Can You Flat-tow A 2021 Subaru Crosstek?

Can i flat tow a 2021 Suburu Crosstrek

Pulling easily comes to mind when you have issues with your car and you want to take it to a mechanic workshop. Flat pulling, though not advisable, is one of the ways that people pull their vehicles.

Doing this, however, comes with some risks. To avoid these risks, some people ask whether they can flat pull a 2021 Subaru Crosstek.

There are different models of the Subaru Crosstek and each one has a different transmission. Yes, you can flat pull the 2021 Subaru Crosstek but there is something you should confirm before you do it.

You need to first confirm if your 2021 Subaru Crosstek is not the one with the Lineatronic CVT. Keep reading for more information.

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What are the conditions of flat-towing a 2021 Subaru Crosstek?

You are free to flat-pull a 2021 Subaru Crosstek once you can confirm that it is not the one with the Lineatronic CVT option. However, there are some conditions you must comply with when you want to do this. The following are some of the conditions.

Neutral position

When you want to flat pull, make sure the vehicle is in a neutral position. You need to do this to avoid ruining the transmission of the car. If you have any issues with how to put the vehicle in the neutral position, you should check the manual of the car.

Switch on the ignition

Before you begin to move the car, you should switch on the ignition since the wheels will be rolling. Doing this also is another way to protect the vehicle against any potential damage. If you are unable to turn on the ignition, you should use a flatbed truck.

Avoid over speeding

You should remember that the vehicle is being pulled and you are not driving it. If you want to flat-pull the 2021 Subaru Crosstek, you should avoid overspeeding. It is recommended that you do not exceed 20 mph.

Short distance

Whenever you want to flat-pull your 2021 Subaru Crosstek, make sure the distance is relatively short. It is recommended that you do not exceed 31 miles. Flat pulling the vehicle for several miles could ruin its movable parts.

Things you should consider before you flat-tow a 2021 Subaru Crosstek

Your task doesn’t stop after fulfilling the conditions above. There are some things you should know before you begin the pulling process. Highlighted below are some of these things.

A functional brake is important

Whenever you want to flat-pull your 2021 Subaru Crosstek, you should first confirm if the vehicle has a functioning braking system. The truth is it is illegal for you to pull or drive a car that doesn’t have a brake. Well, if the car does not have a brake, you can install a supplemental brake.

Know the weight of the car

You must know the weight of the 2021 Subaru Crosstek before you begin to flat pull it. The weight will help you choose a vehicle with the right pulling capacity and will also suggest if you can go ahead with the plan.

Did you know that the weight of what could be pulled varied from state to state? You should know the law of the state where you want to pull the vehicle. If the law does not support pulling a vehicle with that weight, you should look for alternatives.

The procedure of flat towing a 2021 Subaru Crosstek

Are you ready to begin the pulling process? If yes, you are at the right place for the information you seek. Below are some of the procedures involved.

The pulling capacity

You cannot use a vehicle that doesn’t have the right pulling capacity to move your 2021 Subaru Crosstek. You will be ruining both vehicles if you do this. To avoid having issues, it is recommended that you hire a pulling company whenever you want to do this.

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Do the necessary things

If you are convinced that the vehicle has the right pulling capacity, you can then proceed to do the necessary things. For instance, you should connect each end of the pulling strap to each vehicle. Make sure it is safely connected.

Put your vehicle in a neutral position

You should not start pulling the 2021 Subaru Crosstek until you have put the vehicle in neutral mode. You can get more information on how to do it in the manual of the car. Moreover, you should also remember to turn on the ignition.

Gentle movement 

You should inspect the attached strap and other things that you have done before you begin to pull. Meanwhile, make sure that you gently move the car when you are doing this. Do not exceed 20 mph until you get to your destination. Moreover, make sure you pull forward when you are doing this.

Some of the dangers of flat-towing the 2021 Subaru Crosstek

Flat pulling might seem easy, but it is not advisable. When you do it to the wrong vehicle or the pulling process goes wrong, it could lead to serious issues. The following are some of the dangers of flat pulling.

Damage to the vehicle

If done improperly, you are subjecting the vehicle to risk. Some of the parts of the vehicle that are prone to risk are the transmission, driveshaft, and moving parts. You could get to your destination and discover that you have done more harm to the vehicle.

Easy wear

When you are flat pulling, the vehicle is still subjected to wear, just like how it would be if you are driving the vehicle. The suspension, transmission, and wheels will experience normal wear, depending on the situation. Moreover, the odometer could also read the pulling miles.

Lack of focus

Unlike when you are driving when you will focus on yourself and the road, you will have to focus on the ignition when you are flat pulling. This is because the vehicle will be in danger if the ignition should go off for a longer duration.

Void of warranty

Did you know that the warranty of the 2021 Subaru Crosstek could be voided if there is an issue during flat pulling? The truth is an improper flat pulling can ruin the car. If this happens and the manufacturer discovers that the issue was caused by poor flat pulling, you could be denied your warranty claim.

Potential expenses

You are at the risk of spending the money you did not budget for when you flat pull your 2021 Subaru Crosstek. For instance, when there is an issue with the car and the manufacturer denies your warranty claim, you will spend your money to resolve the issue.

When you can flat-tow a 2021 Subaru Crosstek

Flat pulling might seem easy to you as the car owner but the truth is that the manufacturer does not recommend it. This is because it could cause damage to some parts of the vehicle. However, in an emergency where you do not have any alternative, you can flat pull the 2021 Subaru Crosstek.

If you are doing this, you must comply with some conditions. For instance, the speed should not exceed 20 mph and the distance should not be more than 31 miles.

You need a pulling service

Instead of risking your 2021 Subaru Crosstek while flat pulling, you can easily hire a pulling company and allow the company to do the job. Below are some of the things you should do when you want to hire a reputable pulling company.

Search for a company

You can begin your search for a company by calling your friends, neighbors, mechanics, or any close associate for a recommendation. You will likely get one after calling a few people. In a situation where you are unable to get one through this process, you will need to search online.

The result of the online search will lead to different suggestions for pulling companies that are around you. The issue here is that you must be patient for you to select the best from the pool. You should first read the reviews about the company and strike out any company with many negative reviews.

Speak with the company

By now you should have a few companies that you are considering. Your needs should be your priority before you agree to the terms of any of the companies.

Explain the type of service that you need to the company, then ask if the company has the license and capacity to render such a task. You should also consider the fees and the duration it will take the company to deliver the service.

Before the company will agree to render the service, the company would also want to get some information from you. For instance, the details of the car, if it is registered, its current situation, and many more.

Get prepared

Once you have agreed to the terms of any of the companies, you should get prepared for the arrival of the truck. Take the waiting time to do some necessary things such as taking pictures and removing your valuables from the car. You can also make provisions for your transportation when the car gets to the place.

Conclusion – Can You Flat-tow A 2021 Subaru Crosstek?

While it is possible to flat pull the 2021 Subaru Crosstek, you should adopt other methods of pulling. 

Can You Flat-tow A 2021 Subaru Crosstek?
Can You Flat-tow A 2021 Subaru Crosstek?

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