How To Get Your Car Towed To A Mechanic

how to get your car towed to a mechanic

It is not uncommon that cars would break down on the road. In such a situation, you might need the service of a mechanic to fix the issue. Getting the car to a nearby mechanic workshop will then become an issue. One of the things you can do to get your car to a mechanic is for you to tow it. How do you do this?

There are two options when you want to tow your car to a mechanic workshop. You can either call a friend or family to tow you there or you call for a professional towing service.

Likely, you will not incur any expenses if you are going to call a friend but with a few bucks, you can call a tow truck, which is safer and better. Keep reading for more information.


What to do when you call for a towing truck

If your family or friend has a vehicle with a towing capacity that is suitable for your car, you can call such a person. However, for safety and professional service, you should consider calling a towing truck. The following are some of the things you should do when you want to call a towing truck.

Park in a safe location

The first thing that should come to your mind whenever you notice that you have issues with your car is your safety, especially if you are driving on a motorway. It is recommended that you first safely park the car before you think about towing the car to a mechanic workshop. This is only applicable when you are on the road.

Call for a truck

For ease of moving the car and minimizing the risk, it is recommended that you call a towing truck. You will be required to answer some questions.

For instance, the towing company will ask you about your location, the proposed destination, the model of the car, and other necessary information. While communicating with the towing company, you should ask questions about the charges and other related fees.

However, in a situation where you need to contact your insurance company before you take any action, do not hesitate to do so. The insurance company might have a preferred towing company or mechanic.

Remove your valuables

The truth is that you cannot hold the towing company liable for any loss or damage to your valuables. If you have valuables in the car such as documents, jewelry, and others, you should remove such and keep them safe elsewhere before the arrival of the towing truck.

Observe your car

Before you allow the car to be towed to the mechanic workshop, you should take a look at it. You should observe if there is any scratch or dent in any part of your car. If possible, you should take pictures before the towing truck tows the car.

You should also inspect your car when you get to the mechanic workshop.

Be sure about your destination

Before the arrival of the towing truck, you should have a destination in mind. Do not wait until the towing truck arrives before you begin to speculate about which workshop you will take the car to. This will not only help you reduce the time, but it will also reduce the cost of towing your car.

Ways of choosing the right-towing company

If you search online, there are many towing companies around you. Choosing the right one from the abundance of options becomes a hassle. If you are not careful, you could become a victim of fraudulent towing companies. The following are some of the things you can do to choose the right towing company.

Register with a reputable organization

Some organizations offer roadside assistance for their members. This implies that you must be a member of such an organization before you can be qualified for towing service. One of such is AAA. Apart from being a member, there are other requirements also.

Once you are registered and fulfill other obligations, you can be assured that the organization will assist you when there is a need. Some car owners believe this is relatively better than calling a random towing company when there is a need for it.

Ask for recommendation

A recommendation from a previous client could help you choose the right company. If you have friends, neighbors, or close associates that have used the service of a towing company before, you can ask such a person for a recommendation.

A person that is satisfied with the service of a company will be willing to recommend the company to another person.

Online search

Alternatively, you can also search online for towing companies near you when you need the service of one. You will see more than enough company. It is recommended that you go through the portfolios of all the available companies and call anyone you are convinced about

Reviews are important

Before you finally decide on the company that you will choose, you should read comments from previous clients about the company. Though the online reviews might not be reliable at times, they will help you choose the right company.

Verify information

You should verify all the information you have about the company before you allow the truck to tow your car. For instance, you ask about the name of the company, the physical address, license, and other legal paperwork.

If you are not convinced about the information of the company, you should not settle for such a company.

Ask questions

Though the towing company will ask you several questions which you must answer truthfully. However, do not hesitate to ask questions also. You should ask questions about the fee of the company, additional services, and other necessary information.

Physical verification

When the towing truck arrives, you should verify that the information you have with you about the company matches the profile of the truck with you.

For instance, if the name of the driver is different from the information you have received while speaking with the company on phone, you should wait until the driver can present a valid ID. 

Reasons why you should hire a professional towing company

While some friends might volunteer to help, the quality of the towing might not be the same when you compare it with when you hire a professional towing company. Here is a list of some of the reasons why you should engage the service of a professional towing company when you want to tow your car.

It is safe

Waiting by the roadside for your mechanic to arrive or you are trying to fix the towing rope is risky. Not only that, it is not safe for your car. The rope could get loosened when you are on your way. Hiring a professional towing company is safer and it saves time.

Less expensive

The truth is that the changes you will incur when your mechanic comes to the roadside to fix your car will be more than what it will cost you to call a towing truck and take your car to the workshop.

There are also instances where the mechanic might not be able to fix the problem by the roadside due to a lack of the necessary tools. To save cost, you should call a towing company and take the car down to the workshop.

Your needs when you get your car towed to the mechanic workshop

It could take days before you can retrieve your car, depending on the type of issues that it has and the mechanic workshop where you took it to. If it will take days, the next thing you should consider is your transportation needs, especially if you do not have another car.

The following are some of the ways you can resolve your transportation needs while your car is still at the mechanic workshop.

Ask the truck driver for a favor

For your immediate need, you can ask the truck driver for a favor to your next destination, provided you are going the same route as the driver. Though the driver is not under any obligation to grant your favor, such a driver could still be of help if there is any available cab space in the truck.

Call a close associate

If there is no space for you in the truck or the driver is going to another route, you have to make arrangements for other plans. One of the things you can do is to call a friend or family for help. Doing this might not be the best option as you do not know the schedule of the person you want to call.

Taxi or ride-sharing service

You can easily call a taxi to take you to your destination. Your destination will determine the amount you will pay. Doing this will save you time.

Conclusion –How To Get Your Car Towed To A Mechanic

Towing your vehicle to the mechanic workshop is a good decision when you have issues with the car. However, you must be careful when you are doing this to avoid being defrauded or losing your valuables.

How To Get Your Car Towed To A Mechanic
How To Get Your Car Towed To A Mechanic

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