Can You Flat Tow A Rivian?

Can you flat tow a Rivian

Yes, you can flat tow a Rivian. However, here are some things you should know. A Rivian is a new electric car that includes the R1S electric pickup and the electric SUV, the R1T, and many other models too.

In flat towing the Rivian, the problem is mainly due to the difficulty in disengaging the electric motors from the wheels in EVs( Electric Vehicles), which makes flat towing a fast way of becoming overheated with subsequent damage to the cooling system of the motors.

Although effective ways of how to modify the software and hardware in their designs which will create a situation where the vehicles will have the motors engaged, and thus use the towing energy to recharge their batteries are being sought after by their manufacturers.

Typically, the design of a Rivian includes its ability to disengage each of its 4 motors as part of its power-saving system, which will enable the vehicle to disengage either one or more motors to minimize its power consumption.

In response, Rivian has confirmed that sooner than later, the vehicles will have a mode that will effectively disengage all 4 of their motors to allow safe flat towing of their vehicles. In addition, the new R1T and R1S will also be able to recharge their batteries while they are being towed. 

Notably, the Rivian has very impressive statistics such as All-Wheel Drive with 4 motors, a cargo capacity of about 1, 800 lbs, and a towing capacity of about 11, 000 lbs. In addition, they have an air-adjustable suspension for full off-road abilities which include water crossing for up to about 3 feet deep.

The electric pick-up is known to accelerate much like a Corvette and off-roads like a Power Wagon, which includes a kitchen sink too. All in all, the Rivian R1Y pick-up is described as a conundrum of sorts.

First, it is a high-horsepower heavyweight that can travel up to about 60 mph in an estimated couple of seconds, yet is also able to tow up to about 11, 000 pounds in weight.

For effective towing using the Rivian, the vehicle should be near or above both the power and weight of the towing vehicle. Also, you will want to put it in Drive and probably set the regenerative braking level to its maximum possible level too.

Now, after putting all these factors into consideration, the Rivian is simply as flat towable as most other cars. 

How do I flat tow a Rivian?

The Riven R1T is said to have a towing capability of about 11, 000 lbs while the R1S has a capacity of about 7, 700 lbs. This is, for all intents and purposes, similar to what obtains in most conventional vehicles too, where the range is affected by towing.

Therefore, when you haul up to 11,000 lbs, it will essentially reduce your range by approximately 50 percent.  When it comes to flat towing a Rivian, you can use an appropriate tow bar just like in other cases, but it is not recommended that you tow a Rivian behind an RV, even if you have shifted its gear lever to the Neutral position.

This is because any permanent electric motor can generate back current which is very capable of damaging the system. For this towing function, the Rivian is equipped with reliable tow hooks.

 All in all, when towing, if the Rivian has the power either close to or above the power and weight of the tow vehicle, you should engage it in the Drive position.

Otherwise, you can set your gear lever in the Neutral position, much as you do with other vehicles too, which will enable you to flat tow the car without taking any risks. Alternatively, you can also tow the Rivian on the bed of a flatbed tow trailer as well. 

Is it safe to flat-tow a Rivian?

Yes, it is indeed very safe to flat-tow a Rivian. This is clearly stated by the manufacturers in the user manual. However, if you want the process to be as safe as possible, certain things ought to be done.

One, should the EV( Electric Vehicle) be either near or even above the power and weight of the towing vehicle, you are advised to put it in the drive during towing. Otherwise, like in most other cars, you can tow it with the gear lever in the Neutral position too.

For front-wheel drive EVs, you can dolly tow them as well with great satisfaction. So, yes, it is very safe to flat-tow a Rivian as long as you adhere strictly to all the conditions guiding how you can do it properly.

Do I need the help of a flat towing company to flat-tow a Rivian?

Whether you need a towing company to help in towing your Rivian or you tow it all by yourself will depend on a couple of things.

One, if you know how to flat tow the car successfully, then, you can go ahead without the need for any assistance. Second, it is also important to have a tow vehicle with the appropriate towing capacity that will properly tow the Rivian.

If these conditions are met, you may not really require the help of a towing company to flat tow your car, since you can do it all by yourself and properly too.

Do you put the car in Neutral when flat towing a Rivian?

Yes, it is recommended that you put your Rivian in the Neutral position of the gear lever when flat towing, just like in other conventional vehicles.

However, there is a slight variation in some instances. For example, if the weight of the RV is either near or above both the power and weight of the tow vehicle, you should put the car in the Drive position and also possibly set the regenerative braking performance to below its maximum value.

Otherwise, like with other conventional cars, tow while the gear is set at the Neutral position for AWD cars and use a tow dolly with FWD cars. Therefore, yes, you should put a Rivian in a Neutral gear position when towing to prevent any damage to its transmission system.

What can I use to flat-tow a Rivian?

Ideally, there are a couple of things you will require to be able to tow a Rivian much as you would need before you can tow any other vehicle. Some of these things include a good tow bar, tow hooks(which are provided in the car), a tow vehicle with the appropriate towing capacity, base plates, and possibly also a system of supplemental brakes.

In some cases, you may even need an adapter as a means of preventing electrical accidents in the process.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

How far can a Rivian tow?

The Rivian R1T is said to be capable of towing weight of up to 11, 000 pounds, while its counterpart, the R1S, can tow up to about 7, 700 lbs, although this is not at the same time since it goes about 0-60 in just 3 seconds. Additionally, the Rivian can also wade through as much as up to 3 feet of water.

The company actually even claimed that the Rivian, R1T, can effectively tow a 30-foot trailer loaded up to about 11,000 pounds over the grade at a speed of about 40 mph.

In addition, the R1T is projected to have at least 400 miles of range if it is provided with the largest 180 kWh battery pack. If this is done, it is capable of pushing the towing range to around 200 miles or thereabouts.

Towing a truck requires plenty of energy and most Rivians don’t have this much energy. All the same, this does not present any particular problem to either gasoline or diesel vehicles because fossils fuels are energy loaded.

However, the Rivian is expected to compensate for this with the aid of DC quick-charging stations, in addition to add-on battery packs.

Can the Rivian tow a boat?

Yes, a Rivian can tow a boat. To be able to do this, both the R1T and R1S are equipped with the standard and integrated 2″ Class V receiver which is situated at the back of a removable cover on the rear end of the vehicle.

In addition to this, the R1T boasts of a towing capacity close to 11, 000 pounds, while the R1S with a towing capacity of up to 7, 700 lbs can both withstand the burden of towing a boat. So, yes, the Rivian can tow a boat.

Conclusion –  Can You Flat Tow A Rivian?

The Rivian is an electric car which unlike conventional cars does not run on either gasoline or diesel. As a result of this, the electric car does not boast as much energy as either diesel or gasoline engines. However, this special car operates much like any other car.

The Rivian like all other cars is very easily flat towable albeit with slight differences. To further make it clearer, the Rivian is commonly towed with its gear lever at the Neutral position to safeguard its transmission system too.

 Can You Flat Tow A Rivian?
 Can You Flat Tow A Rivian?

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