Why Is Towing Behind A Ford Explorer Prohibited? Check Here!

why is towing behind a Ford Explorer prohibited

There are times you will call a towing company and the service request will be denied due to the model of the car involved. If you use a Ford Explorer, the towing company could deny towing your vehicle.

If you research online, you will discover that towing behind a Ford Explorer has been prohibited. This makes many owners wonder about what could be the reason for this.

Ford has been claiming that there is nothing wrong with the Ford Explorer. This, however, does not represent the experience of the users.

The reason why towing behind the Ford Explorer has been prohibited is due to possible failure, product liability, and excessive lawsuits. Check out this article for more information.

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Safety precautions while towing

Doing the right thing when you want to tow your vehicle doesn’t mean you cannot have issues in the process. This means that you must also be cautious throughout the duration. The following are some of the safety precautions you should follow.

Speed limit

Now that you are moving another object or vehicle, you must be cautious of the way you move. You cannot drive the vehicle the way you would have driven if nothing is attached to it. Experts recommend that you move at a slower speed.

Braking system

Though it is illegal to tow a vehicle without a functional braking system, you must still check the braking system for your safety also.

Do this before you attach the two vehicles. If the vehicle that is about to be towed does not have a functional brake, you can turn on the electric parking brake if the vehicle has the feature or you install a supplemental brake.

Towing capacity

Any mistake with the towing capacity of a vehicle could cause serious damage to both vehicles. The towing capacity of a vehicle is the weight of the vehicle. This implies that the vehicle is not capable of towing a vehicle with a higher weight.

You should know the weight of both vehicles before you begin to tow. If the weight of the towing vehicle is lesser than the weight of the vehicle that is about to be towed, it is recommended that you get another vehicle

Adopt the appropriate method

The type of vehicle you want to tow, the current situation, towing distance, and available towing equipment are some of the things that will determine the towing method you will adopt. If you adopt the wrong method, you could damage some parts of the vehicle.

For instance, before you adopt the flat towing method, you should first confirm if your vehicle is suitable for it.

Regular inspection

It is important that you do the right thing and double-checks what you have done before you begin to tow. Nevertheless, you should regularly inspect what you have done before at intervals while you are on your way to the destination.

Dangers of towing with the wrong vehicle

It has been said earlier that the towing capacity of the vehicle is an important thing that you must consider before you begin to tow. If you get it wrong, you are subjecting both vehicles to a risk of damage. Below are some of the likely dangers of towing with the wrong vehicle.

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Multiple damages to the vehicle

One of the biggest issues you could experience when you tow with the wrong vehicle is multiple damages to the vehicle. For instance, when the weight of the towed vehicle is bigger than the towing vehicle, it will add extra pressure to the engine.

When the pressure becomes overwhelming, the vehicle will likely break down. The engine is not the only part that would be affected. The chassis, gear, clutch, braking system, and many other parts of the vehicle are at risk.


The towing vehicle should maintain a straight line just like when you are driving the vehicle without any attachment. When you use the vehicle to move a heavier object, the pressure will affect the movement of the vehicle. The vehicle will likely sway or wobble.

More expenses

The national average fee you will pay for a towing vehicle ranges from 2$ to 7$ per mile. While this might seem relatively expensive, especially when you are towing the vehicle to a far place, it will still be worth it in the long run if you can pay the fee.

This is because you will likely spend more than that if any part of the vehicle should get damaged. Moreover, the engine will likely consume more fuel while towing.

How to get a towing service

At some point, car owners could need towing service. When you want to tow a vehicle, there are some options you can explore. The following are some of the alternatives you can choose from.

Hire a towing vehicle

There are many towing companies around you and all you need to do is to call one when you need a towing service. However, the abundance of towing companies also means that you should be very careful when you need one.

Some of the companies could exploit your helplessness to their advantage when you call them. More information on how you can choose the best one from the available companies will be provided in the subsequent part of this article.

Call a friend

Being friends also implies that you should be willing to render assistance when there is a need for it. If you need a towing service, you can contact any of your friends for help.

However, you should be mindful of the weight of the vehicle, the available towing materials, the distance, and other conditions. If your friend or family member does not have a vehicle that can safely tow yours, you should opt for any other alternatives.

Call a towing organization

Apart from the options that are highlighted above, some organizations also offer roadside assistance to registered members. You can easily call on the organization whenever you want to tow your car.

However, depending on the policies of the organization, there are some requirements that you must fulfill before you are qualified for a towing service.

For instance, some organizations require that you must be with your membership card and you must be driving a registered vehicle before you can be deemed qualified for the service.

How to choose the best towing company

You might have come across the advertisement of different towing companies, either online or offline. Due to a large number of companies, selecting the best out of them could be a big issue. This article will give you some tips on how you can select the best from them. Below are some helpful tips.

Recommendation from associates

Through recommendations from people, you can hire one of the best companies. In the same way, you will be willing to recommend a particular company that has rendered a satisfactory service for you, and other people that are close to you will be willing to recommend it also.

All you need to do is to call your associates and ask for recommendations.

Search online

If none of your associates can recommend a company, you can still go online to search for one. If you are doing this, you must be careful before you agree to the terms of any of the companies.

Once you search online and some companies have been suggested to you, the next thing is for you to consider any of the companies that have a physical address indicated in the profile and it is close to you.

Read the reviews

Irrespective of how soon you want the towing truck to arrive, you should take your time to read a few things about the potential company you will hire. You can go through previous clients’ comments about the companies.

If you notice that any of the companies have many negative reviews, you should not consider such a company.

Speak with the company

If you are convinced that previous clients have been satisfied with the service of the company, you can then call to make inquiries yourself.

The fee will certainly be one of your priorities but you should consider other things such as the license of the company, the capacity to deliver the service, and other legal documents.

Wait for the company’s questions

You are not the only one that has doubts and wants clarifications before you agree with the terms. The company would also want to know a few things about the potential clients. For instance, the company will ask for your location, the model of the car that is about to be towed, the document, and many more.

Prepare for the vehicle to be towed

You should be able to determine which of the companies would be able to deliver the service from the steps highlighted above.

Once you agree with the terms, you should prepare for the truck. Make up your mind about the destination, plan for alternative means of transportation, etc. When the staff of the company arrives, make sure you confirm the document and license to be genuine.

Conclusion – Why Is Towing Behind A Ford Explorer Prohibited?

Towing a Ford Explorer from behind could lead to a lot of unwanted issues. If possible, you should avoid it. 

Why Is Towing Behind A Ford Explorer Prohibited? Check Here!
Why Is Towing Behind A Ford Explorer Prohibited? Check Here!

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