Can You Flat Tow A Lincoln MKX?

can you flat tow a Lincoln MKX

Yes, you can flat tow a Lincoln MKX. Having said that, you are strongly advised to refer to your user manual for more effective towing techniques before you conclude on venturing into anything.

All the same, whatever the case may be, always tow automatic transmission vehicles while they are engaged in the Neutral mode mainly. However, most, if not all, front-wheel-drive cars require a two-wheel tow dolly for the front-wheel vehicles, while all drive vehicles need a trailer.

To make matters easier, you should download the user manual from the Lincoln website and study the part on towing.

Notably, front-wheel drive vehicles cannot be flat towed with all their wheels on the ground since doing that may mean serious harm to either the transmission system or even the vehicle itself. All in all, you must put the front wheels on a two-wheel tow dolly.

With regards to the instruction for the use of a tow dolly, adhere to any instruction given by the supplier of the equipment. Note however that, all-wheel-drive(AWD) cars cannot be flat towed especially with all their wheels on the ground since that will not mean well for both the transmission or the vehicle or both of them.

Consequently, tow your AWD vehicles with their wheels not touching the road through the use of a tow trailer or truck.

You should know by now that automatic vehicles can not be flat towed, but for cars with either manual or standard gearbox, they can be flat towed. However, it should be known that the 2007 Lincoln MKX is flat towable with all its 4 wheels on the ground according to its user manual.

Therefore, if you want to ascertain whether your Lincoln MKX can be properly towed, the best way to go about it is to refer to your user manual or visit the Lincoln website from where you can obtain every necessary information on towing the vehicle, as well as to even download the entire user manual itself for your reference.

How do I flat tow a Lincoln MKX?

A few factors determine which vehicles can be flat towed and which ones cannot. It all relies on the features these vehicles have right from their production.  Some of these features are the transmission disconnect of the vehicles, as well as the steering lockout override.

However, talking in general, AWD and most 4×4 vehicles are both preferred and more prevalent when it comes to flat towing.

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For you to be able to flat-tow a Lincoln MKX, just like most other automatic vehicles, you need to check out the transmission disconnect option and also the steering wheel override too. These features will enable the wheels to move freely along with the tow vehicle, rather than veering off in a different direction. 

Luckily, the vehicle manufacturers have always been in the user manuals if a particular vehicle is towable or not. Generally, most all-wheel-drive and 4 ×4 vehicles are adjudged good for towing behind an RV(recreational vehicle).

Therefore, if you are not flat towing your Lincoln on the bed of a flat tow truck, but instead with some of its tires on the ground, then, you should deactivate the transmission system as well as engage the steering wheel override. Doing this will enable you to flat-tow the vehicle properly without taking any risks.

Are there steps to take in flat towing a Lincoln MKX?

Yes, there are very important steps you should take if you are flat towing a Lincoln MKX. First, the major objective is to ensure that you protect your transmission system and the entire vehicle from any damage during the tow.

Consequently, you should activate the transmission system disconnect option. Secondly, you should also activate the steering wheel lock override. These steps will enable you to tow your car without any fear as regards damage to the transmission system.

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In the alternative, you can tow the vehicle successfully by mounting it on a flatbed tow truck that has enough space to accommodate the towed vehicle. Whatever method you are using, make sure that you do not drive the towing vehicle beyond the recommended towing speed by the manufacturers.

Furthermore, you should not drive for longer distances than allowed by the manufacturers too.

Is it safe to flat-tow a Lincoln MKX?

Yes, it is safe to flat-tow a Lincoln MKX as long as you go about everything properly as it should be. To be very specific, the greatest danger is when the rolling tire of the towed vehicle eventually causes damage to certain important car parts such as the transmission mechanism or the whole vehicle itself.

Therefore, to be assured of safety, disengage the transmission system and also activate the steering wheel lock override, which will both protect your vehicle from the tendency to any damage. Furthermore, it is safest if you tow the vehicle with the use of a tow truck on its flatbed.

So, yes, it is indeed safe to flat tow your Lincoln MKX. It is worthy of note after coming this far in flat towing, that it is safe to undertake as long as you go about it correctly as specified;  towing any vehicle is as easy and safe as it can be. Therefore, should there be anything you are confused about, do not hesitate to refer to your user manual.

What should I use to flat-tow a Lincoln MKX?

First and foremost, if you want to successfully tow a Lincoln MKX, you need a very functional transmission system deactivation mechanism, which will protect it from getting damaged during towing.

Secondly, you also require the steering wheel override function too, which will allow you to maneuver behind the towing vehicle as well protect your car from any avoidable damage.

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Finally, you may need a tow trailer too, which will spare you from any fear of damage to the various parts of the vehicle.

Can I flat tow all Lincoln brands?

No, not all Lincoln brands are flat towable, since a good number of them are not. However, with a few necessary steps, you can circumvent the restriction and also transport them successfully without any harm.

For example, the 2007 Lincoln MKX is described as one model that is flat towable, and there are others. To know which ones are or which ones are not, consult the Lincoln website or conduct online research.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

What Lincolns are flat towable?

There are a good number of Lincoln models that are easily flat towable, although with the aid of a few steps here and there. One of these flat towable Lincoln models is the 2007 Lincoln MKX. Other which are flat towable is the standard and also the manual gearbox models of the Lincoln vehicles.

A vehicle is flat towable depending on certain characteristics. For example, it should have a transmission deactivation system and also a steering wheel lock override function. If all these features are utilized properly, then, most Lincoln vehicles can be very flat towable.

In summary, which Lincoln cars are flat towable or not, will depend on its year of production. For example, the 2006 and 2008 Lincoln models are for the most part not flat towable. In addition, even among models produced in the same year, it is not surprising that some may be flatly towable while some are not.

However, the user manual is a place you can visit to find out which ones are flat towable and which ones are not.

What new cars can be flat towed behind a motorhome?

Several cars can be towed behind a motorhome without any issues. Some of these cars are Land Rover Defender, Discovery, Discovery 4, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Lincoln MKX, and so on. These cars have all the features required to keep behind the motorhome during towing successfully.

Before you begin towering your vehicle, you should make sure that the transmission park release has to be activated first. Doing this will ensure that the vehicle’s transmission system will not engage whenever you start towing since this can lead to unnecessary damage.

Should you set your car in the Neutral position(N), before you switch off the engine, the vehicle’s transmission system will automatically switch to the Park position(P) after about only 10 minutes.

Conclusion – Can You Flat Tow A Lincoln MKX

Not all vehicles are flat towable, however, most of those that are not are the automatic ones with any front-wheel-drive features, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive too.

Therefore, if you want to avoid any regret, you should ascertain that you go through the user manual thoroughly to acquaint yourself with how best you can tow these vehicles without any tendency for damage to their parts.

Regardless of all these conditions for safety while towing, the best method of doing it safely is by transporting your vehicle on the bed of a flat tow truck or trailer.

Can You Flat Tow A Lincoln MKX?
Can You Flat Tow A Lincoln MKX?

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