Can You Flat Tow A Toyota Tacoma?

Can you flat tow a Toyota Tacoma

No, you cannot flat tow a Toyota Tacoma. The manufacturers have made it explicitly clear that a Toyota Tacoma is one of the vehicles you are not recommended to flat tow with all their wheels on the ground.

However, should you insist to flat this vehicle against this advice, you will undoubtedly risk certain damage to its transmission system or drive train or both. The same recommendation applies to most models of the car as well, regardless of their years of manufacture.

However, in some cases, it is suggested that you can safely tow the 4-WD model of the Tacoma as long as it has a neutral setting. All the same, there is an exception for a transfer case that can be electronically shifted, including those of cars fitted with automatic transmission mechanisms.

Most importantly is the fact that Toyota has produced many cars that are very safely flat towable, such as the Land Cruiser or the 4Runner, but not the Tacoma brand.

These specially towable cars are said to be fine even on corrugated and rough terrains too. Although, the 4-wheel drive models do not enjoy this recommendation during flat towing.

However,  some of their products can be flat towed safely even when they are fitted with automatic transmission systems, like the Ford F-150, the 2019 Ram 1500, the 2019 Chevy Colorado, and the Fiat 500, among many others.

Toyota Tacoma is not flat towable because the center differential, as well as the transaxle, are not produced to freely spin when the engine is not running. This is a technology that protects both the transmission system and the drivetrain from easily damaged during towing.

Consequently, the engine has got to be running for any lubricating fluid to circulate, otherwise, the transfer case is liable to become overhot.

Furthermore, you are not advised to flat-tow a Toyota Tacoma because other components may become damaged too, not just the transmission system.

It is also very possible for you to void both your insurance and warranty provisions,  should you flat tow the vehicle against the recommendations of the manufacturers. 

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How do I flat tow a Toyota Tacoma?

Since flat towing the Toyota Tacoma with all its drive wheels on the ground is not recommended, the only safe way of towing this vehicle is by the use of the flatbed of a tow truck. When you tow in this way, you do not expose any of its components to undue destruction, since all the wheels are off the ground.

All the same, for front-wheel-drive models, you can use a tow dolly, which will raise the front wheels off the ground. In a few cases, you may even disconnect the drive train before flat towing the vehicle.

However, it is not just recommended for anyone to circumvent the recommendations of the manufacturers for safe towing due to the likely consequences that may result thereof.

Is it safe to flat-tow a Toyota Tacoma?

No, it is not safe to flat-tow a Toyota Tacoma with all the wheels on the ground because of the likelihood of certain damage to very vital parts of the car.

If you must flat tow the Toyota Tacoma safely, you are strongly advised to use the services of a tow truck or trailer, which will lift all the wheels off the road, and therefore,  protect both the transmission and the drivetrain from damage.

Consequently, you are advised to always make sure that you do not venture into anything, as long as it has not been certified safe by the manufacturers of the vehicle in the user manual.

What can be used in flat towing a Toyota Tacoma?

Judging from the recommendations of the manufacturers, the most obvious thing you require in flat towing a Toyota Tacoma with all its wheels off the ground is an appropriate or compatible tow truck or trailer.

In addition to this, you will also need properly positioned and clear mirrors, brakes, and indicator lights throughout towing.

In some cases ( which may not be recommended), if you are using a tow dolly, you will require the dolly itself as well as tow hitches and tow bars too, but only if the vehicle is a front-wheel-drive model.

Still, you are not advised to disregard or go around the recommendations of the manufacturers in your interest.

Can all Toyota Tacoma products be flat towed?

No, you cannot flat tow all the Toyota Tacoma models safely, particularly with their drive wheels on the ground. As a result of this towing restriction by the manufacturers, it is only possible or advisable to tow this vehicle only with the flatbed of a tow trailer.

However, for front-wheel-drive models, you may utilize the services of a tow dolly, which will lift the front wheels off the ground, thereby protecting both the transmission system and the drivetrain from certain damage.

Consequently, you must always refer to the user manual before you think of flat towing this vehicle.

In addition to this, it is also very important to refrain from any canny procedures that may imply attempts to disregard towing restrictions by the manufacturers, which could lead to flat towing of the vehicle. Doing this could lead to very costly damage to the vehicle or some of its vital parts.

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When should a Toyota Tacoma be flat towed?

The Toyota Tacoma is not recommended for flat towing because of its peculiar designs. However, it is possible for towing this vehicle to become necessary for some important reasons.

One, you may have to flat-tow the vehicle if it suddenly develops a mechanical or electric fault that has made it difficult or impossible for the vehicle to start. In such a situation, the only option in getting it to the nearest auto shop for attention and repairs is by flat towing it.

Secondly, the vehicle may have to be towed in situations where you need to move from one place to another without necessarily driving it, even though it has no fault or malfunction of any type.

Thirdly, the vehicle can be flat towed by the local traffic authorities concerned in cases where it has been parked wrongly, or even during impound by a rental company, especially if the keys are not available.

There are many other reasons which can make you tow the vehicle, but these are some of the commonest.


(1). Can you flat tow a 2003 Tacoma 4×4?

Generally speaking, the Toyota Tacoma brand of cars are not flat towable with all their wheels on the ground, which can lead to obvious damage to its wheels.

This prohibition for flat towing also involves the 2003 Toyota Tacoma product. While flat towing the Toyota Tacoma, it is best to know that whenever the transmission of the vehicle is not turning altogether, the output shaft of this vehicle may end up without any lubrication completely.

Hence, it is possible, due to this cause, for the vehicle to get burnt up as a consequence of flat towing.

For this singular all-important reason, you are therefore advised that, if you plan to tow the vehicle, it is best if you utilize the services of a tow truck, which will essentially prevent any possible damage to either the drivetrain mechanism or the transmission system of the car, by disallowing the wheels from turning on the road during towing.

(2). Can you flat tow a 2005 Toyota Tacoma?

Like most other Toyota Tacoma models, the 2005 Toyota Tacoma is simply not flatly towable for whatever reasons. The user manual emphatically states that flat towing the vehicle may result in very serious damage to some of its important parts, such as the transmission and the drivetrain.

Consequently, if you must tow the vehicle, it is recommended that you should use the services of the flatbed of a tow trailer. This flat towing restriction covers most models of the brand regardless of their years of manufacture. In some instances, it is common for people to try and improvise to flat-tow the vehicle.

As a result, you are strongly advised to refrain from any attempt to jettison the advice of the manufacturers for whatever reasons through attempts to flat tow the vehicle.

Therefore, if you must tow the vehicle from one point to another, it is best if you utilize the services of a tow truck or trailer, which will essentially protect its drivetrain and transmission by raising the wheels off the ground.

Conclusion – Can You Flat Tow A Toyota Tacoma?

Temptations to flat-tow a broken down vehicle could be very great in times of distress, even against the expert advice of the manufacturers. However, it should always be remembered that any attempt to jettison these bits of advice is ill-conceived and could lead to wanton damage to the vehicle.

Since any likely damage can only occur while flat towing the vehicle if its wheels are left to turn on the road, you should ensure to flat tow it mainly on the bed of a tow vehicle. Sometimes, people may use a tow dolly in flat towing an FWD model of the car.

Essentially, therefore, whatever the situation, you must not undertake anything without due recourse to the instructions of the manufacturers in the user manual. 

Can You Flat Tow A Toyota Tacoma?
Can You Flat Tow A Toyota Tacoma?

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