Do Tow Dollies Have Titles? Find Out!

Do tow dollies have titles

Though tow dollies are used for towing real vehicles, many people regard them as a vehicle. Whenever you want to use tow dollies, you have to attach them to a real vehicle.

Due to this, many people believe that towing dollies should also be regarded as normal vehicles. Hence, it should have all documents and paperwork. Do tow dollies have titles?

Registering a vehicle requires a lot of paperwork. While you don’t need to go through the rigors of registering your tow dollies, you need a title for them.

Some have serial numbers and other information which you could use as titles. The titles will protect you against having issues. Check out this article for more information.


 Reasons why your tow dollies should have a title

There are several tow dollies in the street and neighborhood. Some are of the same model and from the same manufacturer, some are not. While you don’t have to register tow dollies, it is recommended that you do the title for them. You need to do this for you to prove that you are the authentic owner.

The dealer could issue you the receipt and the tow dollies could come with some serial numbers and other certificates. That might not be enough to prove ownership when there is an issue with it. Doing this will save you from some hassles that might likely happen in the future.

Things you need to do while driving a tow dollies

Using tow dollies to tow a vehicle is very easy but there are some things you should take care of before you start the towing process. Here is a list of some of the preliminary work that you should do before towing.

Registration and license

While you don’t have to register your tow dollies, you should ensure that the car you will tow has all the important documents. The car must be registered and also have a valid license.

The cops could stop you on the way for the inspection of the vehicle’s document. You could run into trouble if you do not have the right paperwork with you. 

The braking system

In the same way, it is illegal for you to drive a car without a functional braking system, it is also illegal for you to tow a vehicle without a functional brake. Before you attach the tow dollies to your vehicle and you begin to tow your car, you should first confirm if the braking system is functional.

In a situation where there is an issue with the brake, you should get an alternative supplemental brake or turn on the electric parking brake, provided your vehicle is equipped with the feature.

Know the weight of the vehicle

You need to know the weight of the car you want to tow for different reasons. For instance, the tow dollies have a limited capacity. If you are using it to tow the wrong vehicle, you are potentially ruining it.

Moreover, knowing the weight of your vehicle will also be good for you to select a vehicle with the appropriate towing capacity. You also need the information to avoid being arrested by the police. This is because each state has different laws on the weight of what could be towed.

Precautions when you are towing a vehicle with tow dollies

It is unlikely that you have any issue on the road when you are towing with tow dollies. However, you must be cautious in the process, especially if you are towing over a long distance. Below are some of the things you should do on the road to avoid running into problems when towing with tow dollies.

Routine inspection

Once you connect the vehicle to the dollies and you are ready to move, you should inspect everything and be sure that you have done the right thing before you hit the road. Meanwhile, you shouldn’t wait until you get to your destination before you check the tow dollies, the connection strap, and other items.

You should occasionally pull over, then inspect the tow dollies. The strap is likely loosened or the tire is deflated. You should also inspect the vehicle to be towed to ensure it is still in good condition.

Replace the tires

If you are towing over a long distance, the tires of the towing dollies will likely have issues. If you notice that the tires are not in good condition again due to the weight of the vehicle or the nature of the road, do not hesitate to replace the tires.

Doing this will ensure that you get to your destination as soon as you can and it will also protect you.

Replace the straps

There are instances where the wheel straps and other items that you use for the towing could be loosened while you are on the road. If you notice any issue with the straps during the inspection, you should tighten them or replace them. Any issue with the straps should be fixed immediately you notice it.

Maintenance tips for tow dollies

No one can get the best from a tow dollies for a longer duration if you do not maintain them properly. What will potentially determine the lifespan of the dollies is the amount of care that you show them. Do you desire your tow dollies should last for a longer duration? If yes, here is a list of some of the things you can do.

Lubricate it

To keep the moving and rolling parts functional for a longer period, you should properly oil them. Make sure you do this before usage and after towing. This will ensure that the parts do not give way to wear quickly. Moreover, it will also shield some parts of the dollies against corrosion.

Proper inflation of the tires

The tire is very important when you want to use the tow dollies. Thus, keeping the tires in good shape should be your priority. Make sure the tires are properly inflated before you use or store the dollies. Also, the pressure in the tire should be part of what you check occasionally when you are using the dollies.

Wash the dollies

Whenever you want to keep the dollies after a period of usage, you should wash them before storage. You can wash it with auto-rated soap and water.

If possible, you should use a clean and dry towel to wipe the water residual away from the dollies. Make sure you get rid of all the contaminants on the dollies while washing them.

Check the straps

You don’t have to wait until there is a need for you to use the tow dollies before you check the straps. You should occasionally check and ensure that they are in good condition. If any straps need replacement, you should not hesitate to do so.

Proper storage

In a situation where the dollies will not be in use for a longer duration, you should not leave them anyhow. The dollies would likely get rust by the time you will need them again. It is recommended that you store the dollies properly. You should first wash and dry them, then keep them in a safe place.

Read the manual

The truth is you should not neglect the manual of the tow dollies. All the information you need about the proper setup of the dollies, dos and don’ts, maintenance, warranty, and other useful tips have been provided in the manual.

Ensure that you find time to read and understand it. It could also be your reference point whenever you have any issue with the dollies.

Know when to replace the dollies

You cannot properly maintain the towing dollies if you do not know when to replace the dollies. For instance, there are instances where you will have to replace some worn parts. If you fail to do so, you will likely have issues. Nevertheless, you should know when to get new dollies to avoid having fatal issues.

Benefits of using tow dollies

One of the things that makes the tow dollies popular among their users is their numerous comparative benefits. The following are some of the benefits of using tow dollies.

Minimum risk of wear and tear

Unlike when you attach a vehicle to another and you begin to tow it, which makes the car prone to quick wear, the tow dollies reduce this risk.

No increase in mileage

Though some of the latest models of vehicles are equipped with odometers that do not read mileage when you are flat-towing a vehicle, the use of tow dollies, however, does not increase mileage since the front wheel is on the dollies and only the rear wheel is rolling.


Unlike flat towing where the vehicle is subjected to a high risk of damage, the use of tow dollies when you are towing a car is secured. Moreover, the dollies are also easy to use.

Conclusion – Do Tow Dollies Have Titles?

Safety should be your priority whenever you are using tow dollies to move your vehicle. It is recommended that you move at a slower speed. 

Do Tow Dollies Have Titles? Find Out!
Do Tow Dollies Have Titles? Find Out!

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