Can You Tow Your Own Trailer With A U-haul Truck?

Can You Tow Your Own Trailer With A U-haul Truck?

 U-haul truck can rightly be described as one moving truck rental company that has carved a famous name for itself due to the company’s satisfactory and customer affordable services. 

This is not surprising especially because the company has more than 21,000 locations for its services as well as a much larger assembly of operational trucks than most, if not all, its competitors. 

There is little doubt, therefore, that U-haul is a leader when it comes to both the availability of rental options as well as customer satisfaction.

Certainly, you can conveniently tow your trailer with a U-haul truck. For this reason, most U-haul trucks can tow any trailer of compatible weight with the aid of the right U-haul truck. Therefore, if you want to tow a U-haul truck, you should use the appropriate equipment and instructions too. 

To this effect, it is highly recommended that you check with any of their representatives to ascertain the maximum possible trailer weight which you can comfortably tow if you want to tow your trailer.

Why should I tow my trailer with a U-haul truck?

There are many reasons why you should haul your trailer with a U-haul truck such as in cases where your vehicle is not compatible with the weight of the trailer you plan to tow.

 In this case, you need a truck that can properly cope with the weight of the trailer, which U-haul is ready to provide no matter the distance involved for a fee.

Secondly, when you use a U-haul truck in towing your trailer, there are other advantages too, since some U-haul equipment is mostly available for local moves only.

 Hence, if you are setting off on a long journey, there are specific trucks you should use for that which U-haul is willing to provide. Additionally, with U-haul, you have the option of purchasing more days or mileage for a one-way move, if you wish. 

Furthermore, U-haul trucks have enough spaces for up to about 3 passengers too, and not just the cargo alone, and you are free to rent more than just the moving trucks as well.

 To make it more interesting, U-haul trucks come in a variety of sizes, especially since choosing the right size of the truck is important, and what’s more, you can also purchase all your other moving supplies from U-haul too, which is very convenient indeed. 

These moving supplies include moving labor, boxes, covers, bags, packing supplies, ropes, and tie-downs among many others. All these you can easily choose when making a reservation for a rental truck on the go.

Furthermore, when you tow your trailer with a U-haul truck, there is a pretty good chance that you will likely save more room and money as well.

This is because of the proper and expert arrangements of the cargo to be moved, disabling of all items of furniture, the use of padding to prevent your precious ornaments from breaking as well as making use of tie-downs to prevent the cargo from shifting during haulage.

Is it safe to tow a trailer with a U-haul truck?

Yes, it is absolutely safe and also easy to tow a trailer with the aid of a U- haul truck provided the trailer is well secured or attached to the truck. However, the biggest issue with this mode of transportation is the loading and unloading.

This is because quite unlike their car trailers, U-haul trucks are mainly used for dollies and not other vehicles. Therefore, if you can both load and unload, then, you have only the weight to bother about when sizing the load to the vehicle you want to use.

Although you may have to enquire whether U-haul has trucks that are equipped with either ramps or tie-downs to secure such weights. In addition to this, it is not safe to transport a gas container inside a U-haul truck.

Also, passengers are not permitted for transport in the back of U-haul trucks regardless of whether they are trucks or pickups. In summary, it is safe to tow a trailer with a U-haul truck as long as you exclude the exceptions mentioned earlier in the article.

How do you tow a trailer with a U-haul truck?

Specifically, U-haul trucks have a lower deck to allow for easy loading and offloading. In addition, they also have a wide and stable EZ for transporting household wares and bits of furniture too.

However, before towing a trailer with a U-haul truck, the first and most important thing is to ascertain their weight compatibility. This means that you should get a truck that will be able to tow the trailer without any issues.

Secondly, you should also choose a suitable hitch with the correct hitch rating for the trailer to be towed as well as any luggage it may bear too. Thereafter, make sure that the hitch is properly installed between the tow truck and the trailer.

Also, you are required to make sure that all the mirrors and signal lights of both vehicles are in perfect working conditions, just like their braking systems too. This will allow you proper monitoring of what is happening behind you as you tow along.

Finally, you should make sure that you drive within the specified driving speed limits for towing in the place you are and avoid anything that is prohibited throughout the period.

What happens if you don’t tow a trailer with a U-haul truck?

As discussed earlier in the article, if you don’t tow your trailer with a U-haul truck, there is the possibility of certain issues or complaints arising especially if there is any mismatching of the weights of the vehicles concerned; the trailer and the tow truck.

For instance, if the weight of the trailer and that of the tow truck do not match properly( which U-haul will guard against), there is a good chance that the tow hitch may break or the vehicles can be subjected to needless damage as well.

U-haul trucks are known to be specific either for long or short trips. For this reason, the company will only give you the truck that is most suitable for your trailer, to prevent disappointments. Therefore, if you do not tow with a U-haul truck, you risk this happening.

Towing with U-haul trucks also provides you additional days or mileage for one-way movements, if you want, but for a fee. However, if you choose to tow your trailer differently, you are depriving yourself of this provision.

Furthermore, since most U-haul trucks have provisions for about three passengers, if you opt to tow your trailer differently, you may not be able to take along any passengers.

To make matters more interesting, U-haul does not rent out only moving trucks, but also cargo vans, U-box containers, and lots more, which you may not get otherwise.

You can also purchase all your moving supplies from U-haul too and their trucks come in different sizes that are assured to be suitable for any weight or bulk of cargo you may have.

Therefore, if you choose not to tow with U-haul trucks, you are risking all these numerous benefits and what’s more, towing with U-haul also saves you money as well.

Where can I get a U-haul truck to tow a trailer?

It is interesting to know that U-haul rental company boasts thousands of rental outlets much more than any of their competitors.

Therefore, if you wish to have a U-haul truck for towing a trailer, one of the quickest ways is to conduct online research to that effect. This will reveal the closest place or places around you that can be of service to you.

Alternatively, you can find out from the company through either their email or customer service unit too, which is available always and ready to respond to your needs at all times.


Can you tow a camper with a rental trailer?

You can conveniently tow a camper with a rental truck. It is for this reason that most trailer owners on the outdoorsy provide a tow vehicle along with their rentals.

But, to do so, it is strongly recommended that you add your vehicle as a sort of add-on to your trailer listing just so that the renters will be able to choose the vehicle during routine checkouts.

Do U-haul trucks have power outlets?

Yes, most U-haul trucks are equipped with power outlets. This is also why you can charge various devices in your vehicle, especially those that spot the U-haul logo on them. U-haul trucks are also fitted with HDTV and even PC outlets as well.

Conclusion – Can You Tow Your Own Trailer With A U-haul Truck

You can tow your trailer all by yourself. However, the chances of complications and numerous issues arising thereof are pretty high.

But, with U-haul, every conceivable source or avenue of damage and avoidable risks are properly taken care of by the experts. For this reason, and to avoid any disappointments, you are strongly advised to make use of the specialist services of the company when towing your trailer and any other cargo you may have in it.

Can You Tow Your Own Trailer With A U-haul Truck?
Can You Tow Your Own Trailer With A U-haul Truck?

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