Can You Flat Tow A Land Rover? Check Here

Can you flat tow a Landrover

Flat towing is when you hook up a car behind another so that it can be moved along from one point to another. Unfortunately, however, many vehicles are not flat towable, but why? For what it is worth, flat towable vehicles should as a condition, offer a transmission disconnect option apart from being on neutral gear mode.

Should you disconnect their transmission systems and lock up their steering column, the vehicle will be ready for flat towing, but only then. Now, the question is, can you flat tow a Landrover?

Yes, you can flat tow a Landrover. But then, if you must tow a Land Rover, does it offer all these options or functionalities? Yes, they are to be considered when flat towing a Landrover. For you to flat-tow a Land Rover, you have to be very careful with its transmission system which can be affected adversely in the process.

First and foremost, Land Rover is designed primarily for off-road uses, but there are still many modifications you can carry out on it such as, high-tech off-road and safety features that will offer a smooth and enjoyable ride. Ideally, before you should begin to tow any car, its transmission park release should be activated.

This will enable the transmission system not to engage even when you begin towing it since it can be damaged in the process.

You should also set the vehicle on Neutral mode(N) before you switch off its engine. This will automatically switch the transmission system of the car to Park(P) after a couple of minutes not exceeding 10.

If you fail to do this, your transmission system could suffer some damage during towing, which makes it mandatory. Disengaging the transmission system implies that it does not get enough lubrication during towing. Also, under these circumstances, there is the possibility of harm to your personal safety and well-being too. 

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In addition, you can only flat tow a Land Rover in a forwarding direction, except when you are towing it on a flatbed truck.

Therefore, towing the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) in reverse almost means certain damage to its transmission system. Furthermore, you cannot tow the vehicle with only 2  wheels on the ground since that can also adversely affect its transmission system as well.

And after driving for some distance, it is recommended that you should stop and disconnect the vehicle so that its engine can run for some time before you resume towing once again.

So, finally, you can flat tow many of the Land Rover in common use, such as the 2020 Land Rover Discovery, Discovery 4, Range Rover, and Range Rover Sport for as far as about 30 miles, if you wish, and at speeds not exceeding 30 miles per hour.

You can only flat tow them by driving forward and meeting all the recommendations for towing the vehicle in the user manual too.

Is it safe to flat-tow a Land Rover?

Yes, it is indeed very safe to flat-tow a Land Rover provided you go about the process as correctly as you should in every aspect as directed by the manufacturers in the user manual.

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First, by driving it forward and at the recommended speed of about 30 miles per hour and not more for about 30 miles at the most.

Furthermore, you should intermittently stop and run its engine before you continue. This will do its transmission system a lot of good. So, yes, it is very safe to flat tow most of the Land Rover models in common user 

How can I flat tow a Land Rover?

Simple enough. In order to flat-tow a Land Rover, you must do everything to protect its transmission system first. That is why all flat towable vehicles must have a transmission disconnect option besides just being engaged in the Neutral mode.

As a result, the moment you disconnect the transmission system, you are essentially locking the steering column too, and hence the vehicle will be readily towable.

In addition, you should also drive the car forward whenever you are towing it and after ensuring complete adherence to the recommendations of the manufacturers in the user manual. Drive slowly when towing it and do not exceed any specific speeds suggested by the manufacturers as well.

What can I use to flat-tow a Land Rover?

For the simple fact that enough lubrication does not get to the transmission system during towing especially since the transmission park release has been deactivated, it also implies personal harm or danger to you as well. Similarly, during the tow, you have to have enough power for the brake of the tow vehicle.

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If you cannot use the engine while towing, it simply means that you equally cannot fit the brakes for the dinghy vehicle as well. Furthermore, for you to engage the steering column, you have to have the battery of the vehicle disconnected too.

After taking care of all the recommendations given above, you can tow your Land Rover behind a motor home. Alternatively, you can also flat-tow the vehicle in a forward direction, unless you are towing it on the flatbed of a tow truck.

In addition, you cannot tow this vehicle with only two of its wheels on the ground since this can destroy its transmission system.  Conversely, the manufacturers have warned that you should only tow the Land River on all its 4 wheels.

This is another option of towing it if a flatbed tow truck is not available, but never tow it on only 2 of its tires for obvious reasons.

Will flat towing a Land Rover cause damage?

Yes, flat towing a Land Rover can cause serious damage to its transmission system if it is not done correctly. First, you must start by deactivating its transmission system before towing, in order to guard against any damage.

Secondly, if you cannot tow it on a flatbed truck, then, make sure that you tow it by moving it forward on all its 4 tires too. Finally, do not tow it for longer than the distance recommended by the manufacturers or at speeds exceeding what they have suggested too.

Can you flat tow an automatic Land Rover?

Yes, you can flat tow a good number of the Land Rover models, although there are many of them that are not flatly towable for different reasons.

However, if you must flat tow them, you should start by disengaging their transmission system and drive them on all 4 tires throughout across a distance not exceeding 30 miles and at speeds not more than 30 miles per hour as well.

If you do all these, it is very safe and easy to flat tow any Land Rover provided the manufacturer says you can and not otherwise. However, for what it is worth, most Land Rover cars are flat towable.

Like with most, if not all automatic transmission vehicles, you should flat tow an automatic Land Rover while it is engaged in neutral, although you can do it in park gear too, neutral is the most preferred method.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Can you tow a Land Rover Discovery?

Yes, you can flat tow a Land Rover Discovery, just like most other cars. The maximum flat towable capacity of the Land Rover Discovery is about 7, 716 pounds if it is a diesel engine type and about 8, 201 pounds for a gasoline engine type.

However, be it known that Land Rovers are complete 4 by 4 vehicles, therefore, towing them on a tow dolly can harm their transmission systems. Consequently, if you must use a tow dolly, just lift its front tires and tow it like that, but you must remove its driveshaft for the period of the tow.

Furthermore, you can use a full car trailer, but that is going to cost a little more. Alternatively, you can tow it on all its 4 wheels either off or the ground. Should you choose to do it with all the 4 tires on the ground, then, engage the transfer case in neutral, although with all 4 tires off the ground is better than any other method of towing it.

Can you tow Land Rover Defender?

Yes, you can tow a Land Rover Defender much like other cars too. However, there are certain things to take note of. The Land Rover Defender can be towed with a dinghy, but only for a short distance, if you plan for a long-distance tow, then, you will have to tow it on the flatbed of a tow truck which is best.

However, if the distance does not exceed about 59 kilometers, then, you can even flat tow it safely. Notably, however, there are obvious risks associated with flat towing a Land Rover Defender. First, take every precaution that you do not damage its transmission system.

Again, you have are not advised to use any modifications before towing it since doing that will void your warranty agreement. Furthermore, fitting a transmission lube pump and driveshaft decoupler is also very expensive as well. All in all, adhere strictly to all the towing recommendations given by its manufacturers in the user manual.

Conclusion – Can You Flat Tow A Land Rover?

Like all other vehicles, Land Rover trucks can also be flat towed, towed on the bed of a truck, and so on, although there are certain extra precautions to take.

All in all no matter what other options you have in towing the Land Rover, towing it on a flatbed is still the best of them all. You also have the option of flat towing on either 2 or 4 of all its wheels, but you must take strict precautions and do it right, or else you damage other vital components of the car.

Can You Flat Tow A Land Rover? Check Here
Can You Flat Tow A Land Rover? Check Here

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