Can You Flat Tow A Ford Ranger? Check Here!

Can you flat tow a Ford Ranger

Whether the Ranger can be towed or not depends on several factors. For instance,  if your Ford Ranger has an M50D-R-1HD transmission system, then, it can be conveniently flat towed without any issues.

It is possible to use base plates on the 2004 Ford Ranger Edge even without tow hooks on the vehicle while towing it.

In addition, if your Ford Ranger Lariat is equipped with factory towing equipment, it will most likely have a factory-installed trailer hitch receiver as well, and a 4-way/7-way connector too. However, should your Ford lack any of this equipment, then, it is most likely not flat towable.

Before you can tow any vehicle safely and satisfactorily, you must be sure of certain pertinent facts towing it. Specifically, you ought to be familiar with its drive train, unless you are towing it on the flatbed of a tow trailer.

Although some vehicles can be towed with all the wheels on the ground, there are still some whose drive wheels must be elevated first, while others must be towed only on a flatbed.

According to the 2019  Dinghy Towing Guides, only the 4 WD models are readily flat towable. To tow this vehicle, you should place both the transfer case and the transmission in the neutral position and also engage the 4-wheels down towing features, first, but do not disconnect the battery.

So, yes, Ford Ranger can be flat towed, as long as you obey the manufacturer’s recommendations of doing it right.

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How do you flat tow a Ford Ranger?

To flat-tow a Ford Ranger safely, you may need to adopt a series of steps that will enable you to do it properly.

Step 1

First, you should ensure that the dolly is hitched to the tow vehicle and also, you must drive the front wheels of the vehicle Ranger up onto a tow dolly very meticulously. Most importantly, it is better to have someone to spot for you as you tow.

The moment the Ranger is in a proper position, you should make sure that you secure both its wheels and the front chassis to the dolly with the aid of the tie-downs that are provided with the dolly.

Step 2

Now, you have to use the socket set in disconnecting the driveshaft away from the rear differential, thereby leaving the U-joint in the driveshaft flange.

Step 3

You should then secure the U-joint to the driveshaft flange using an adhesive such as masking tape. Also, ensure that it is properly secured in order not to lose it during towing of the Ranger. 

Step 4

Finally, with the aid of a baling wire that will secure the driveshaft onto the rear frame, hold it up, but away from any moving vehicular parts, like either the wheels or the rear suspension. Then, you should also make sure to connect both the light and the brake wiring harness to the tow vehicle.

You should equally place the tools you have used to disconnect the driveshaft anywhere in the vehicle to enable you to access them easily whenever necessary after towing, as well as when you want to drive the car subsequently.

Is it safe to tow a Ford Ranger?

Yes, it is very safe to flat-tow a Ford Ranger as long as you do it correctly and with the right equipment too. Notably, the towing capacity of the Ranger is something close to about 7, 500 pounds. Therefore, this vehicle can tow many types of RVs without any issues too.

Nevertheless, you must make sure to inspect the towing package to ascertain whether the 7, 500 pounds rating is there.

Again, you must ensure that you tow within the recommended speeds of towing, after making sure that both the indicator lights and all mirrors are also working perfectly too. If you take care of all these recommendations, towing a Ford Ranger is indeed very safe to undertake.

What should be used in flat towing a Ford Ranger?

To tow a Ford Ranger safely, you should have an appropriate tow dolly and the correct hitch materials too. Furthermore, you need a very functional and effective brake system too.

In addition, you have to make sure that your brakes and all lights are also working properly too. In some models of the Ranger, like the 2000 version,  you may need a tow bar and possibly a base plate kit and adapter as well.

All the same, it is good to know that the model of the car with automatic transmission systems can not be flat towed with their drive wheels on the ground, except after raising them off the ground by using a tow trailer.

Can all Ford Ranger be flat towed?

Yes, almost all Ford Ranger cars are safely flat towable. However, you must make sure that you go about it exactly as the manufacturers recommend to guard against unnecessary damage to vital vehicle components.

To this effect, most Ford Ranger cars are towed with the aid of a tow dolly or the flatbed of a tow trailer. It is therefore very advisable to refer to the enclosed user manual with regards to how towing can be done correctly and safely at all times.

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When should a Ford Ranger be flat towed?

Usually, vehicles are towed when they develop any mechanical or electric malfunction and are unable to move,  which may necessitate a visit to an auto workshop for repairs.

At other times, it may become necessary to tow a vehicle whenever it is needed to get it somewhere without actually driving it by using the flatbed of a tow truck. It is also common for a Ford Ranger to be towed during impound in cases of default in payment, where the car is rented.

The car can also be towed by the authorities should the owner park wrongly or happen to have committed any traffic offense that may necessitate towing. These are some of the commonest reasons why cars are usually flat towed.


(1). Can you flat tow the new Ford Ranger?

Yes, the new Ford Ranger can be flat towed according to the user manual with the aid of a tow dolly, which will essentially raise its front wheels to prevent damage to its transmission system.

If the vehicle is a 4-wheel drive model, you should engage it in neutral before towing. Conversely, if it is a 2-wheel drive, you should not endeavor to flat tow it without, first,  disengaging the driveshaft.

All in all, you should always consult the user manual before towing to avoid any problems with the transmission system. This is the most important reason why you are advised to tow it with the aid of a tow dolly or a tow trailer.

Hence, regardless of its design and other specifications, there is always a safe way you can flat tow any vehicle safely whether it is an FWD, RWD, or AWD, as long as the drive wheels are not in contact with the road for the sake of the transmission system.

(2). Can a Ford Ranger be towed behind a motorhome?

Yes, you can tow a Ford Ranger behind a motorhome, but make sure that you strictly adhere to the instructions of the manufacturers for safe towing.

Therefore, to tow a Ford Ranger behind a motorhome, make sure that the vehicles are a perfect match in terms of their weights. With reference to the 2019 Dingy Towing Guides, only the 4 WD models of the car are safely flat towable.

Again, before you tow this vehicle behind a motorhome, it is highly suggested to place both the transfer case and also the transmission in the neutral position as well to engage the 4-wheels down towing option,  before towing the car behind an RV( motorhome).

Furthermore, while towing the vehicle behind a motorhome, you should also make sure that you do not disconnect its battery as well.

Finally, it is highly essential to have all indicators and sidelights working properly before you venture into towing any vehicle. In addition, your brakes should be in very perfect working condition too. While towing, it is also good to make sure that you tow only within the recommended towing speeds.

Conclusion – Can You Flat Tow A Ford Ranger?

Flat towing a vehicle can be quite tedious, but luckily, if you go about it exactly as it is recommended by the manufacturers, it is highly unlikely that any damage may occur. For instance, you should always ensure that the drive wheels are not in contact with the road during towing.

Specifically, therefore, all four-wheel drive (FWD) cars should be towed on the flatbed of a tow trailer, which will adequately protect their transmission system from any damage whatsoever.

For front-wheel drive (FWD) cars, it is suggested that you utilize a tow dolly, which will enable you to raise their front-driven wheels off the ground while towing.

It is because of these conditions for safe flat towing that you are always strongly advised to refer to the user manual before you venture into anything, lest you cause regrettable damage to the vehicle.

Can You Flat Tow A Ford Ranger? Check Here!
Can You Flat Tow A Ford Ranger? Check Here!

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