative reviews is likely not a reputable company.

Contact the companies

The number of companies that you are considering for the job should reduce once you are through with reading reviews. You can then go ahead to contact the remaining companies on the list. There are many things you should consider before you agree with any of the companies.

While the charges of the company are important, you should consider if the company is licensed and have other legal paperwork to pull a vehicle in the state, you should consider if the company has the right vehicle with the capacity to pull your car, you should consider how soon it will take the truck to get to your location, additional services, and your needs.

Meanwhile, a reputable company will also ask you some questions before company decides to do business with you. For instance, the company would like to know if the vehicle is registered, the model, weight, and other information.

Prepare for the truck

While waiting for the arrival of the truck, you should use the time to do some necessary things. For instance, this is the time for you to inform your insurance company, provided there is a need, take pictures if needed, and also remove some of your valuables in the car.

Confirm that you are dealing with the right company

Upon the arrival of the pulling truck, you should not be in a hurry to get your car pulled. You should confirm that you are dealing with the right company. You can ask the personnel of the company some questions and also ask for their IDs.

Conclusion – Can Towing Companies Sue Me?

Your transport needs are one of the things you should consider when your car is pulled to a mechanic workshop. The best option is for you to hire a taxi or call a friend.

Can Towing Companies Sue Me?
Can Towing Companies Sue Me?

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