Can You Flat Tow A Porsche Boxster?

Can you flat tow a Porsche boxter

Whether you can flat-tow any vehicle or not is dependent on certain conditions or characteristics of the vehicle. One, is the vehicle an FWD(Front Wheel Drive), an RWD (Rear Wheel Drive), or an AWD(All Wheel Drive)? Two, can you neutralize its transmission system during the tow or not?

If it is not possible to flat tow it without any possible damage to its transmission system, then, you really shouldn’t attempt to tow it in this way. Luckily, there are several means through which you can tow a vehicle without any harm, which could even be less expensive comparatively.

To be specific, a Porsche Boxster cannot be flat towed like most other vehicles, the reason being that it has to do with the European manual transmission cars. Therefore, this car can’t be towed on a dolly.

At certain times, it is possible to tow this vehicle with its wheels lifted, but most commonly you will require a flatbed tow truck to do it. One of those Porsche cars you need a flat-bed tow trailer for is Porsche Cayenne. Although this may not be the best method of towing it, however, it is still a very easy way to get the vehicle moved from one place to another.

Specifically, the 911 Porsche cannot even be towed since it is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, which means that a flatbed tow truck is your best bet here.

Several ways are available for towing cars, although some methods are better than others depending on prevailing circumstances. First, there are flatbed straps methods of towing cars out of mud, snow, or ice, although these methods may not be appropriate for driving on the road.

The use of tow dollies is an inexpensive method of towing if you are dealing with a front-wheel-drive car, but it is a bad method for either AWD(All Wheel Drive) or 4 WD cars or trucks. For these types of vehicles, just like the Porsche Boxster, you need a trailer to tow them.

When towing on a tow dolly, the front wheels of the car are usually raised onto the dolly, while its rear tires will still be maintained on the ground. However, these methods are not useful in the case of the Porsche Boxster, which is a front-wheel-drive model. 

This implies or translates into guaranteed damage to its transmission system if it is towed on a dolly. Therefore, you cannot flat tow it, which leaves the option of using a tow truck as the only usable one in this case.  In addition, it is not even advisable for you to tow this vehicle on a dolly even after you have neutralized the transmission system of the car.

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It is common knowledge that some standard shift cars may require their gears to rotate to achieve excellent lubrication. However, for you to be sure of what you intend to go into and its implications, you may check with a Porsche dealer close to you or contact the company’s website.

In addition, you can also make inquiries to find out if anyone makes base plates specifically for the model of Porsche  Boxster you have. 

What brand is Porsche Boxster?

The Porsche Boxster cars are European deluxe vehicles that are mainly rear-wheel driven, although some may be of other specifications, such as AWD or 4WD models.

Considering the features and characteristics of the Porsche vehicles, it is not just advisable to attempt towing them on a dolly, and for that reason, you have to use other harmless means in order to move them.

This is regardless of you have neutralized their transmission systems or not. In other words, you should always choose to tow them on a tow trailer or something, but never through other conventional means.

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Is it safe to flat-tow a Porsche Boxster?

No, it is certainly not safe to flat-tow a Porsche Boxster. The car is essentially a front-wheel-drive(FWD) vehicle, which means that about the best and only means of towing it is on the flatbed of a tow truck.

If you tow it on a trailer or truck like this, you are basically protecting its wheels from turning while towing, a procedure that will certainly mean assured damage to its transmission system.

Since flat towing it has obvious and very adverse negative consequences on the car, it is thus not advisable to flat tow this car for whatever reason. Consequently, it is not safe in any way to flat a Porsche Boxster even for very short distances as many people are wont to try.

How do I flat tow a Porsche Boxster?

As a matter of fact, you just can’t flat tow a Porsche Boxster much as you do with other cars, but there is a safe way through which you can effectively tow them across very long distances without any fear whatsoever.

This is by lifting the car completely off the ground in such a way that none of its wheels will be rolling on the road,  which is by using a flatbed tow truck or trailer. In this way, you have succeeded in eliminating any threat to its transmission mechanism which is commonly affected during flat towing.

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What can I use to flat-tow a Porsche Boxster?

In order to tow a Porsche Boxster, you will need to ensure that none of the problems associated with towing can happen, and to do this, you must make sure that any possible threat to its components is removed. As long as you tow the car without giving its wheels the chance to roll on the ground, it will do just fine.

As a result of this need, the only option opened to you in towing a Porsche Boxster is by the use of a tow truck or trailer which has a sort of flatbed on which to accommodate the car.

In addition, these tow trailers or trucks must have hooks and tie-downs using which you can securely keep the towed vehicles steady and in one place throughout the period of towing.

Can you tow a Porsche Boxster while running?

It is really not necessary to keep the engine of a Porsche Boxster running during towing. After all, you are advised to keep the engine of a towed vehicle running if some or all of its wheels are on the ground during the tow.

This is a procedure adopted in order to counter any lack of lubrication during the tow which can affect the transmission system of the car.

Therefore, since the Porsche Boxster is recommended to be towed in such a way so as to prevent any of its wheels from being in contact with the road, it therefore becomes obvious that you don’t need its engine running during the tow. So, you do not need to tow a Porsche Boxster while running.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Can any Porsche be flat towed?

Porsche cars are very reputable and famous European brands of cars that are mostly designed as front-wheel drive( FWD) cars. This simply means that you cannot flat tow them or even tow them on a dolly as is common with other cars.

Although this feature is common among Porsche cars, it is still possible to find out whether some are indeed different. In other words, it is possible for some of these cars to be anything other than FWDs.

Consequently, it is suggested that you enquire from any Porsche dealer close to you on this matter or find out from their customer care service department whether they make some of their cars differently. In addition, you can also find out about this from online research you can conduct on the matter.

To make matters easier, you can conduct any research on the matter based on the years of production of the vehicles with regards to whether some of them are not front-wheel drives.

Can you tow a Porsche on a dolly?

Let us be very specific and emphatic here, it is not recommended that you tow a Porsche Boxster on a tow dolly no matter what the condition may be. First of all, towing any vehicle on a tow dolly entails that you raise its front wheels off the ground while the rear ones continue to roll on it.

As you do this, there is the obvious threat of damage to the transmission system of your car along the way. This is particularly so since Porsche Boxster is a front-wheel-drive vehicle. Consequently, you cannot tow this vehicle on a tow dolly.

Conclusion – Can You Flat Tow A Porsche Boxster?

Porsche Boxster is a European model of cars that are predominantly front-wheel driven. This provision makes it impossible to tow these cars with the use of a tow dolly, which requires that the rear wheels of the car being towed on it must rest and roll on the ground throughout the tow.

This is okay for rear-wheel-drive cars, but not for the FWD types including Porsche. Therefore, the best method of towing Porsche Boxster is by the use of a tow truck or trailer which has a flatbed for this purpose.

Despite all these, it is still possible to find some Porsche models that may not necessarily be FWDs. You can conduct research that will enable you to find whether that is true or not, and a good approach on the matter has been explained earlier in the article.

Can You Flat Tow A Porsche Boxster?
Can You Flat Tow A Porsche Boxster?

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