How To Tow A Broken Down Motorhome

How To Tow A Broken Down Motorhome

Towing a broken-down motorhome largely depends on certain factors which include the size and weight of the motorhome. Another factor to consider before towing a motorhome is the type of damage it has suffered too.

Specifically, these large vehicles need a lot of care when handling, and as such, all necessary precautions should be taken when towing particularly very large motorhomes, since they come in different classes and each class with its size and weight.

Can all broken motorhomes be towed?

Yes, all broken motorhomes can be safely towed as long as you go about it just as it is recommended. Worthy of note is the fact that towing large motorhomes is basically like towing a house on wheels, which makes it cumbersome to undertake.

Fortunately, most motorhomes have the same chassis as either a large truck or even a bus. Some motorhomes have sizes of about 45 feet in length. 

Therefore, whenever you are towing a motorhome of this size, you will require a vehicle that commands enough torque and towing capability to get it done properly. So, weight compatibility is your first consideration here.

To this effect, in towing a class A motorhome, for example, it is strongly suggested that you get the towing vehicle weighed on an electrical scale to know whether it can do the job perfectly. In addition, since class A motorhomes are very heavy, any vehicle towing it should be able to disperse the weight of the motorhome evenly.

After weighing the tow vehicle, you should use a towing system with electrical brakes, which provides maximum security. Make sure that the towing capacity of the tow vehicle is compatible with the weight and size of the motorhome. It is strongly advised that you use a flatbed trailer for towing class A motorhomes.

Additionally, you should be very careful when loading class A motorhomes into the tow trailer. Although most of these use electronic loading technologies, you should still ensure that the wench is in place and the weight is also evenly distributed too, before setting out onto the road.

After taking all these measures, you should be able to tow a class A motorhome successfully. Notably, class B motorhomes are the smallest and class C are bigger than class B but smaller than class A.

Fortunately, you need the same procedure for towing any type of motorhome, but the different sizes and weights make compatibility issues a serious factor for consideration always.

All in all, before towing a motorhome, you need a tow vehicle that can cope with weights between 6, 000 and 11, 000 pounds, which is about the weight of class B motorhomes. For towing a class B motorhome, it is recommended that you use a removable gooseneck trailer, a cowboy trailer, or even a 2-haul trailer.

Whatever type of motorhome you are towing, make sure that you consult with your service center on the best and safest method to apply.

Is it hard towing a broken-down motorhome?

It is not difficult to tow a motorhome, as long as you do it correctly and with the use of the proper equipment. But, if you do not use the correct equipment, it can be quite tasking. Therefore, you are advised to make sure that the tow trailer can tow the motorhome regardless of its size and weight.

To be able to do this, you should know the weight of the motorhome as well as the towing capacity of the tow trailer too by measuring them on an electronic scale as explained earlier.

Generally, a mounted front wheel dolly is fitted with wheels that function just like the front wheels of your vehicle and they rotate on pivots known commonly as kingpins.

The kingpins enable you to move the motorhome on a pivot situated between the wheels of the trailer. Specifically, a tow dolly is like a platform on rotating wheels which is great for moving any large and heavy objects like a motorhome of any class.

Using it in towing a motorhome simply entails lifting the piece on the platform and securing it in place before you steer to any place of your choosing. It is as simple as that.

What is the safest way to tow a broken-down motorhome?

The best and safest way to tow a motorhome is by the use of the flatbed of a tow trailer or truck, which will lift all the wheels of the towed vehicle off the ground, a measure that will prevent needless damage to important components of the motorhome.

A second way motorhomes can be safely towed is with the aid of a weight-compatible tow dolly. Therefore, before you start anything, make sure that you are certain of this compatibility issue, lest you end up damaging either the tow trailer or the motorhome itself or even both.

As a result, you are advised to consult the user manual before you do anything or you can consult any service care center closest to you.

What can I use to tow a broken-down motorhome?

 Some of the things you will require to tow a broken-down motorhome are the flatbed of a weight-compatible tow trailer or a tow dolly with the right towing capacity that can cope with the weight and size of the motorhome.

However, despite any compatibility, you must drive at speeds not exceeding that which is recommended by the manufacturers as well as make sure that both the vehicles are hitched properly to each other to prevent any needless damage to the vehicles.

Since motorhomes of any class are large with enormous weights, you will also need an electronic loading technology and wench to safely load the motorhome onto the trailer. Furthermore, you have to ascertain that the weight of the motorhome is evenly distributed before you set out.

Will towing a broken-down motorhome affect my car?

Not at all. If you use the correct weight-compatible equipment, towing even the biggest and heaviest motorhome is not likely going to damage your car in any way. For this reason, make sure that the vehicles are a perfect match and also drive at recommended speeds during towing.

In addition, you should ensure that your lights, brakes, and mirrors are working just fine as well. With all these taken care of, towing a broken-down motorhome of any class will not affect your car in any way.


(1). How does a car dolly turn?

A car dolly generally has a sort of front-mounted wheels that function reminiscent of the front wheels of your car, which effectively rotate on pivots referred to as kingpins. It is these kingpins that enable you to move the car on a suitable pivot located between the wheels of the trailer.

Tow dollies are simply marvelous in towing even large and very heavy objects. To move such large items, all you have to do is lift the piece on the platform and secure it in place. Thereafter, you can steer the trailer to wherever it is you plan to tow to safely and satisfactorily.

(2). How do you tow a tow bar?

To tow with a tow bar, you need to execute certain steps in their correct sequence.

  1. First, you should park the vehicle on a dry and level surface.
  2. Thereafter, you should check the height between the hitch of the RV( Recreational Vehicle)  and the base plate.
  3. Next, proceed to mount the tow bar on the RV.
  4. Here, you should park the dinghy vehicle behind the RV.
  5. This is the step where you should attach the arms of the tow bar.
  6. At this stage, you should prep the dinghy vehicle for towing duties.
  7. Then, engage the latches of the tow bar.
  8. Finally, the safety cables should be attached too. And you are good to set out on the road from here.

Before you tow with a tow bar, you are required to switch your transfer case into the ‘Neutral’ position especially if it is an all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicle. Also, make sure that you tow it either on the flatbed of a trailer or with the aid of a car dolly.

Mostly, the electric system of your car is connected to that of the caravan, trailer, or even a cycle carrier. Therefore, it is mandated by the law to have the required electric kit fitted with your tow bar if you want it to work properly.

Fortunately, the installation of the tow bar does not require any professional help,  as long as the tow bar is fitted correctly according to the instruction manual.

Conclusion – How To Tow A Broken Down Motorhome

Towing a broken-down motorhome is a lot more challenging than towing other smaller and lighter vehicles for obvious reasons. In addition, the successful towing of a broken motorhome also depends on the kind of motorhome you have whether class A, B or C.

Fortunately, they all have the same method of towing as long as the compatibility of the vehicles has been established. For this reason, you should make certain of the weights of the motorhome as well as the towing capacity of the tow trailer before you venture into anything.

How To Tow A Broken Down Motorhome
How To Tow A Broken Down Motorhome

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