Can You Be Towed While Sleeping In Your Car?

can you be towed while sleeping in your car

There are instances where people have parked in the wrong places, especially at night and they sleep off. While this is uncommon, it will be embarrassing when you wake up and you discover that you are in another location.

In a situation like this, many people are confused and they likely want to know whether it is possible to tow a car that someone is sleeping in.

It is illegal for your car to be towed when you are sleeping in it, irrespective of where you have parked the car or any other offense that you have committed.

Towing a car that someone is sleeping in could be regarded as kidnapping. However, there are instances where such a car could be obstructing the traffic. What could then be done in such a situation? Check out this article for more information.


What could be done when someone is sleeping in a car that has been wrongfully parked?

When a car is wrongfully parked and someone is sleeping in it, one of the things you should never consider is towing the car. You could be sued for kidnapping if you do it. There are, however, other things that you can do. The following are some of the things you can do.

You need to take pictures

There are instances where people have denied ever committing a crime due to a lack of evidence. Once you notice that someone has parked in the wrong place, for instance, in your parking spot, you should first take the pictures of the car with your phone. If possible, snap pictures of the person in it also.  

Wake the person

Whenever you notice that a car has been wrongfully parked and someone is sleeping in it, do not call the police immediately. You should first attempt to wake the person, then gently explain that the car has been wrongfully parked. You can then request that the person drives the car away from the location.

Hook the car

After explaining to the intruder the reason why he should drive his car away from the spot and the person is not ready to listen, you should get a hook to ensure that the person pays for the crime that has been committed.

You can hook one of the tires and ensure that it is secured. There are instances where the person might be fast asleep and you won’t be able to wake the person, you can also hook the car.

Call the police

You should not do anything drastic or resolve to fight when the person is not ready to listen to you or you are unable to wake the person.

All you need to do is to call the police and allow them to do their work. The police will come to the scene and do the right thing. In some situations, the person could be arrested or fined for the offense.

How to get a towing service when you need one

Your car can break down on the road when you least expect it. Not only that, you could be involved in an accident and you will want to take your car away from the road or to a mechanic workshop. As a car owner, you should always prepare for such an emergency.

The following are some of the ways you can get towing service when you need one.

Call your organization

Several organizations such as AAA render towing services for registered members. In most situations, the service is free depending on some requirements. All you need to do to be qualified for the free towing service is to be a registered member and fulfill other obligations.

However, there are instances where the organization will decline your request for towing service, especially when your request is against the policies of the organization.

As a member, you must have your membership card whenever you need the towing service. Not only that but your car must also be registered.

Call a close associate

A family member, friend, or any other close associate could be willing to offer you the towing service. In most cases, this is done for free. What will you then do in a situation where your present location is far from where the person is?

There are also instances where your friend or family member does not have a car with the towing capacity.  You will not want to risk your friend’s car.

Hire a professional towing truck

If you are not a registered member of a towing organization and your close associate does not have a car with the capacity to tow yours, you can easily call for the service of a towing company. Many companies around you will be willing to tow your car once you can pay the fee and you have other requirements.

How to hire a towing truck

Hiring a towing truck might seem easy due to its abundance but there are some things you should do when you want to hire one. If you are not careful, you could be defrauded. The following are some of the ways you can hire a professional towing company.

Ask for people’s recommendation

This is the easiest way to get a towing company. All you need to do is to ask any of your associates if they have used a towing company in the past and if they are satisfied with the service of the company. If you can get one, you should go ahead to contact the company. 

Search online

While the recommendation is one of the easiest ways to get a towing company, you can search for one online. If you will get a company online, you have to filter the different companies that will be suggested to you. You can prioritize any of the suggested companies that are closer to your location. 

Read comments

One of the things that could help you filter the suggested companies online is the comments from previous clients of the company. Though it might not be reliable, you should take your time to read it. A company that has many negative reviews should not be considered.

Contact the company

By the time you are ready to contact the company, the list of the companies would have been reduced after you read reviews about them.

You can then contact each company and ask questions about the license, their capacity, portfolio, how long it will take the towing truck to arrive at your location, the fees, and other information you need about the company. 

If you are not satisfied with any of the responses, you should move on to the next company. Moreover, you can also use the time to ask the company if there are other additional services apart from towing. 

Honest response

You should be prepared to answer questions from a willing towing company also. You will be asked about your location, the physical condition of the car, the model, year of production, gross weight, and other information that is deemed needed by the company. 

Know your needs

Before you agree that any company should come and tow your car, you should know your precise needs. For instance, not all companies have the license to move interstate. If you will be towing the car interstate, you should first inform the company. 

Get prepared

By the time the truck arrives and the vehicle is about to be towed, you might not remember some of the things you have planned to do.

To avoid being in such a situation, it is recommended that you make the necessary preparations. If you want to take pictures, record videos, speak with the insurance company, talk to your mechanic, or remove some valuables from the car. 

Do this before the arrival of the truck. In most cases, the truck driver might not be interested in wasting time. Also, you should not forget to verify that you are dealing with the right company when the truck arrives.

You should ask for IDs and other papers that could help you ascertain that you are dealing with a legit company. 

Reasons why you should hire a towing company

A friend or any member of your family might volunteer to tow your car. Though this is cheaper, there are reasons why you should consider a professional. Below are some of the reasons. 

It is safe

The weight of your car will determine the type of towing vehicle that you need. If you do not consider this and you allow your friend to tow your car, you might be ruining the car or your friend’s car.

Moreover, does your friend have the experience, expertise, and right tools to safely tow your car to the desired destination? 

Less stressful

You don’t need to experience any hassle if you are hiring a professional towing company. All you need to do is to call the company and watch as the personnel of the company do their job. Moreover, this also saves time. 

Conclusion –Can you be towed while sleeping in your car?

You could be sued for kidnapping if you tow a car where someone is sleeping in it. You should inform the authorities before you take any decision. 

Can You Be Towed While Sleeping In Your Car?
Can You Be Towed While Sleeping In Your Car?

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