Can You Flat Tow A Dodge Charger With A Tow Dolly?

Can you flat tow a dodge charger with a tow dolly

Yes, you can flat tow a tow dodge charger with a tow dolly. For any vehicle to be flat towable with a tow dolly, it will either have to be a front-wheel-drive car or it has to have the driveshaft disconnect mechanism installed.

Consequently, you can flat tow a Dodge Charger with a tow dolly if it is a front-wheel-drive model or where you have installed the drive shaft override.

In addition to these, you can also flat tow a Dodge Charger if you have successfully removed or neutralized the drive shaft system entirely. So, yes, you can flat tow a Dodge Charger with a tow dolly, provided you do it right.

If you want to safely flat tow a Dodge Charger, there are rules you must obey strictly. One, never drive on either expressways or motorways to avoid accidents with other motorists. Two, you should not tow at any speed exceeding 25 km/h and drive only for short distances too.

Finally, switch on your warning and signal lights while towing.

A tow dolly is an equipment that can transport your car by raising its front wheels off the ground while its rear wheels stay in contact with the road.

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What is a Dodge Charger?

The Dodge Charger is an American brand of cars that have been in use for more than fifty years all over the world. Notably, they also produce cars that range from subcompact hatchbacks, full-sized sedans, muscle cars, luxury vehicles, among many other models with exotic specifications.

Their most recent model is a 4 door sedan. Like most automobiles, the Dodge cars are produced with various features too, such as FWD( Front Wheel Drive), AWD( All Wheel Drive), with either manual or automatic transmissions as well.

Therefore, when it comes to flat towing them safely, you should take into consideration the particular features of your car with due reference to the enclosed user manual or by making inquiries from any auto shop close to you.

A Dodge Charger is a special model of cars marketed by Dodge with different designs and features for more than seven generations between the period of 1966 and now.

Specifically, in the United States, the nameplate of the Dodge Charger has been applied on subcompact hatchbacks, sedans, muscle cars, or even luxury coupes too. However, their most current version is a four-door sedan.

How do you tow a Dodge Charger with a tow dolly?

Towing a Dodge Charger with a tow dolly is not much different from how you tow others cars using the same bit of equipment. For instance, before you proceed to tow a car with a tow dolly, make sure that it is either a front-wheel-drive model or that you have got its drive shaft deactivated by installing a drive shaft override. Unless these steps are taken properly, you must not tow the car on a tow dolly. Luckily, the user manual will inform you what type of Dodge car you have and whether or not it can be towed safely using a dolly. Finally, you should secure the Dodge properly to the tow dolly and drive as safely as possible not exceeding a speed of about 25 km/h, as it is recommended in most places. Similarly, you should also be careful of the distance you tow with a tow dolly, particularly when it is known that tow dollies should not be used in towing for very long distances. Make sure that your brake is fully functional and that your warning and signal lights are also good and switched on throughout the time of the tow.

Is it safe to tow a Dodge Charger with a tow dolly?

Yes, it is very safe to tow a Dodge Charger with a tow dolly. However, this is only possible where everything is done according to the instructions given in the user manual by the manufacturers. First, you must ensure that the vehicle is a front-wheel-drive model or get its driveshaft removed. You also have the option of installing a drive shaft override device in the vehicle. When you do all these, then, it is very safe to tow a Dodge Charger using a tow dolly. Furthermore, you have a significant role to play in ensuring the safety of your car while dolly towing it. For example, excessive speed is contraindicated while towing for the obvious reason of damage to either the rear wheels or the structural integrity of the towed vehicle itself. As result, you should not drive faster than at most 25 km/h and not for very long distances too.

What can be used to tow a Dodge Charger with a tow dolly?

Some of the things you will need to tow a Dodge Charger with a tow dolly are, first, the tow dolly itself. However, make sure that you get a tow dolly that is capable of withstanding the weight of the Dodge Charger to be towed. Second, you may need items like a good tow bar, functional warning, and signal lights, as well as supplemental brakes too. In some cases, you may even need to use adapters (to prevent possible electrical damage), and base plates as well. Any other items you may need to dolly tow particularly for your brand or model of car will be explained in the user manual as usual.

Will a Dodge Charger fit on a dolly?

Yes, a Dodge Charger will fit on a tow dolly as long as you choose the correct tow dolly. For you to choose properly, you should refer to the user manual or ask the customer care service department of the manufacturers or any specialist auto shop closest to you. If you make the appropriate choice, a Dodge Charger can very well fit on a tow dolly without any complaints.

Is towing a Dodge Charger with a tow dolly risky?

No, towing a Dodge Charger with the aid of a tow dolly is not risky in any way, as long as you go about it correctly and you drive carefully at the recommended towing speeds and not for distances longer than that which is adjudged safe for dolly towing. It is for this reason that you are recommended not to dolly tow at any speeds over about 25 kilometers per hour, and in difficult or corrugated terrains, you are even advised to tow slower than this. Therefore, make sure that the vehicle is a front wheeler, and where it is not, then, be sure to either remove its drive shaft from operating while towing or get a drive shaft disconnect device installed in the car. With these conditions met, dolly towing your Dodge Charger is indeed very safe, but not before that.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Will a tow dolly damage my car?

Damage to your car when dolly towing commonly occurs due to some errors in the choice of the correct dolly for your car or even where you tow at speeds over that which is recommended as safe by the manufacturers in the user manual. In addition, you should also use an appropriate tow bar. Here, again, the user manual will guide you on the proper tow bar to be used for this purpose as well. Before towing, you should make sure that your car is a front-wheel-drive model, and where it is not, then, make sure that you have either remove its driveshaft or you have properly installed a drive shaft disconnect mechanism too. If you should hearken to all these recommendations strictly, there is a pretty good chance that your car will not suffer any damage in the process.

Can I use a tow dolly for long distances?

Dolly towing a car for long distances is not recommended for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is very likely to cause excessive wear and tear of some important components of the car, particularly its rear wheels. In addition, when you tow an elevated vehicle for very long distances, it could also be detrimental to the structural integrity of the car as well. Put in another way, dolly towing for long distances can compromise the strength of the bodywork of your vehicle. So, yes, you should not dolly tow your vehicle for long distances.

Conclusion – Can You Flat Tow A Dodge Charger With A Tow Dolly?

The commonest ways vehicles are towed are with all their wheels on the ground after engaging the gear lever in the Neutral position behind a towing vehicle, by the use of a tow dolly which is appropriate for the weight of the car to be towed, and finally, by towing the vehicle on the bed of a tow trailer.

Whatever method you may be using, always make sure that you do not go against any of the recommendations of the manufacturers unless you are told by experts that it is safe to do.

Consequently, you should choose your tow dolly carefully, drive slowly while towing, and also make sure that your brakes and warning or signal lights are also fully functional as well. If you do all these, there is a pretty good chance that you will execute the procedure safely and satisfactorily too.

Can You Flat Tow A Dodge Charger With A Tow Dolly?
Can You Flat Tow A Dodge Charger With A Tow Dolly?

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