Is Towing A Car Hard? Find Out Here!

Is towing a car hard

Some tasks will seem difficult to you whereas it will be easier for another person. In most cases, the relative difficulty of performing a task is determined by the available tools, your willpower, experience, and many other factors.

While pulling the car might seem easy for some people, especially the experts, many people see it as difficult. This is the reason why some car enthusiasts are worried about whether pulling a car is hard.

Well, pulling a car is relatively not hard. If you have the right resources and you are willing to take the task, you can successfully pull a car.

This, however, doesn’t mean you can pull another vehicle with your car without observing the basic conditions and precautions. Check out this article for more information.

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Some of the conditions you should consider before you begin to tow a car

If you are willing, you can pull another car safely. However, there are some things that you should consider before you begin the pulling process.

These are things that will potentially determine if you are fit to pull the vehicle and also protect you from potential troubles. The following are some of the important things you should consider.

Weight of the vehicle

If this is your first attempt at pulling, the first thing you should know before you attach your vehicle to the object or another car that is about to be pulled is the weight of the vehicles involved. You can check the manual for the weight of both cars.

If the weight of the car that is about to be pulled is more than the pulling vehicle, you should not go ahead.

The braking system

It is illegal for you to pull a vehicle the same way it is illegal for you to drive a vehicle without a functional brake. You should first confirm if the brake of the vehicle that is about to be pulled is functional.

In a situation where there is an issue with the brake, you can install a supplemental brake or turn on the electric parking brake of the vehicle. The electric parking brake is a feature that is common in the latest and most sophisticated models of vehicles.

The law of the state

While it might seem that you are not breaking any law because you are pulling a car, it is better that you know the law of the state before you begin to pull a vehicle. For instance, the maximum weight and size of what could be pulled differ from one state to another.

Knowing the law of the state will suggest whether you are doing the right thing or not.

The distance

You should be prepared to buy more gas if you will be pulling another vehicle. This is because the engine will be moving additional weight and this will increase the pressure on the engine. You should know the distance before you begin to pull.

Some automakers recommend that you do not use your vehicle for pulling beyond certain miles. You can check the manual of your car for more information.

Guidelines for towing a car

Knowing and fulfilling the conditions above is not the only thing involved. They are just the first preliminaries that must be considered for successful pulling. Below are some guidelines that you should follow when you are ready for real pulling.

Weight is important

This has been said earlier and is perhaps one of the most important guidelines. As a general rule, the pulling vehicle must be bigger and heavier than the vehicle you want to pull. You can look up the weight and size of the vehicles involved in their respective owner’s manuals.

The pulled car must be free

Whenever you are ready and you have done all the right things you should do, make sure there is nobody in the pulled car. Not only is it illegal for you to pull a vehicle with someone in it, but it is also unsafe for the person in the pulled car.

Turn on the ignition

The truth is you could be ruining the pulled car if you do not get some things right before and while pulling the vehicle. To avoid having issues when you get to your destination, it is recommended that you turn on the ignition of the pulled vehicle.

How to flat-tow a vehicle

Depending on some conditions, you can flat-pull a vehicle safely. Flat pulling means that all the wheels of the vehicle will be rolling on the floor. If you are adopting this method, you should be careful to avoid ruining the pulled vehicle. Below are the steps you can follow when you flat pull a vehicle.

Confirm if the vehicle could be used for flat pulling

You will run into problems when you flat pull the wrong vehicle. You should first confirm if the vehicle is compatible with the method. Though all-wheel and front-wheel vehicles with manual transmission are compatible, you should check the manual for more information about the vehicle.

pulling capacity

It has been said earlier in this article that the weight of the vehicles involved is very important. The weight determines the pulling capacity of the vehicle. Before you begin to flat pull, make sure the weight of the pulling vehicle is more than the weight of the vehicle that is about to be pulled.

Once you are convinced that the pulling vehicle has the capacity, you can then do the necessary things. This involves attaching the two cars, using the right and appropriate equipment. Make sure the point of attachment is sturdy.

pull mode 

The next thing you should do after attaching the two vehicles is to put the vehicle you want to flat pull in pull mode. If you do not know how to do this, you should check the manual of the vehicle for more information. You can then turn on the ignition.


You might be sure that you have done the right thing but you should double-check before you begin the pulling process. You should check the chains or straps, the point of attachment, the braking system, and other things that will ensure safety on the road. You can then adjust anything that you feel is not right before you begin to pull.

Some of the risks involved in towing

There are different methods that you can adopt when you want to pull a vehicle. If you can follow the guidelines and conditions that have been highlighted earlier in this article, you should not have any issues when you pull a vehicle. Below are some of the risks of pulling a vehicle.

The vehicle could get damaged

If you are pulling a vehicle, you should know that the vehicle is at the risk of getting damaged due to the extra pressure on the vehicle. This is likely going to happen if you do not follow the guideline that has been highlighted earlier.

In a situation where the weight of the pulling vehicle is lesser than the attached vehicle, the pressure on the engine could ruin it when you do it over time. The sad reality is that the engine is not the only one at risk. The clutch, chassis, tires, and other parts are also experiencing extra pressure and they could get damaged when the pressure becomes overwhelming.

Additional expenses

If you hire a pulling company when you want to pull your vehicle, it is unlikely that you experience some of these issues. If pulling should go wrong, you will be spending the money you did not budget for. If the engine should be affected in the process, fixing it will cost more than you envisage. The same is also applicable to other parts of the vehicle that are also at risk.

Difficulty pulling experience

The pulling vehicle should maintain a straight line just as if you are driving normally. pulling another vehicle could make you experience wobbling or swaying. This is because pressure from other vehicles will constantly draw the car back anytime you attempt to move forward.

Precautions when you pull a vehicle

If you will be pulling a vehicle, you should exercise some precautions. Some of the risks have been highlighted above. You could be avoiding some of these dangers when you are cautious. Below are some of the things you can do to avoid having issues.

Experience is important

Though pulling is not difficult, you cannot compare what you will do with what an experienced person will do. If possible, you should hire a pulling company.

Regular inspection

Even if you have done the right thing before you begin pulling, you should regularly inspect what you did before you get to your destination. This is a good way to know if anything is wrong with the straps.

Speed limit

Once you attach another vehicle or item to your car and you are pulling it, you should be mindful of your speed. If possible, you should move at 20 mph.

Conclusion – Is Towing A Car Hard?

You can pull another vehicle or item successfully, provided you are willing and you have the required tools.

Is Towing A Car Hard? Find Out Here!
Is Towing A Car Hard? Find Out Here!

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