Can You Flat Tow A Mini Cooper?

Can you flat tow a mini cooper

Yes, a Mini Cooper is safely flat towable, particularly if it happens to have a manual transmission mechanism without the possibility of any damage to its transmission system or modifications to its features whatsoever.

However, for minis fitted with automatic transmissions, they must not be flat towed with all their wheels on the ground, except they are front-wheel( FWD) models with the aid of a tow dolly.

All in all, towing a newer car is not recommended without taking into consideration what the user manual instructs, since it can void both your insurance and warranty provisions.

But for front-wheel-drive models, even when they have an automatic transmission, it is possible to flat tow them, if their front wheels are raised off the ground, by using a tow dolly. Otherwise, you may just have to use a tow trailer.

As a result, for all-wheel-drive (AWD) cars, the most advisable means of towing them is with the aid of a tow vehicle, which will disallow any of its wheels from rolling on the ground, with possible damage to very expensive and important vehicular parts.

Consequently, before you undertake to flat-tow a Mini Cooper, it will be good to go through the user manual, just in case, or else, you may have a lot of damage in your hands to contend with.

However, when it comes to towing this vehicle behind an RV or motorhome, particularly if it has a manual transmission, the procedure is a little easier and safe. In this case, you may require the services of a base plate added to the vehicle. Furthermore, in this process, you may also need a tow bar to be installed as well.

You will also need to have the car hooked onto your motorhome and engaged in the neutral position too,  with the parking brakes off. It is also good to remember that, the manufacturers of this vehicle do not consent to the idea of flat towing a Mini Cooper, even when it has a manual transmission system,  although it can be safely undertaken.

This is because, by doing that, you may end up voiding your transmission warranty agreements.

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How do I flat tow a Mini Cooper?

To flat-tow a Mini Cooper, even when it has an automatic transmission, you may need to utilize a tow dolly or the flatbed of a tow trailer, which are your only safe options for doing it. Flat towing a Mini Cooper with automatic transmission can destroy the front end of your vehicle and also its transmission system.

Consequently, the use of a tow dolly becomes highly advisable in the whole process. When you are using a tow dolly, especially for the front-wheel-drive models, it will protect your transmission since the front drive wheels are raised off the ground, if you are using a tow dolly.

Again, it is also safe to use a tow vehicle, which will prevent all the wheels from being in contact with the ground, thereby saving both your transmission and the drivetrain of the vehicle as well.

Therefore, before you undertake to flat-tow a Mini Cooper, ensure that you know exactly what kind of vehicle you have by referring to the enclosed user manual of the car, which is your go-to reference instruction material.

To tow a Mini Cooper, first, you should turn on its ignition according to the position of the owner’s manual, which is commonly referred to as position 1. While in this position, your brake lights, turn indicators, horn, and windshield wipers are fully operational, even though the engine may not be running as yet.

Secondly, you may have to secure the vehicle with its drive wheels off the road or pull it up onto a tow dolly, which will prevent the front wheels from rolling on the ground, for front-wheel drives. But for AWD models, you just have to use the bed of a tow vehicle.

Is it safe to flat-tow a Mini Cooper?

Yes, it is very safe to flat-tow a Mini Cooper, as long as you adhere strictly to the recommendations of the manufacturers in the user manual. Therefore, if you have models of the car with manual transmissions, it is relatively safe to undertake.

But, for those with automatic transmission systems, you may have to use either a tow dolly or the flatbed of a tow trailer, if you wish to do it safely. So, yes, do it right and the procedure will be essentially safe to undertake by just obeying the user manual at all times.

What should be used in flat towing a Mini Cooper?

Consequently, if you want to flat-tow a Mini Cooper, the first thing you would need is a tow truck. Another thing that may also be needed before you flat-tow this vehicle safely, especially if it is equipped with automatic transmission, is either a tow dolly or a tow trailer.

In addition, you will also need a tow hitch and a tow bar as well. Other things you will require are well-positioned mirrors, effective braking systems, as well as properly functioning indicators and sidelights.

Can all Mini Cooper products be flat towed?

Yes, most Mini Coopers can be safely flat towed, regardless of their specification peculiarities.  For instance, if they have a manual transmission, it is comparatively easier.

However, for those with automatic transmissions, you may have to use either a tow dolly or a flatbed tow truck. Because of the need for this consideration, it is strongly advised for you to refer to your user manual at all times, or else, you risk a lot.

In essence, towing the vehicle wrongly can void both your warranty and insurance provisions. Again, you may also end up with damage to important and very expensive car parts, which you would undoubtedly want to avoid.

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When should a Mini Cooper be flat towed?

Traditionally, cars are mainly flat towed when they happen to suddenly develop a sort of mechanical or electrical fault that will prevent them from moving. In such situations, you may have to flat tow them to either the nearest auto shop for repairs or to any safe place, such as your garage or home.

In other instances, your car may need to be towed by the authorities, especially when you are in violation due to wrong parking or any other traffic offense.

Also, it is common for your car to be towed by rental agencies in cases of default or non-payment of rent fees. Finally, it is also common for you to flat-tow your vehicle if you need to move it from one place to another without having to drive it there.

Luckily, whatever the case may be that necessitates the need to flat tow the vehicle, there are always options for doing it right and safely too. The user manual is an excellent reference point in all these cases. So, use it as best you can at all times


(1). Can a 2013 Mini Cooper be flat towed?

Yes, you can flat tow a 2013 Mini Cooper safely, if you go about it as recommended by the manufacturers. Should this model of the car be an AWD, then, it cannot be safely flat towed, except on the bed of a tow trailer.

On the other hand, if it is an FWD version, you have the option of towing it on a tow dolly, which will lift the drive or front wheels off the ground altogether, thereby protecting both your transmission system and drivetrain as well.

Should you have the FWD equipped with a 6-speed mode manual transmission, you can tow it safely just as it is. In this case, you have no fuses that may need to be pulled or tugged at.

(2). Is a Mini Cooper towable behind a motorhome?

Yes, it is very possible to tow a Mini Cooper behind a motorhome without any risks. However, you must make sure of the compatibility of their weights, as well as make sure that the vehicles are properly and securely hitched to each other.

Furthermore, your brake and indicator lights must be fully functional too. In addition, you should tow at speeds not exceeding that which is recommended safe while towing.

Finally, for reasons of safe towing behind a motorhome, the brakes must be working perfectly as well. If you take care of all these conditions, yes, you can tow a Mini Cooper safely behind a motorhome or RV( recreational vehicle).

Conclusion – Can You Flat Tow A Mini Cooper?

Whatever may be the peculiarity of any vehicle, there are still very viable and applicable options for towing it safely. It is very easy to flat when the vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission system.

However, for those with automatic transmissions, you may have to consider whether they are FWD models or not. If they are, then, you can flat tow them with the aid of a tow dolly. But, for those that are all-wheel drives( AWDs), you may need the services of an appropriate tow truck to do it safely.

Can You Flat Tow A Mini Cooper?
Can You Flat Tow A Mini Cooper?

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