Can You Flat Tow A Pontiac G6?

Can you flat tow a Pontiac g6

Towing becomes necessary whenever the need to transport a vehicle from one point to another arises due to several reasons which may include engine break down, unmanageable tire punctures, or from any other cause that makes it impossible or very difficult to drive the vehicle on its own.

Despite the plain relevance of towing, one must be sure of what to do or how to do it, otherwise many very serious complaints can occur.

Yes, but with the help of a tow dolly only. Specifically, the user manual that comes with Pontiac g6 says that the vehicle cannot be flat towed at all, particularly whenever it has all its wheels on the ground.

In addition, the user manual also states that all cars with the 3.9-liter V6 engine and automatic transmission cannot also be either flat towed especially with all their wheels on the ground.

Flat towing any car is entirely at the discretion of its manufacturers and any information to this effect can be found in the accompanying user manual or at certain times, with even the local dealership that can look at the specific factory-installed equipment of the car through checking up its VIN(Vehicle Identification Number).

What does it mean to flat-tow a car with only some of its wheels on the ground? For instance, all front-wheel-drive cars(FWD) can only be flat towed if their front wheels are lifted off the road while only the rear ones are given the chance to roll on the ground.

Another alternative means of towing such vehicles is by towing them using a flatbed tow truck. If you commit the mistake of towing an all-wheel-drive car, you may likely end up destroying its transmission system entirely.

This is the reason why some people will prefer to tow their front-wheel-drive cars on a tow dolly. With a tow dolly, there are other advantages too. For example, towing with a tow dolly is comparatively cheap, and second, since you have lifted the front wheels off the ground, your transmission system is not at any risk whatsoever.

On the contrary, there are times when you can effectively neutralize the transmission system of the car, thereby protecting it from any damage during the tow, especially when the vehicle is towed with the gear lever in the Neutral mode, even though some people can do it in the Park position of the gear lever as well.

Whatever the case may be, most people drive with all 4 wheels of their cars on the ground only after they have neutralized the transmission system of the vehicles. Towing is easy and very safe, as long as you take the time to do it correctly at all times.

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How do you flat tow a Pontiac g6?

First and foremost, the Pontiac g6 is specifically a front-wheel-driven vehicle. This means that if you must tow it, then, you should do so with only its rear wheels in contact with the ground. Doing this will essentially safeguard or protect its transmission system.

It becomes possible to tow a vehicle that is a front-wheel-driven one using a tow dolly. Secondly, if you do not wish to use a tow dolly, you can alternatively tow the vehicle with the aid of a flatbed tow truck. Throughout the tow period, you should make sure that the car is being moved with the gear lever in the Neutral position.

Is it safe to flat-tow a Pontiac g6?

Yes, it is indeed very safe to flat-tow a Pontiac g6 as long as you go about the entire process correctly with strict adherence to the manufacturer’s recommendations. One of such recommendations is to make sure that you tow this particular model of car using a tow dolly since it is a front-wheel drive.

Another is that, if you do not want to use a tow dolly, then, you can tow it with the aid of a tow trailer which will physically transport the vehicle. So, yes, it is as safe as you would want to flat-tow a Pontiac g6, but please do it carefully and according to the user manual.

What can I use to flat-tow a Pontiac g6?

To flat-tow a P g6, you have a limited range of options. First, the vehicle is a front-wheel-drive one. This implies that under no circumstance should it be towed with all its wheels on the ground, lest you destroy its transmission system entirely.

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As a result of this, you should always make sure that it is towed with only its rear wheels on the road, while the front ones are rested on the tow dolly. Alternatively, you can also utilize the services of a tow truck in towing the vehicle as long as all requirements are met.

Will flat towing a Pontiac g6 damage my car?

No, towing a P g6 will not damage your car as long as you have done everything correctly as specified in the user manual. For instance, do not allow all its tires to roll on the road while the vehicle is being transported.

This is because the front wheels when allowed to roll on the ground will eventually cause severe damage to the transmission system. Also, if you should tow the vehicle with the aid of a tow truck or trailer, your car’s transmission system will be under no threat of damage whatsoever.

So, if you flat tow correctly as instructed, nothing will affect your vehicle.

Can you flat tow a 2006 Ponttaic g6?

The  2006 P g6 has the V6 and a 3.9-liter engine. Cars with these engine specifications are expressly said to be non-towable with all their wheels rolling on the ground. First, because when you allow that to happen, it means obvious damage to the vehicle’s transmission mechanism.

All the same, you can conveniently tow them with the use of a tow dolly or even a flatbed tow vehicle of commensurate capability and enough space on its bed to accommodate your car. However, to put your mind at rest with regards to whether they are towable or not, you should do well to consult your user manual.

After all, the user manual is always the general go-to option for any problem we may have with the car or indeed any other object or equipment too. In other words, there is no contesting whatever the user manual says.

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Frequently asked questions(FAQ).

Can a 2008 Pontiac g6 be flat towed?

The 2008 Pontiac g6, like all others before it, is equipped with the V6 and 3.9-liter engine which makes it untowable with all its tires on the ground. However, if you still insist to tow it, you can either use a tow dolly or a tow trailer that has enough space on its flatbed to accommodate the car.

Thereafter, you can use straps, hooks, and tie-downs to keep the car steady and in one place throughout the tow. These methods of towing are applicable in this vehicle because, like its predecessors, it is a front-wheel-drive car. This means that any attempt to tow the car on all its wheels means certain damage to its transmission system.

In some extreme cases, you may be able to tow the vehicle by neutralizing its transmission system entirely.

Can you flat tow a smart car?

Yes, a smart car can be very easily towed, especially behind an RV(recreational vehicle) since it does not weigh more than about 1, 800 pounds, which is not much really. All the same, smart cars are said to demand special attention whenever you see them trying to tow them.

However, because of their rather small sizes and reduced weight, most smart cars can be quite easily flat towed and even on all 4 of their wheels too. In the alternative, you can tow smart cars on the flat bed of a tow truck as well. Doing this will definitely limit wear and tear on your car while being towed.

Furthermore, it is also likely to reduce the mileage gathered on the odometer too. You should however know that a smart car cannot be towed while its front axle is in the air, since this can destroy the braking system and will also not be covered by any warranty too.

When towing a smart car, ensure that certain things are remembered and respected very well. First, ensure that the ignition is switched on, release the parking brake before you step on it.

Next, you should also shift the smart car into the Neutral gear position and release the brake pedal, switch off the ignition, but leave the key in it. Afterward, you should also turn off the battery switch as well, connect the tow bar to its hooks on the car too, and finally, ensure that the tow bar is securely connected by driving the tow vehicle a couple of feet ahead.

Conclusion – Can You Flat Tow Pontiac G6?

Cars are either FWDs, AWD, 4WDs, and so on. These specifications or classifications help us to determine how best we should tow these vehicles to prevent the occurrence of needless problems.

All in all, when you are towing a vehicle with an automatic transmission system and all its wheels are on the ground, ensure that you have neutralized the transmission mechanism to forestall any problems.

Alternatively, you can tow any vehicle without recourse to any tire rolling considerations when you use a flatbed tow trailer. In this way, you can tow your vehicle anywhere without the need to worry about any transmission damage at all.

Can You Flat Tow A Pontiac G6?
Can You Flat Tow A Pontiac G6?

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