Why Are Tow Bars So Expensive? Get Answers Here!

why are tow bars so expensive

Apart from inflation, many car owners believe that some parts or important items that the vehicle needs are relatively expensive. Though if you care for your car rightly, it is unlikely that you will have issues with it. The truth, however, is that you cannot be precise about when you need a pulling service.

Apart from that, there are other instances where you will need a pulling bar. Many people consider pull bars expensive and they do not know the reason why they are expensive.

The affordability of any item depends on a lot of variables. The type of pull bar you want to buy for your vehicle will determine the price of the pull bar. Moreover, the cost of installing a pull bar covers a lot of things. Keep reading this article for more information.

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Things that determine the cost of a tow bar

The truth is that many people consider the pull bar relatively expensive. Some things determine this. Before a pull bar is installed, it has undergone a lot of things, which will potentially determine its final price. The following are some of the things that determine the cost of a pull bar.

3D design

Before a pull bar is produced to match your car, the 3D design is the first thing that the manufacturer will consider. The design must match the design of your vehicle model rightly. The manufacturer spent money on the design of the pull bar.

It also undergoes different revisions before the final design is released to the market.


It is unlikely that a manufacturer will release something into the market without testing the item. The pull bar is subjected to computer simulation and other physical tests before it makes its way to the market. The cost of doing this will also determine the final cost of the pull bar.

Production and wiring

Before you install the pull bar, the production and wiring are also important. If you think the pull bar is expensive, you should also consider the cost of wiring before the final product is released.

How to install a tow bar

Though a pull bar might be relatively expensive, you still need to have one to avoid being stranded when you need it. You also need to get the installation right to avoid having issues with the pull bar when it is in use. The procedure for installing the pull bar is highlighted below.

Make a choice

There are many types of pull bars in the market. Not all that, they are from different manufacturers and designs. If you are buying one, you should decide on which one you will buy. If you are confused about the one you want to buy, you should make inquiries from the dealer or research which one will be good for your vehicle.

Nevertheless, make sure you are convinced and have sufficient information about the one you want to buy before you install it.

Buy a mounting bracket

Apart from the pull bar, you must buy a mounting bracket or base plate, depending on the design of the pull bar and your vehicle. This will serve as a mounting surface for the pull bar on your vehicle.

Mounting the bracket could mean that you will drill holes in the vehicle’s frame. You have to be careful when you are doing this. Drilling of 1 inch is recommended.

Mount the tow bar

Once the mounting bracket has been installed, you can then mount the pull bar. Before you mount the pull bar, make sure you look for a good area on the vehicle. Preferably, you should mount the pull bar on a sturdy area on the vehicle’s frame. You can then secure it with the right tools.

Wire the tow bar

This is one of the areas where you must be very careful. You need to wire the pull bar so that the braking light can be effective. You can follow the instructions in the manual when you want to do this.

Seek help

If you have any issues during the installation of the pull bar, you should not hesitate to seek help. You can go through the installation instructions in the manual again. If you are still confused about what to do, you can search for video tutorials online or hire a professional installer.

Things you should consider before you tow a car

It is safe to pull a car but you could run into problems if you do it wrongly. There are some things that you should consider before you attach another vehicle to yours and you begin to pull a vehicle. The following are some of the things you should consider.

The law of the state

The fact that your vehicle breaks down on the road doesn’t mean that you can just call a pulling company and take the vehicle away. You should first know the law of the state. It might be illegal for you to pull in some areas or certain types of vehicles.

To avoid having issues, you should first know the law of the state where you want to pull the vehicle.

The weight of the vehicle

One of the things that will determine the type of pulling a vehicle that you will use to move your car is the weight of the vehicle. Using the wrong vehicle to pull your car could ruin the two cars. If you don’t know the weight of your vehicle, you can check the manual.

 Another reason why you should know the weight of the vehicle is to avoid having issues. There is a restriction on the weight of vehicles that could be pulled. If you are in Texas, you cannot pull a vehicle with a weight that exceeds 1200 lbs.

Check the brake

It is not advisable and it is also illegal that you pull a vehicle without a functional braking system. Before you attach the two vehicles, you should first check the braking system and ensure that it is functioning optimally.

If there is any issue with the brake, you can make use of a supplemental brake or turn on the electric parking brake, provided the vehicle has the feature.

Know the towing method you want to adopt

You might not have any issue if you are calling a pulling company or an organization when you want to pull your vehicle. These are experts that know the right method and equipment to use. In a situation where you are doing this with your friend or family member, you need to be very careful.

For instance, you cannot flat pull all types of vehicles. If you don’t want to ruin your vehicle, you should first check the manual for you to be sure that you can flat pull it.

Get the document ready

One of the reasons why a pulling company will decline towing your vehicle is if your vehicle does not have the appropriate paperwork. pulling doesn’t mean you should not have the license and the registration of the car. If you must pull a car, make sure it has the right paperwork.

How to hire a pulling company

You can need the service of a pulling company anytime, therefore, it is recommended that you know some of the ways you can hire one. Below are some of the procedures you can follow whenever you want to hire a pulling company.

Ask people around you

If you know anybody around you that has secured the service of a pulling company before, you can ask such a person for a recommendation. If the person is satisfied with the service of the company, you could be lucky to get a company. You can also visit the traffic department in your locality for recommendations.

Go online

You don’t need to wait for anybody before you hire a pulling company. You can simply go online and search for a pulling company around you. You will get more than enough suggestions when you do this. You can then filter the suggestions and compile a list of some of the companies you will consider.

Part of the things you should consider when you want to filter the suggested companies is the proximity of the company to your place. Moreover, you should read reviews about the companies before you call them. If there is any company with many negative reviews, you should not consider such a company.

Make inquiries

Now that you have compiled the list of some preferred companies, you should go ahead to call them and make inquiries about the fee, their license, portfolio, and other information that you deemed necessary. The company will also ask you questions about the model of the car.

Prepare for the truck

You can then agree with the term of any company that you feel will deliver the service that you need. Before the arrival of the truck, you should prepare yourself. You should remove some of your vital documents from the car and also take pictures, if possible.

Conclusion – Why Are Tow Bars So Expensive?

The type of pull bar you want to buy and the model of your vehicle will determine the price of the pull bar. Irrespective of the price, you should invest in a quality one.

Why Are Tow Bars So Expensive? Get Answers Here!
Why Are Tow Bars So Expensive? Get Answers Here!

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