Can You Tow A Car In Park? Get Answers Here!

Can you tow a car in park

 Towing a car in park is known to cause certain damage to vital components, especially if it has an automatic transmission. While towing in the park, the drive wheels are likely going to skid, which can cause damage to both the tires as well as the linkages back to its transmission.

In some cases, the transmission system itself may get affected too. When a vehicle is towed in the park, there is a pawl in the transmission which fits into a slot that holds both the transmission and the car in position.

Towing a vehicle with manual transmission in the park with the wheels down is likely going to break the pawl itself. However, in neutral, every component is expected to turn, although the automatic transmission may need the engine to be running so as to circulate lubricating oil in the transmission system.

For short-distance towing, there may not necessarily be any issues, even when you pull the car onto a flatbed or a tow dolly.

All the same, very experienced drivers can tow a car in the park position without causing any damage by loading it onto a tow truck with the aid of some lubricants on its tires and the road, such as soapy water, to slide the none moving tires.

Additionally, you can tow in the park without risking any damage to the vehicle by shifting the linkage or disconnecting the cable and putting the car in neutral to be able to move it without the need for any keys.

Again, the use of a tow dolly will enable you to move a car in the park without causing any damage to it as well.

Commonly, when you tow a car in park, the damage comes from allowing the non-rolling tires to grip the road thereby causing them to turn. Essentially, there will be no risk of any damage if you tow a car in park with its wheels off the ground.

In summary, yes, you can tow a car in park, but certain important precautions must be taken, or else you may cause damage to some important components. Consequently, an automatic car in the park may have the mechanical lock in the transmission broken if its wheels were left to roll on the ground.

Therefore, the best way to go about it without risking any harm is to put it in neutral, if it is a front-wheel-drive model and manual. Commonly, manual transmission vehicles can be safely towed without the engine running and with no risk of damage to the transmission system whatsoever. 

How do I tow a car in park?

Towing a car in park is replete with the possibility of damage to some of its parts, which requires very serious precautions before it can be done safely.

Should your car be equipped with an automatic transmission system,  it can lead to the breaking of the mechanical lock, if the wheels are allowed to roll on the ground. Therefore, the best approach is to put the car in neutral or to tow it on the flatbed of a tow trailer.

With either 4-wheel or all-wheel-drive cars, a different problem arises. Therefore, with 4-wheel drive cars, you should remove the rear driveshaft and tow the car with its rear wheels on the ground.

Alternatively, you can also shift it into the 2-wheel drive mode, a move that will enable you to tow it at even highway speeds.

Is it safe to tow a car in park?

Yes, it can be safe to tow a car in the park provided you go about it with strict adherence to the instructions of the manufacturers.

On the contrary, if you are not careful enough, doing this may likely cause severe damage to some of its components. For instance, an automatic car in the park may have its mechanical lock in the transmission broken if it were towed with its wheels on the ground.

Will all cars be towed in the park?

Yes, most, if not all cars, can be towed in the park position, although there is the need to take very serious precautions if you wish to do it safely. For one, it is very easy to get the mechanical lock of the transmission damaged if you dare to tow it with the wheels on the ground.

Consequently, your best option is to put it in neutral or utilize the services of a tow trailer. Also, damage to vital components can be prevented if you remove the driveshaft and get the car towed with its rear wheels off the road.

If these precautions are effectively taken without any let-up, all cars can be safely towed into the park.

What can I use to tow a car into the park?

First and foremost, if you wish to tow a car in the park safely, you should make sure that its drive wheels are off the road to protect some of its important parts. Consequently, you will require the services of the flatbed of a tow truck or trailer

Again, you may also need to disconnect its drive shaft before towing it with the rear wheels off the ground. If you ensure these conditions, you can tow safely in the park position.

Will towing a car in park cause damages?

Yeah, towing a car in the park position portends grave danger to very important vehicle components if it is not done properly.

For one, once the drive wheels are not taken off the ground during towing, there is a strong possibility that you may end up damaging its transmission system. As a result, you may be required to disconnect its drive shaft and tow it on the flatbed of a tow trailer.


(1). Does my car need to be in neutral to tow?

Specifically, if your car has a dead battery, simply turning on the ignition keys may not mean much. Again, pressing the brakes may not elicit any signal as well, which is not likely to disengage the shift lock too.

Therefore, it may be necessary to put it in a neutral position before you move it. For a 4-wheel drive model, you must tow it with all the wheels off the ground even when it is in the neutral position, such as when towing with the aid of a car-hauling truck.

If you must tow a 4-wheel drive vehicle with all its wheels on the ground, you should place its transfer car in the neutral position before engaging the 4-wheels down towing feature. 

Furthermore, automatic transmission vehicles hardly disengage even when the vehicle is in the neutral, and hence, towing could force its transmission system to move in the wrong direction.

Bad towing is likely to cause serious damage to your vehicle which may end up being very costly to repair too. Therefore, you should be extra careful when towing the vehicle in a neutral position.

(2). Can you tow a dead car?

Yes, it is very possible to tow a dead car through several means. However, first, you should ascertain that towing the dead vehicle is possible on its wheels. Furthermore, you should also make sure that it will not lead to any damage to either the driveline or the components of its chassis too.

Should you be in any doubts about any of these issues, do not endeavor to tow the vehicle until you are. Therefore, unless the engine of the towed vehicle can start, it may not have any power or brakes, which is very risky too.

In addition, if you need to either jump start or replace the battery of a dead car, some companies can help you out without necessarily towing the car.

On the other hand, should the car not need jump-starting or any tire replacement, the best option, is to get it towed to a mechanic.

So, yes, it is possible to tow a dead car, especially if only the battery is dead by either jump-starting it or getting the battery replaced with a new one altogether. Should you be uncertain with regards to what is the cause, you may need the services of experts in the matter.

Conclusion – Can You Tow A Car In Park?

The need to tow a car may become necessary for several reasons. However, it should not be forgotten that towing requires the need for great attention and adherence to the recommendations of the manufacturers if you must avoid needless damages to some important components.

Specifically, in most cases, you need to make sure that the drive wheels of the vehicle are raised off the ground during the period of towing to guard the transmission system.

All in all, most times, it is highly advisable to tow your car with the flatbed of a tow truck, if you are not certain of the basic requirements. When you tow in this way, you are essentially avoiding risks involving possible damage to the transmission system of the vehicle.

Can You Tow A Car In Park? Get Answers Here!
Can You Tow A Car In Park? Get Answers Here!

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