Can You Flat Tow A Lincoln Nautilus?

Can you flat tow a Lincoln nautilus

Yes, it is very possible to flat-tow a Lincoln Nautilus just like it is in the case of other vehicles too. However, before you can successfully tow a Lincoln Nautilus, there are some very vital components you must take into cognizance.

For example, there are lights on its sides that are meant to improve the visibility of your vehicle and even the towing motorhome especially when it is dark such as at night. It is also rated for handling up to about 10 000 pounds, which is more than adequate for the Lincoln Nautilus.

In addition, you will also need the safety cables too. The first of the five components you should be conversant with before you flat tow a Lincoln Nautilus is the tow bar. The tow bar is the connection that extends between your motorhome and the vehicle.

For what it is worth, the article will recommend a very convenient tow bar in this case, which is the Roadmaster’s Nighthawk tow bar, which will prove to be a great connection between the vehicle and your motorhome.

Furthermore, this tow bar is lightweight with extended arms. Second, you will also need the safety cables too, which are commonly supplied with the Nighthawk tow bar after purchase.

You may also need some safety cables extensions as well as a base plate, which is the connection point that you would install on the vehicle to get your tow bar hooked up.

Finally, you will also need the braking system, which is usually Demco’s Air Force One, a very fantastic system that installs permanently on your vehicle. Another item you will require to flat-tow a Lincoln Nautilus is a battery disconnect switch too, which will help you in controlling the light as you drive, particularly at night.

How do I flat tow a Lincoln Nautilus? 

To tow a Lincoln Nautilus, you require several things such as the tow bar you will use as a connection between the motor home and your vehicle.

Secondly, you will need to have a light connection switch that will enable you to control the lights in and around the motorhome as you drive along at night.

When all the components you require are provided, then, you should drive the motorhome as carefully as possible while still maintaining the recommendation of the user manual. You should also make sure that there is not much disparity between your motorhome and the vehicle towed, otherwise, damage to the towing vehicle may occur.

The following steps will come in handy to enable you to tow your Lincoln Nautilus.

Step 1.

Always make sure that you strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for hitching up your Nautilus to the tow vehicle.

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Step 2. 

Next, you should set up the flat tow, otherwise known as Recreational Tow or Neutral Tow, by first, pressing the brake pedal, before starting its engine and obtaining confirmation that your engine is in the Neutral Mode.

Step 3.

Now, you should place the transmission in the Neutral Mode. After doing this, a message will likely appear in your information display to the effect that you are indeed in the Stay in Neutral Mode.

Step 4.

You should now turn off the engine by just pushing the Start/Stop button. At this stage, a transmission not in Park message may also appear too in the information display.

Now, you should put the vehicle in the Accessory Mode by simply pressing the Start/Stop button without necessarily stepping on the brake pedal. Thereafter, press and hold the brake pedal, before you turn your attention to the information display of the vehicle.

Then select settings and operate it until you get to Neutral Tow. Ensure that you press and hold the OK button until you are told that Neutral Tow is Enabled. Leave the transmission in Neutral. Finally, release the brake pedal and turn your Nautilus off.

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What is the best alternative to towing a Lincoln Nautilus?

The best way to tow your Lincoln Nautilus is certainly behind your RV whenever you venture out to explore the suburbs. Nothing beats the exploration of the great outdoors in your exquisite RV.

Luckily, you can flat-tow your Lincoln Nautilus without the fear of damage to its transmission system or even the gearbox. Like we explained in previous cases, you should endeavor to neutralize the transmission system by engaging the gear lever in the Neutral Mode.

Furthermore, you should also activate the steering lock override too. In this way, you have successfully neutralized the transmission system so that no harm will come to it. This method of flat towing the Nautilus is inarguably the best of them all.

Is it safe to flat-tow a Lincoln Nautilus?

Yes, it is indeed very safe to flat-tow a Lincoln Nautilus as long as you do it correctly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

This is by first, neutralizing the transmission system to protect it from damage. Second, you should also activate the steering lock override, which will prevent the steering from locking up during towing. If you ensure that all these things are done, it is very safe to tow a Lincoln Nautilus.

What should be used in flat towing a Lincoln Nautilus?

The most common vehicle used in flat towing a Lincoln Nautilus is a standard motor home or recreational vehicle(RV). To tow the vehicle this way, you should use an appropriate tow bar to establish the connection between the RV and the vehicle, such as the Roadmaster’s Nighthawk Tow Bar.

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Can a Lincoln Nautilus SUV be flat towed?

Yes, the Lincoln Nautilus SUV(Sports Utility Vehicle) is one of the very best when it comes to flat towing. This vehicle provides a very wide and comfortable interior, even though it is very capable of off-roading if necessary.

The Lincoln Nautilus is quite capable of towing easily, which makes it a very popular choice for engaging in short trips, running all sorts of errands, or even simply seeing the sights too. Since this vehicle is an automatic one, it is therefore important that you disengage its transmission system before you start flat towing to prevent damage to it.

Frequently asked questions

Can you flat tow a 2020 Corsair?

Yes, the 2020 Lincoln Corsair is very flat towable like most of the Lincoln models. Other models are the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring PHEV provided with an HF automatic transmission system too.

Like all other automatic transmission vehicles, there are quite a few ways through which you can flat tow them. First, you can flat-tow this vehicle easily by neutralizing the transmission system when you engage the gear lever in the Neutral mode.

Furthermore, you can also proceed to active the steering wheel lock override too. After you do all these, the transmission system is not likely to suffer any damage even if you happen to travel for long distances as long as you do not exceed the limit to which you can flat tow them.

In the alternative, you can flat-tow this vehicle through the use of a spacious tow trailer or truck. If you tow the vehicle in this manner, you are essentially preventing any damage whatsoever to the transmission system of the vehicle.

Precautions to be taken while towing include: making sure that you do not tow beyond the speeds given by the manufacturers which are given in the user manual.

Similarly, you are enjoined not to tow for distances longer than what is recommended in the user manual too. Drive slowly and maintain roads that will affect the vehicle as little as possible. If you do all these, towing a 2020 Corsair becomes a memorable and exciting experience.

Can you flat tow a Lincoln Navigator?

Yes, you can flat tow a Lincoln Navigator much like you can flat tow most other Lincoln models too. This vehicle can be flat towed either behind an RV or indeed any other appropriate vehicle as well.

Since it is an automatic transmission vehicle, the same principles and modalities apply if you want to flat-tow it too. For example, you must neutralize the transmission system and also activate the steering lock override mechanism, which are all processes that will prevent any damage to the transmission system of the vehicle.

Conclusion – Can You Flat Tow A Lincoln Nautilus?

The Lincoln model of cars provides a wide range of exotic American cars that are capable of meeting any individual requirements.

However, most of the Lincoln cars use automatic transmission systems, which means that if you wish to flat-tow them successfully, you will just have to neutralize these transmission systems by mainly engaging the gear lever in the Neutral position as against the Park option.

If you don’t do this, there is a pretty good chance that you will pay for the mistake with your transmission system after the tow. In the alternative, you can flat-tow the vehicle on the back of a flatbed tow trailer easily.

Can You Flat Tow A Lincoln Nautilus?
Can You Flat Tow A Lincoln Nautilus?

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