Can You Tow A Car With Someone In It? Get Answers Here!

can you tow a car with someone in it

Have you witnessed a situation where a car is wrongfully parked and the person in it is not willing to do the right thing or come down from the car? If you are in this type of situation, especially if the person has parked in your parking spot, you might be desperate to remove the car from such a place.

This type of scenario has made many people wonder whether it is possible to tow a car while someone is still in it.

The reality is you might not be able to tow a car when someone is in it. Not only is it illegal, but it could also lead to liability issues. However, there are instances where you can tow a vehicle when someone is in it.

For instance, someone can be in a car that is being flat towed. Keep reading this article for more information.

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What you can do when a car is wrongfully parked and someone is in it

At times, it could be frustrating when you get to your parking spot and discover that a car is parked there. You will become angrier if someone is in there and the person is not willing to move the car or not the owner of the car.

Towing the vehicle away while someone is in there isn’t an option because you could be sued for it. Below are some of the things you can do.

Talk to the person

Instead of taking extreme measures, you can go the gentlemanly way and you will approach the person. You will politely request that the person should leave your spot. If you are lucky, the person in the car could be the car owner or driver and the person will be willing to do the right thing.

Hook the car

If the step above isn’t working and you want to take damage, you can install a hook on the wheels of the car. This will ensure that it is not taken away while you are away. If you will be doing this, you should have people around you that will be willing to testify in case there is a lawsuit.

Call the cops

There are extreme instances where the person will not be willing to leave the car after a polite request. To avoid having issues in the future, you can call the cops and inform them about the situation. The presence of the cops at the scene should be able to get the person away.

In most cases, the person could either be arrested or fined.

Reasons why you cannot tow a vehicle that someone is in 

Except for flat towing and other extreme situations, it is unlikely that you can tow a vehicle that someone is in. Below are some of the reasons why you should not try it.

It is illegal

The truth is it is illegal for you to tow a vehicle that someone is in. It is even unlikely that a towing company will agree to tow a vehicle when someone is inside the car and the person is not willing to come out. To avoid having issues, it is recommended that you inform the cops.

Liability issues

If you go ahead to tow the car while someone is in there, you will likely get sued. For instance, the authority could sue you for contravening the law. Also, the affected person could decide to sue you for kidnapping. You just have to take it easy if someone is wrongfully parked and the person is not willing to leave.

What are the things I can do to prevent intruders from my parking spot

Getting to your office or home and you meet a car in your parking spot could be annoying. Now that you know it is illegal to tow a car when someone is in it, you should think about things that you can do to prevent intruders from taking your parking spot. The following are some of the things you can do.

No parking sign

Some signs would indicate to any potential intruder that the spot is reserved for someone. You can get any design of the sign and place it in your parking spot. Make sure you place the sign in a location where it could be seen easily by everyone.

Not only that, the warning and the letterings of the sign should be bold for everybody to understand.

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Secure with a rope

Though this might be stressful, it is, however, a good way to discourage intruders from taking your spot. You can secure a spot with a rope or other barrier.

Once you are driving out of the spot, you place the barrier there and you remove it when you want to park on the spot. All you need to do is to spend money on the installation of the barrier.

Hire someone

If intruders still take your spot after installing the barrier, you can hire someone that will secure the place while you are not around, provided you can afford it. The person will be held liable if anyone should take your spot while you are away.

How can I get my car towed?

Apart from when someone is parked in your spot, there are other instances where you will need a towing service. For instance, you could have issues with your car anytime and the mechanic will not be willing to come to the place.

On such an occasion, you will have to tow the vehicle. Below are some of the ways you can get towing service when you need one.

Use an associate

If you will be towing over a short distance, you can call a friend to help out, provided you have the necessary tools such as the towing package. However, while this might be relatively free, the limitation of doing it is that you might not have the experience to safely tow your vehicle to the desired location.

Moreover, what if the vehicle of your associate cannot move yours? You then need alternatives when you want to tow your car.

Register with an organization

Several organizations render conditional towing services and other forms of roadside assistance to their members. Once you are a member of the organization and you can fulfill other requirements, you can call on the organization whenever you need a towing service.

The type of services you get depends on your membership level.

However, the limitation of doing this is that you could be denied the service when you need it. This is because these organizations have some policies and on most occasions, the organization will not be willing to compromise. You still need an alternative if you are a registered member of any of these organizations.

Call a towing company

The truth is there are many towing companies around and you can easily get one once you need it. Most of these companies will charge for their service per hour. Nevertheless, before any of the companies agrees to tow your car, there are some conditions that you must fulfill.

How to hire a towing company

If you need a towing service, you can easily call a towing company, provided you are ready to agree with the terms of the company. However, some companies are ready to defraud you if you are not diligent during the search. Below are some steps to guide you when you want to hire one.

Your friends can recommend

If your friends or any other associate have used the service of a reputable company before, they can easily recommend one. If you are lucky to get one, you don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for one yourself.

Online alternative

If you are unable to get one company through recommendation, you can easily search online for one. The issue here is that you will have to choose from different options and you must be careful to avoid being defrauded.

One of the things you can do in a situation like this is to read the comments of previous clients about the company. If any of the companies have many negative reviews, you should not consider such a company.

Speak with the company

If you are convinced that the previous clients of the company have been satisfied with the service, you can call the company for inquiries. Some of the things you should ask the company are the license, the fees, the capacity to move your vehicle, and many more.

Meanwhile, you will be required to answer some questions also in the process. The company would like to know your location, where you are taking the car, details of the car, and other relevant information.

Wait for the truck

If you have agreed to the terms of any of the companies, you can then wait for the arrival of the truck. While you are waiting, you should remove your valuables, inform your insurance company if needed, and then take pictures. Do not forget to confirm the identity of the company when the person arrives.

Conclusion – Can You Tow A Car With Someone In It?

It is illegal to tow a vehicle that someone is in. It is recommended that you inform the police of such a situation to avoid having issues.

Can You Tow A Car With Someone In It? Get Answers Here!
Can You Tow A Car With Someone In It? Get Answers Here!

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