Can You Flat Tow A Toyota Tundra 4× 4?

Can you flat tow a Toyota Tundra 4x4

No. Here, the manufacturers are expressly clear by saying that all their Toyota Tundra models produced from the year 2000 to 2020 cannot be flat towed safely.

Continuous lubrication is very important especially since the wheels of any towed car are rolling on the road throughout the towing period. Anything different from this can lead to damage to very important vehicle components.

All in all, it has been made very clear that the only way you can flat-tow the Toyota Tundra is by either removing its driveshaft or getting the driveshaft disconnect installed.

In this way, you have successfully removed any factor that could potentially lead to the damage of vital car parts during towing, making successful towing both possible and easy too.

In towing this vehicle, it may be necessary to keep the steering wheel unlocked by hooking up a Remote Battery Disconnect # RM-766. All you got to do is to turn on the ignition without necessarily pushing the brake pedal.

The moment the steering wheel is unlocked, you should push the disconnect button which will turn off all power to the vehicle.

However, if you happen to be using a Blue Ox towing system, you may have to use the base plate # BX3794, but not before you ascertain whether your tow bars are rated for the weight of the truck.

In this case, the Blue Ox Ascent #X4375, which has the lowest weight rating, should be recommended.

In summary, the Toyota Tundra cannot be flat towed, and doing so could lead to the damage of your transmission system due to a lack of sufficient fabrication.

This is particularly the case for models of the car produced in the last twenty or so years from 2020.

However, there are still procedures you can adopt to enable you flat-tow the vehicle without any harm, but it is important to know the procedure very well before embarking on it. Otherwise, it may lead to more damage too.

How do I flat tow a Toyota Tundra?

The manufacturers have made it abundantly clear that you must not flat tow a Toyota Tundra to avoid damage to its transmission system. However, it is common for people to adopt certain strategies or modifications that will enable them to flat-tow the vehicle safely.

Commonly, if you want to flat-tow the vehicle, you can either remove the driveshaft or get a drive shaft disconnect installed in the vehicle. Alternatively, you can tow the vehicle from one point to another using a tow truck or trailer. Using any of these procedures will enable you to successfully tow the vehicle without any complaints.

Again, it will be good to know that for front-wheel-drive cars with automatic transmission mechanisms, it is very safe to flat-tow them with the aid of a tow dolly which will raise the front tires off the road throughout the period. This will effectively guard against any transmission system damage.

What towing equipment can I use to flat-tow a Toyota Tundra 4 × 4?

Although it is not recommended for you to flat tow this vehicle according to the manufacturers, it is still possible to do so if you deactivate the drive shaft by either removing it entirely or by getting the driveshaft disconnect mechanism installed.

Therefore, one of the first pieces of equipment you will need to flat-tow the vehicle is a good driveshaft disconnect mechanism, such as the Remco Drive Shaft Disconnect. 

In addition to this, you will also need base plates like the Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with removable arms, which is easier to install than most others.

A good tow bar is another bit of equipment that will also come in handy when flat towing a Toyota Tundra. In this case, the Blue Ox Avail Tow Bar, which will not require any adapters before you can connect it to the base plates and has a capacity of about 10, 000 lbs, will do just fine.

And for the tow bar wiring, you can use the Roadmaster Flexo-coil Wiring with diodes to prevent electrical feedback and possible damage to the components of the vehicle.

Should you want the brake lights and turn signals of the truck to function separately, you can also include a wiring converter and possibly two diodes if you want to retain separate turn and brake signals as well.

For any supplemental brake, which is mandated by law in many places, you can use the Blue Ox Patriot 3 Radio Frequency, a very portable braking system that can be used in many other vehicles too. It provides 3 proportional braking systems that would not wear down the brake of the vehicle and has superior stopping power.

Is it safe to flat-tow a Toyota Tundra 4 × 4?

Yes, it can be safe to flat-tow a Toyota Tundra 4 × 4 even though the user manual warns against it, but you will have to take very strict counter-measures that will protect the drive shaft of the vehicle. The turning of the drive shaft while towing is what causes damage to the transmission system of the vehicle.

Therefore, if you either remove or deactivate it, it becomes safe to flat-tow the vehicle despite the warning of the manufacturers. To make it a lot safer, you should drive only within the recommended towing speeds as well as not for distances farther than that speed which is advised for safe flat towing.

Can you flat tow a Toyota Tundra with a tow dolly?

For the umpteenth time, it is not recommended for you to flat a Toyota Tundra, however, that is only possible if you take all the necessary measures that will protect the transmission system of the vehicle. As for whether you can tow it using a tow dolly, it will certainly depend on the features of the car.

For instance, if your Toyota Tundra is a front-wheel-drive model, then, you can flat-tow it with a tow dolly that has the requisite capacity.

Another alternative for towing Toyota Tundra safely using a tow dolly is when you either deactivate its driveshaft or get the drive shaft disconnect mechanism installed. All in all, unless you take these measures, it will not be possible to tow the Toyota Tundra with a tow dolly safely.

Can Toyota Tundra be flat towed behind an RV?

Yes, Toyota Tundra can be safely flat towed behind an RV if you have taken measures to safeguard its driveshaft and transmission mechanism. This is possible by either neutralizing the driveshaft or getting it removed entirely too. Unless you do this, it will not be possible to tow the car with an RV safely.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Can you flat tow a Toyota truck?

Cars and trucks are flat towable or not based on their characteristic features. To be more specific, you can flat tow vehicles with automatic transmissions when they are front-wheel-drive models or when you remove their drive shafts completely during the period of the tow.

Consequently, if your Toyota truck is a front-wheel-drive type or if you have successfully removed or deactivated its drive shaft, then you can flat tow it safely whether all by itself behind a tow vehicle or by using a tow dolly. But if you have not done any of these, you shouldn’t contemplate flat towing it.

To be sure of where you stand in this matter, you are advised to refer to the user manual.

Can a 2016 Toyota Tundra be flat towed?

The manufacturers have strictly warned that all Toyota Tundra cars produced between the years 2000 to 2020 should not be flat towed entirely. However, with some modifications or the aid of certain bits of equipment, some of these cars can be flat towed and safely too.

Therefore, regardless of whether your Toyota is a front-wheel drive or a 4 wheeler, you can flat-tow it if you either install the drive shaft disconnect override or you remove it entirely during the entire period of the tow.

Despite this possibility, it is best if you refrain from flat towing it entirely except by the use of a flatbed tow trailer or truck. In all these cases, you are strongly advised to refer to the user manual before you do anything just to ensure that nothing gets damaged in the process.

Conclusion – Can You Flat Tow A Toyota Tundra 4× 4?

Generally, it is highly recommended to strictly adhere to all the recommendations of the manufacturers as stated in the user manual before you do anything.

Therefore, you are advised to do only that which is allowed. Regardless of this advice, there are certain counter or preventive measures you can take that will effectively make your vehicle safely flat towable against all odds or advice. Damage occurs when cars are flat towed due to a lack of lubrication in the transmission systems.

Conversely, if you either remove the driveshaft from operation or install a drive shaft override mechanism, you would have essentially safeguarded your car from any damage thereof.

Where you are not sure about anything, you should please tow your vehicle with the aid of a flatbed tow truck which will not allow the wheels of the car on the ground, a procedure that will prevent damage to its transmission. After all, to be forewarned is to be forearmed, or so the legend goes.

Can You Flat Tow A Toyota Tundra 4× 4?
Can You Flat Tow A Toyota Tundra 4× 4?

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