Can You Flat Tow A Toyota FJ Cruiser? Find Out

Can you flat tow a toyota FJ cruiser

Yes, you can flat tow a Toyota FJ Cruiser. Well, it depends on several other factors. For example, their transmission system and the setup of the drive train are very important in determining whether they are towable or not.

In addition, all 4 × 4 models that have automatic transmissions are the ones that can be towed very easily. However, a lot of manual transmission cars are easily towable too without the need for any modifications whatsoever.

Therefore, you can flat tow any of their front-wheel-drive manual transmission cars for any distance you wish and for as long a distance as you want, without any problems. But, you should make sure to unlock the steering wheel before towing it.

In any case, cars are either towable or not depending on their designs and features. For example, where a car is a front wheeler, to flat tow it safely, you must ensure that its front wheels are off the ground completely.

On the other hand, if it is a 4 wheel drive or what is alternatively called an AWD, then, you can only flat tow them by the use of a flatbed tow truck.

Although in some cases, you can protect the transmission system by simply neutralizing it and the driveshaft when you engage it in the Neutral position of the gear lever, or by installing the steering wheel lock override system. 

All in all, a Toyota FJ Cruiser can be flat towed, but not all their models, and expectedly, that is due to their transmission mechanisms and drive train set up.

Therefore, all 4 × 4 models that are equipped with automatic transmissions can be readily flat towed with relative ease as against most of all the others. But, be sure to refer to the user manual to prevent doing anything that can result in damage to the vehicle or its components.

How do I flat tow a Toyota FJ Cruiser?

To flat-tow any vehicle, you will either need a tow vehicle with the requisite capacity or a tow dolly, but which one of these you can use is determined by the features of the car and its specifications. As a result, you should read the user manual and understand the necessary designs of your car about flat towing before you do anything. 

Before flat towing, but after reading the user manual, if the car is flat towable, first, hook up the two cars( the towing and the towed vehicles) with the aid of an appropriate tow bar.

Again, on this, the user manual will come in quite handy too. If the car is an AWD type, you are not advised to flat-tow it except after you have neutralized the driveshaft and the transmission system by engaging it in Neutral.

While if the car is a front-wheel-drive type, you can tow it by raising the front wheels completely off the ground with the aid of a tow dolly.

After selecting which method is best for your Toyota FJ Cruiser, you should also not drive during towing at speeds beyond those recommended as safe by the manufacturers.

Similarly, you must not for any reason, use a tow truck whose capacity is below the weight of the Toyota FJ Cruiser to be towed. Drive carefully and within the recommended speed limits after making sure that the tow vehicle is of the correct capacity to get the job done conveniently.

Is it safe to flat-tow a Toyota FJ Cruiser?

Yes, it is indeed very safe to flat tow the Toyota FJ Cruiser, as long as you set about doing so with strict adherence to the recommendations of doing it properly according to the manufacturers’ instructions.

Where it is necessary, deactivate the transmission system or the drive train, raise the front wheels, if that is what you need to, and use a flatbed tow vehicle if it is advised.

If you do all that is asked of you, certainly, you can flat tow your Toyota FJ Cruiser quite safely and for however long a distance you want without any fear, provided you stick to all the laid down procedures while doing it.

Can I call a towing company to flat tow my Toyota FJ Cruiser?

Of course, you can call a towing company to get your Toyota FJ Cruiser to be towed for you to any place of your choosing.

The towing company knows how best to tow your car, although it is also advised that you should equally inform them about any features of the car to assist them in doing it correctly as well.

Usually, it may be necessary for you to invite a towing company to help you out where you either do not have the necessary tools or even in cases where you cannot do it all by yourself for whatever reason(s).

You can find out online about the towing companies close to you which can do it at the most friendly prices or by asking any specialists you may know to get this information.

What should be used in flat towing a Toyota FJ Cruiser?

There are quite a few things you will need to be able to tow a Toyota FJ Cruiser safely behind a motorhome. They include such items as the Roadmaster Sterling tow bar, # RM-576, which is appropriate for most, if not all, Roadmaster base plates and that also includes the XL base plates for the 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

In addition, you will also need a portable braking system, which you can easily move from the Jeep to the FJ. However, if you don’t have this braking system, you can utilize the Even Brake, # 9400. This equipment can be easily moved from one vehicle to another too. 

Additionally, you may also require a high or low adapter to enable you to maintain the tow bar level. To use this effectively, you should measure and link to the high/low adapters properly by referring to your vehicle’s user manual for every specific information.

On the other hand, even if you are not towing the vehicle behind a motorhome, you will need a good tow bar, a fully functional braking system, and perfectly working vehicle lights, in addition to an experienced and licensed driver for the job.

Is flat towing a Toyota FJ Cruiser difficult?

No, flat towing a Toyota FJ Cruiser ain’t difficult, as long as you have all the necessary pieces of equipment and you go about the entire process as recommended by the manufacturers including strict adherence to all other conditions binding the safe towing of the vehicle too.

These are some of the reasons why your user manual should be kept close by to guide you where and when necessary throughout.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Can you flat tow a Toyota FJ Cruiser behind a motorhome?

Yes, you can flat tow a Toyota FJ Cruiser behind a motorhome. However, before you can do this successfully, you need an RV that is appropriate and capable for the job. Drive within the allowed speed limits and avoid towing for any distances not longer than that which is safe for both vehicles too.

Can you flat tow Toyota 4 Runner?

For what it is worth, the user manual recommends that you should not undertake to flat-tow a Toyota 4 Runner, especially the 2019 model.

This is because, if you flat-tow this vehicle, it raises the chances of damage to the vehicle’s transmission system or its drive train as well as many other components too.

It is for this reason that Toyota does not recommend the towing of the 4 Runner model, whether they are automatic or manual, from the year 1996 to the present.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should make sure that before you set about doing anything, be very familiar with all the instructions and recommendations that are given by the manufacturers in the user manual. Alternatively, you can make online inquiries from their website or any specialists on the matter that may be close to you.

Conclusion –  Can You Flat Tow A Toyota FJ Cruiser?

Towing a vehicle is unavoidable one way or another, and that makes it highly imperative for any driver to acquaint themselves with how to do it correctly at all times.

Fortunately, there are avenues where you can glean such information with relative ease; your user manual, for instance. Make sure that you strictly read these instructions and drive your vehicle within specified speed limits and not exceeding equally recommended distances as well.

It is good to know that although some vehicles cannot be flat towed, a good number of them can, and they are a majority too.

Regardless of their features, you can adopt certain safe modifications to make that possible. However, where the command is made clear not to flat tow in the user manual, it will be good to respect that for your sake, as well as the sake of the vehicle itself.

 Can You Flat Tow A Toyota FJ Cruiser? Find Out
 Can You Flat Tow A Toyota FJ Cruiser? Find Out

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