Can You Flat Tow A Range Rover? Find Out

Can you flat tow a range rover

Yes, you can flat tow a Range Rover along with other similar cars such as Land Rover Defender, Discovery, Discovery 4, and also the Range Rover Sport too. All these exotic cars can be flat towed for up to about 30 miles and at speeds not exceeding 30 miles per hour.

However, you can only flat-tow them by driving forward with strict adherence to the recommendations in the user manual.

Although you can flat tow most Range Rover cars, there are still some of them that cannot be flat towed, such as the 2020-2021 Range Rover Evoque, the 2018-2021 Range Rover Velar, and also the 2018-2020 Armored Range Rover. Those that can be flat towed include the non-armored Range Rover and the 2016-2022 Range Rover Sport.

In all these towable Range Rover cars, there are certain things to be done first before you start thinking of towing them.

First, their transmission park release mechanism must be activated before anything is done. This is important because should your car be engaged in Neutral while its engine is switched off, the transmission of the vehicle will automatically select Park rather than the Neutral in only about 10 minutes at most.

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Should you start towing when this occurs, there will be severe damage to the transmission system of the vehicle, not to talk of the fact that it will be exceedingly difficult to move the vehicle forward.

However, inconsolably, activating the transmission park release will basically lock the transmission in Neutral thereby preventing this needless damage to the transmission system.

According to some experts, in order to activate your transmission park release mechanism, you should first secure the vehicle with wheel chocks and also engage its electric parking brake as well. Thereafter, you will have to remove both cup holders and the trim panel in the center console too.

Afterward, you should also pull the strap available until you are sure the transmission park release locking mechanism is readily accessible.

The moment the transmission park release locking mechanism goes through 90 degrees counter-clockwise, you can now use the strap to latch the transmission park release mechanism in a vertical position.

Notably, before towing, you should release the electric parking brake. Similarly, the steering column should also be unlocked before any towing too.

Is it safe to flat-tow a Range Rover?

It is very safe to flat-tow a Range Rover as long as it is among those that can be flat towed provided you obey all the recommendations for towing properly too.

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First of all, you must tow them in the Neutral position of the gears or in some rare cases even while they are in the Park position too, but the neutral position is adjudged the best of them all. Furthermore, you must disengage their transmission too before towing, in order to forestall any damage to it while towing. 

Finally, do not tow more than the capacity of the tow vehicle, never drive at speeds exceeding about 30 miles per hour, and do not tow for a distance of more than 30 kilometers too.

If you do all these, then, it is indeed safe to flat-tow a Range Rover just like any other car, but be certain the manufacturers say that the car is towable through their user manuals. Again, you must drive them only forwards with all the 4 wheels on the ground too.

If you do not do this, there will be certain damage to your transmission mechanism, and if the rear differential has failed in the locked position, then, you cannot tow the vehicle. This will make it difficult to break and slow down quickly, particularly if you are towing an additional vehicle too.

How do you flat tow a Range Rover?

Before you start flat towing,  you should be very conversant of certain things. First and most importantly, the safest way to tow a Range River or any other vehicle for that matter is through the use of a flatbed tow truck. If you should tow in this manner, the chance of the wheels of the vehicle touching the ground is all but totally eliminated.

Although should the truck hook the vehicle up with its drive wheels on the road, severe damage may happen. Whenever the drive wheels turn,  both driveshaft and drive axles will do as well. You must also tow it with the engine running, and if it is not, you are basically risking your transmission mechanism again.

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All in all, the best possible way to tow a Range Rover if a flatbed truck is not available is according to the following steps.

Step 1

Although the automatic transmission does not disengage the wheels, many people are still of the opinion that you must engage the car in the Neutral position before towing it.

Step 2

In order to guarantee that the front wheels will not turn, and thus damage the transmission system, you should tow all front-wheel-drive Range Rovers and other cars with a tow dolly. This will prevent the front wheels from spinning and ruining the transmission.

Step 3

It requires a little heavy lifting to tow a rear-wheel-drive car than a front-wheel vehicle because 2 operators must drop the drive shaft by removing the universal joint.

 Afterward, the towing technician must lower one end of the drive shaft carefully to the ground, replace the bolts, and also yoke the joint back again into position such that the bolts will not be lost.

Using a gentle tug on the drive shaft from the transmission, the tow operator should free the driveshaft from the transmission and keep it in the vehicle for subsequent reassembly.

You should be very careful during towing so that the car being towed or the towing vehicle does not suffer from scuffs and scratches. Tow carefully even for the sake of the tires as well.

What can be used to flat-tow a Range Rover?

There are quite a few options you can use in order to flat-tow a Range Rover. First, you can tow it on all its tires while attached to a tow truck with the use of a tow bar or any other similar device.

However, you should make sure that the capacity of the tow vehicle is capable of withstanding the weight of the Range Rover. Secondly, you can also tow a Range Rover with the aid of a flatbed tow truck.

When you tow a vehicle like this, you have essentially removed any chance of its tires touching the ground, an occurrence that can damage the transmission system of the vehicle.

Finally, you can also tow a Range Rover with the aid of a tow dolly too, although this method may require raising and putting the front wheels on the tow dolly such that only the rear wheels are on the ground. This is an important means of preventing wear and tear on your drivetrain.

Can I pay for my Range Rover to be flat towed?

Vehicle towing is a lucrative business that not only caters to the employees and their families or other good wishes but also serves to reduce the rate of redundancy and idleness, which are breeding grounds for juvenile delinquency and rampant crimes.

Firms that offer such services do so at the behest of car owners and drivers wherever their cars might have stopped. In addition, these companies give significant discounts depending on how long you have associated with them. There are such towing outfits all over the world wherever you may live.

One of such companies is O’Hare Towing Company, Oak Park, Illinois, USA. A quick online search will reveal to you similar places around where you live.

They offer to tow your vehicle anywhere on arrangement. What is more, you can even book an appointment with them or their agents so that they can meet you wherever you may want their services for a fee. Therefore, yes, you can pay to get your car towed to any place of your choosing.

Can you tow an automatic Range Rover?

Of course, you can tow an automatic Range Rover as long as it falls in the category of those cars which can be towed. However, the fact that it is automatic, means that you should tow it on all its four tires, but if you want to tow it on only two wheels, then you must deactivate the transmission system of the car.

Preferably, therefore, you are advised to tow your automatic Range Rover with the help of a flatbed tow truck, a move that will eliminate any complication or the fear of damage to your transmission system.

 Frequently asked questions

How do you tow a Range Rover Velar?

Yes, you can tow a Range River Velar. This vehicle can actually tow up to about 5, 512 pounds. In addition, it comes equipped with intelligent performance technology for improved towing on South Brunswick roads.

Can you flat tow a Rav4?

Yes, you can. This Toyota model is capable of towing up to a maximum of about 3, 500 pounds which is determined by your choice of engine and its capacity too. Actually, the Hybrid 2.5L 4-cylinder engine is capable of pushing the towing capabilities up to 1, 750 pounds, thereby adding about 250 pounds more towing ability than the standard gas engine we are familiar with.

Conclusion – Can You Flat Tow A Range Rover?

Cars and all other vehicles whether automatic or manual can be towed from one point to another. However, if you must avoid needless damage to your car or any of its components, it will be highly advisable to know how best you can tow any sort of vehicle.

If you take the time to acquaint yourself with how to do it correctly, you are bound to avoid any damage to your vehicle. What’s more, there are companies all over the place that will readily come to your aid wherever or whenever towing becomes an issue.

Can You Flat Tow A Range Rover? Find Out
Can You Flat Tow A Range Rover? Find Out

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