Can You Flat Tow A Smart Car? Check Here For Answers!

Can you flat tow a smart car

Yes, it is possible and also safe to flat tow smart cars, especially when one puts into consideration their relatively small sizes. This can be done conveniently even with the cars on all their 4 wheels too. A second option for towing most, if not all, smart cars is through the use of a tow trailer.

This has the attendant effect of minimizing both wear and tear in the vehicle. In addition, towing with a tow truck will certainly reduce the miles generated on your odometer as well.

The smart car is inarguably one of the most conveniently towable cars in use worldwide today. This is especially so, since most motorhomes, can be effectively used in towing them.

They have comparatively less weight than most other cars. For instance, the Honda Civic weighs close to about 2, 800 pounds, while a Toyota Camry, for example, weighs close to 3, 400 pounds. Most impressively, a gas-powered smart car is equally built purposefully to be very easily flat towable.

Impressively too, the new smart car 453, both for two and four, that is fitted with automatic DSG gearbox or Tinamic, cannot be flat towed. Therefore, you only have the option of towing it on the bed of a tow truck, which will keep its drive wheels off the ground.

Commonly, the gearboxes of most smart cars are automated manual types. This implies that they can safely be flat towed.

However, officially, the advice from Mercedes Benz is that the recommended towing speed must not exceed about 30 mph, which is not very realistic, especially when towing behind an RV. Therefore, the safest and simplest way of towing the vehicle behind an RV is through the use of a tow trailer.

You should not forget that, despite all these features and provisions for towing a small smart car, the 2006 smart car, for example, is not flat towable, like most of the other models.

This is because the 2006 model smart car is fitted with automatic transmission as against the models from other years, such as the 2008 to 2014 gas models of smart cars.

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How do you flat tow a smart car?

To tow a smart car safely, you should first, know its features and other specifications. However, after putting everything into consideration, the manual types of smart cars can be safely flat towed even with all their wheels on the ground.

But, for those with automatic transmissions, you need to use either a tow dolly (for the FWD models) or the flatbed of a tow trailer (for AWD versions). In any case, when you do this, you are reducing or even eliminating possible damage to vital components.

Furthermore, before you venture into flat towing any vehicle, you must make sure of certain terms and conditions about the vehicles involved( both the towed and towing vehicles).

First, you must make sure that their weights are very compatible. Secondly, make sure too that the brakes, mirrors as well as all lights are fully functional and very reliable too.

Where you need to hitch the two vehicles together, make sure that it is done securely and always tow at speeds not exceeding that which is recommended for safe towing across any challenging terrain.

Furthermore, all your lights and mirrors must be fully functional to enable you to monitor properly what is happening behind you as you tow along.

Is it safe to flat-tow a smart car?

Yes, it is very safe to flat-tow a smart car, as long as you execute it as is recommended by the experts. To this effect, all smart cars with manual transmission systems can be flat towed safely, even when they have all their wheels on the ground.

However, for those with automatic transmissions, it is slightly different. Therefore, for FWD models, you have the option of flat towing them on a tow dolly or the bed of a tow vehicle.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a model that is AWD, you just have to flat tow on the bed of a tow trailer as your only option, particularly if you do not want to contravene what the manufacturers recommend.

Also, you should be certain that all important parts that are necessary for effective and safe towing are in perfect working conditions, such as the brakes, indicator, and sidelights, as well as mirrors.

Finally, never undertake to tow at any speeds other than that which is adjudged safe by the manufacturers at all times. If you stick to all these, it is indeed safe to flat-tow a smart car across any terrain.

What should be used in flat towing a smart car?

Towing a smart car involves the use of a tow dolly or any appropriate or compatible tow truck. Therefore, these are the first things you may require to tow the vehicle safely. In some cases, you are allowed to tow the vehicle with all its wheels on the road, especially for manual transmission types of smart cars.

However, regardless of how may choose to tow the vehicle, it is strongly advised that you get the best possible equipment for it too. Therefore, you will need a very reliable tow hitch and bar, as well as effective brakes, functional indicator lights, and sidelights.

Finally, you also need to position your mirrors in the vehicle very appropriately too. This will enable you the chance to always monitor what is happening behind you as you tow along.

Can all smart cars be flat towed?

Yes, all smart cars can be safely flat towed. But, all the same, you need to be pretty sure of what type of vehicle is it that you have, lest you do something pretty regrettable. Therefore, for smart cars that are equipped with manual transmission mechanisms, you can flat-tow them even when all their wheels are on the ground.

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On the other hand, for those with front-wheel drive modes, it is recommended that you flat tow them on a tow dolly, which will ensure that their front wheels never roll on the ground. You can also use the bed of a tow truck in towing an FWD vehicle too.

While for all-wheel drives, you just have to make sure that you use only a tow trailer whose weight and towing capacity match the vehicle to be towed before you start anything.

When should a smart car be towed?

Cars are commonly towed after a sudden breakdown on the road, whether their nature is mechanical or electrical. Therefore, if you need to remove the vehicle from the point of breakdown to where it can be repaired properly or kept safe, you can conveniently flat tow it.

Also, in cases where there is the need to transport it from one place to another, after deciding not to drive it on the road, it is good to flat tow it on the bed of a tow truck.

It can also be towed if you have issues with the law or where you might have defaulted in the payment of rental fees, for rented cars. Other reasons for flat towing abound, but these are some of the commonest ones.


(1). Can you flat tow a smart car with automatic transmission?

Yes, it is possible to tow a smart car equipped with an automatic transmission. However, when a car is fitted with an automatic transmission, it could be either an FWD or an AWD model. For FWD cars, about the best option is towing them using a dolly, which will raise the front wheels off the ground.

While for AWD cars, the only option available to you is the use a tow truck that will effectively lift all the wheels off the ground.

(2). Can you flat tow a 2006 smart car?

The 2006 smart car cannot be easily flat towed like most others because it is manufactured with an automatic transmission system. Therefore, if you want to flat tow it, you need the services of the flatbed of a tow trailer. 

Doing this will raise its drive wheels off the road, which is tantamount to protecting both its drivetrain and the transmission system too. Consequently, if you must tow this vehicle, you need the use of a tow vehicle.

Conclusion – Can You Flat Tow A Smart Car?

Towing a vehicle safely depends on several interlacing factors, such as the type of transmission system it is equipped with, as well as whether it is a front-wheel or an all-wheel-drive model. Should it have a manual transmission, you can safely flat tow it even when all its 4 wheels are on the ground.

However, the same cannot be said of cars with automatic transmissions. In this peculiar case, if the car is an FWD, you can use either a tow dolly or a tow trailer. 

The essential thing is to make sure that no drivewheel is allowed to stay in contact with the road while towing, for obvious reasons. Consequently, AWD cars should be towed while their wheels are not allowed to roll on the ground as you tow.

Can You Flat Tow A Smart Car? Check Here For Answers!
Can You Flat Tow A Smart Car? Check Here For Answers!

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