How To Tow BMW X3

how to tow BMWX3

First, it is strongly instructed by the manufacturers that the BMW X3 should only be towed using either a tow truck or with its rear axle raised above the ground. Furthermore, it is equall6 suggested that you must not raise this car with any tow fitting or body and parts of the chassis.

If you do so, there is the possibility that it may cause severe damage to the transmission. Again, before you tow any vehicle with another, make sure that it is not heavier than the vehicle which will tow it.

If not, you risk destroying some parts of the vehicle or reducing control of the car altogether. Most importantly, the BMW X3 is meant to be towed for only reasonable distances and not longer.

Most importantly, you should tow it on the bed of a tow truck. If you tow it otherwise, you may end up causing damage to the drivetrain whether it is Neutral or not.

Although it is okay if you want to tow the car out of a ditch, snowbank, or salvage it from some such incidents. But tow it concerning the advice of the manufacturers if you must move it for longer distances.

As a result of its peculiar features, the BMW X3 requires the use of an appropriate tow bar before it can be towed even with its gear in the Neutral position. In addition, before you tow this car, you must ascertain that its front wheels are not rested on the ground.

You may use a tow bar to minimize risks to the barest since it distributes the weight of the vehicle evenly throughout.

Correct and safe towing also demands the use of an appropriate tow hitch, in addition to driving at the speeds adjudged safe for towing, which is about 40 mph( miles per hour).

Furthermore,  an effective brake system is also very desirable for all towing activities. Again, do not forget the relevance of both sidelights and indicators.

Finally, both the towed and the towing vehicles should be very securely connected to avoid swaying and loss of balance in transit across difficult terrains. When all these are taken adequate care of, you can tow a BMW X3, or pretty much any other vehicle for that matter.

Is it safe to tow BMW X3?

Yes, it is alright to tow a BMW X3. However, since the car is said to be big and weighty, you must use the appropriate tow hitch, tongue, and towing ball to tow it. Specifically, therefore, you have available the option of towing this big car either on a tow dolly or the bed of a tow truck.

A tow dolly will raise its front-drive wheels from the ground thereby protecting its transmission from possible damage, while on the bed of a tow truck, you are also raising all its wheels from the road too, which will protect its transmission as well.

As long as you do not allow the drive wheels to roll on the ground, there will be no damage whatsoever to the transmission system of the vehicle.

Furthermore, if you want to tow this car, especially with the help of a tow dolly, you must make sure that all its lights are working well and also position its rearview mirrors appropriately too.

Can you tow a BMW X3 on a dolly?

Yes, it is possible to tow a BMW X3 with a tow doll effectively. However, speaking in truth, a tow dolly cannot withstand or support a large or heavy trailer, but it can cope with the weight of a BMW X3.

If you use a tow dolly, you will raise the front wheels of the car from the ground thereby protecting both its transmission and drivetrain from the risk of any likely damage during the tow.

Should you disconnect the driveshaft of the vehicle, it is also possible to tow a rear-wheel-drive BMW car on a tow dolly too. Particularly, the Demp Kar Kaddy tow dolly can bear weights up to about 4, 800 lbs, which is the range of the weights of most BMW models.

What can be done when towing BMW X3?

You can equip the BMW X3 trims with an appropriate trailer hitch that can withstand up to about 4,400 pounds of towing weight capacity. When modified like this, it can bear significant weight inside with a payload capacity of about 937 pounds.

The 2019 to 2020 BMW X3 at 4,400 pounds can conveniently tow even a camping trailer or a small ski boat.

When towing the BMW X3, there are several trim levels to choose from, which are: sDrive30i, xDrive30i, M40i, and M. The weight capacity that can be handled is dependent on the kind of trim used in towing.

Can all BMW vehicles be towed?

Yes, most, if not all, BMW cars can be safely flat towed, but you have to do it properly. For instance, if you do not do it correctly, you are likely to cause serious damage to the front of the car or ruin its alignment.

Consequently, if your BMW car is a front wheeler, you have the option of towing it either on a tow dolly or on the bed of a tow trailer such that the drive wheels will not contact the ground, which will protect its transmission.

Alternatively, for any of the rear-drive or all-wheel-drive BMW cars, you can tow them on the bed of a tow trailer without causing any harm to the components of the vehicle.

So, yes, you can tow any BMW, but you have to know the safe way to do it from the user manual of the car to avoid damaging anything.

Notably, there are some newer models of BMW cars that cannot be flat towed, such as the xDrive all-wheel-drive cars.

This is because their transfer cases and automatic transmissions cannot handle towing, especially when they are not properly lubricated while in motion. To prevent any damage, you are recommended to always refer to the user manual.

How do I put my BMW into towing mode?

 Specifically, BMW provides a special ‘Trailer Mode’ when pulling a trailer or a carrier at the tow hitch. To ensure safety as well as prevent damage to your car, the towing mode is activated the moment you connect the plug.

For instance, should a carrier be attached without lights, it is possible to manually activate the trailer mode. 

In most BMW cars with ‘Operating System 7’, you can activate their towing mode by just using the ‘CAR’, ‘Settings’, ‘General Settings’, ‘Trailer Mode’, and so on. Therefore, most BMW cars can get their towing mode activated manually.


(1). Where is the tow hook on a BMW?

In most newer models of BMW cars, the tow hook is found in the trunk of the tool kit. To get to it, you should simply pop off the plastic squares in your bumper.

These are about 2 inches on one side, and there is usually a threaded hole into which it is possible to screw this hook to allow for towing to take place. In other words, your vehicle comes with the hooks stored away in the toolbox below the cover of the boot.

Cars or trucks usually have higher hooks that can be found mounted on the frame beneath the boot, or even along the rear.

Sometimes, the tow hook may be on the rear bumper. Also, there may be a small square cover on the right rear bumper. Simply pop it out and the tow hook may be located in there, although it is not in the bumper.

(2). Can a BMW tow a trailer?

Specifically, the 2020 BMW X3 is a big and powerful car fitted with high-quality towing features. In addition, this car has a powerful engine. Therefore, it can tow weights up to about 4,400 pounds behind it. However, to do this properly, you need a good tow hitch, tongue, and towing ball as well.

Therefore, the BMW X3 series can tow a caravan effortlessly. As long as the weight of the towed camper or caravan does not exceed about 85 percent of the weight of the car, it can easily tow it.

Some BMW cars can even cope effectively with up to about 6,203 pounds, like the BMW X5. However, with the correct towing package, this capacity can rise to about 7,200 pounds. The towing kit that improves the capacity includes the special BMW X5 tow hitch.

The general rule of the thumb is that the weight of the towed vehicle must not exceed that of the vehicle towing it. In addition, if you want to tow safely and conveniently, you should use the correct tow hitch and also drive at speeds not exceeding that which is recommended safe for towing.

Finally, make sure that your lights are working well and the brakes are also in order. When all these conditions are taken care of,  a BMW car can tow a camper or trailer conveniently.

Conclusion – How To Tow BMW X3

Towing is easy and safe as long as you go about it according to the recommendations of the user manual. Therefore, before you venture into anything, make sure that you do it as the manual prescribes.

Conversely, for all front-wheel-drive cars, you can use a tow dolly or the flatbed of a tow truck. Similarly, for most designs of cars, you can make use of the bed of a tow trailer for you to tow them without any harm. 

How To Tow BMW X3
How To Tow BMW X3

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