Can You Flat Tow A Polaris Ranger?

Can you flat tow a Polaris ranger

Yes, you can flat tow a Polaris ranger. Even though towing a Polaris Ranger behind another vehicle is not recommended, but if you must, you should endeavor to transport the vehicle on the flatbed of a tow truck which is the best, easiest, and one with as little tendency to damage the vehicle as possible.

If you must flat-tow the vehicle, you should place the disabled transmission system of the vehicle in the Neutral position. All the same, getting the right truck to tow a Polaris Ranger is quite another matter which is bound to take a lot of time, consideration, and deliberation.

One, the price for towing is considerable too. Luckily, if you already own a trailer, with as little modification as possible and the correct load placement, virtually any adequately sized trailer can be re-organized to hold, haul, and eventually transport a Polaris Ranger,  or any two-seater Crew Cab Polaris Ranger, for that matter.

Although depending on where you live, it is still possible to seek and change an old boat trailer to tow your Polaris Ranger, Polaris Ranger 570, or even Polaris Ranger 800 too.

Advisedly, when towing your Polaris Ranger, ensure that the weight of the car is not concentrated on either the front or the rear. A Polaris Ranger can be towed on a Non-UTV-Specific Trailer,  but these trailers have a peculiar problem when used in this way.

That is the fact that they lack the requisite hooks and tie-down rings that can be used to keep the vehicle stable and in one place. Although you can bolt D-rings through the floor of the trailer, and hence make sure that you use a big enough plate or washer on its underside if you do not want to attach the metal.

Never tow a Polaris Ranger across any distance at a speed in excess of 10 miles per hour or 16 kilometers per hour. Use the following procedures when transporting your Polaris Ranger.

Step 1

Make sure that your brakes are in perfect condition and use them where and when necessary too.

Step 2

You should also put the transmission in the Park position.

Step 3

Very slowly, release its brake pedal and ensure that the transmission is actually in the Park position too before you exit the vehicle.

Step 4

Always remove the ignition key in order to prevent it from getting lost

Step 5

You should equally secure the fuel cap and seat. Make sure that the seat is installed correctly without it being loose. This is mainly because both the cargo and any loose objects may fly away during the transportation of the vehicle.

Therefore, you should either secure or remove all the cargo, and inspect the unit in case there are any loose components before you start the towing.

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How can I flat tow a Polaris Ranger?

There are mainly two ways you can adopt to enable you to tow a Polaris Ranger correctly without any complaints afterward.

For example, we know that you are not recommended to flat-tow a Polaris Ranger as you do other common vehicles, but if you must flat tow the vehicle, make sure that it moves on all its 4 wheels after engaging its transmission system in the Neutral position, or else you may end up damaging it.

Alternatively, you should tow the vehicle on the flatbed of a tow truck, which is believed by most people to be the safest and easiest way.

Is it safe to flat-tow a Polaris Ranger?

Of course, it is very safe to flat-tow a Polaris Ranger as long as you do it in a way that regards the advice of the manufacturers in the user manual. For instance, they recommend for you never flat tow the vehicle in any way apart from towing it on the flatbed of a tow truck.

Secondly, if indeed you must, tow your Polaris Ranger on all its 4 wheels while the transmission is placed in the Neutral position. This will essentially protect your vehicle from any transmission mechanism damage.

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Finally, while towing, do not drive at any speed faster than that which is suggested by the manufacturers and tow the vehicle across any distance not exceeding that which is approved too. If all these are guaranteed, then it is very safe to flat-tow your Polaris Ranger.

Are there procedures to follow when flat towing a Polaris Ranger?

Yes, there are procedures to follow before towing a Polaris Ranger. Ideally, there are only two ways you can tow a Polaris Ranger.

The first is by physically mounting the whole vehicle on the flatbed of a tow truck. Whenever you are towing any vehicle in this way, you are in essence eliminating the chance of damaging its transmission system by any turning wheel or tire.

Second, even though you are strongly advised against flat towing the Polaris  Ranger, but if you must flat tow it, then so be It, then, put the transmission system in the Neutral position first, so as to forestall any damage to its transmission system,  since it is a major source of lubrication.

What can I use to tow a Polaris  Ranger?

When it comes to towing a Polaris Ranger, you have a limited range of options. One, which is also the most preferable, you can tow it on the bed of a tow truck without the need to fear any harm to its transmission system whatsoever.

Two, if you must flat-tow it as a matter of necessity, then, flat-tow it on all 4 of its wheels while maintaining its transmission system at the Neutral position. This is a procedure adopted to prevent any possible damage to vital components.

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You should understand by now that as long as the tires of an automatic Polaris Ranger do not touch the road, you have evaded any surprising damage to the transmission.

However, where you cannot stop the wheels from moving, then, neutralize the entire transmission system so as to eliminate any regretful damage to vital and expensive car parts; put it in the Neutral position.

That’s it. Do not forget that whatever tow truck you are using to tow  Polaris Ranger, must be a perfect fit for the job and it should have the necessary hooks that can be used to stabilize and hold the vehicle steady and in one place throughout the journey.

Can you tow a Polaris Ranger when running?

Yes, it is strongly advised to tow a Polaris Ranger when its engine is running. As a matter of fact, while flat towing the vehicle on all its 4 wheels behind the tow truck, you are recommended to keep the engine running for several reasons.

One, the lights of the vehicle will be fully functional throughout, and second, the brakes themselves will be fully functional too. This is regardless of the fact that the transmission system of the car is itself going to benefit tremendously when the engine is running. So, yes, you can tow a Polaris Ranger even its engine is running.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

How do you transport a Polaris Ranger?

You basically have two options when it comes to transporting a Polaris Ranger. First, you can place the whole vehicle on the flatbed of a tow truck and tie it securely in place afterward to make it stable and maintained in one place throughout the journey.

Another alternative is to drive the vehicle on all its 4 wheels with its automatic transmission system in the Neutral selection. In both these methods, you have literally eliminated any chance of the vehicle swaying unduly as you travel along, and secondly, by neutralizing the transmission system, you have eliminated the chance of any damage to it also.

How do you tie down a Polaris Ranger to a trailer?

All flatbed tow trucks have hooks and tie-downs provided on their sidings and flooring which can be used to tie down any vehicle that is being transported or towed as a means of eliminating any movements of the towed vehicle.

All that is required is for you to pass any strong chain or fortified cord from the towed vehicle through the hooks on the siding and floor of the tow truck and tighten them up well so as to stabilize the vehicle on the bed while you tow across difficult terrains, navigate corners or drive across bumps and gallops.

Agreeably, there are tow trucks that do not have much or any of these hooks for the attachment of these chains that hold the towed cars in place. Where this happens, the owner of the tow truck is at liberty to improvise by constructing the hooks where and when necessary.

It is to these hooks that you attach or hold your car while it is being transported along the road, and that is how you transport Polaris Ranger.

Conclusion – Can You Flat Tow A Polaris Ranger?

You have the option of towing your vehicle on the bed of a tow truck strapped in place with the aid of cords or chains or you can tow it on either two or all 4 of its wheels after neutralizing the transmission system.

Transporting a vehicle requires great care especially since if you make a mistake, it could one that is liable to affect some parts of the vehicle. As a result, you should know exactly what to do and how to do it before you venture into anything.

Can You Flat Tow A Polaris Ranger?
Can You Flat Tow A Polaris Ranger?

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