Will AAA Tow A Car With Expired Tags?

Will AAA tow a car with expired tags

There are many roadside service provider organizations. The policies of these organizations differ. Being a reputable organization, there are some things AAA will not do though many other organizations might do it.

For instance, it is against the policy of AAA to tow a vehicle when you do not have a membership card. Due to these policies, many members and potential members do wonder whether the organization will agree to pull an automobile with an expired tag.

Though you are qualified for pulling service as a registered member of the organization, the truth is that the organization will not agree to pull any automobile that is considered street illegal.

So, if your automobile has an expired tag, the organization will not pull it because it is considered street illegal. Check out this article for more information.

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Reasons why AAA will not tow any car with expired tags

Being a registered member of the organization and fulfilling other obligations are not enough for the organization to pull your automobile. It has been said earlier that the organization will decline to pull any automobile with expired tags. Below are some of the reasons for this.

The policy of the organization

Once you are registered with AAA, there are some dos and don’ts that you should know about the organization.

These are the policies of the organization. These things are done to avoid having issues with the authorities or being considered an accomplice. It is against the policy of the organization to pull any automobile with expired tags or unregistered.


In most states, it is illegal to drive or pull an automobile without a valid tag. For instance, the traffic law in California is against driving or pulling automobiles that are uninspected or with expired tags. If AAA should agree to pull such an automobile in California, the organization will be penalized.

Possible record of crime

To avoid having issues with the police and the authorities, you should not drive an automobile with an expired tag.

The truth is that an automobile with an expired tag could have a criminal record. If AAA should pull such an automobile and the police discover it, the organization could be regarded as an accomplice in the crime.


Many automobiles are missing on the streets and the owners have not been able to locate their automobiles. Well, one of such automobiles could have an expired tag. the organization could be caught in the web of serious criminal cases if the organization agrees to tow such a vehicle.

How to tow a car with an expired tag

For some personal reasons, the tags of your automobile might have expired. This is usually the case when people have more than one automobile and they have abandoned one for a longer duration.

In a situation like this, if you want to pull the automobile, you should first go to the traffic authority in your vicinity, explain the situation to the officer, then get permission to pull the automobile.

While AAA might not be willing to pull the automobile, you can easily get another towing company that will be willing to pull the automobile. However, you should first explain the situation and state that you have permission to do so.

The requirements to get your car towed by AAA

For easy pulling service and other roadside assistance, AAA is a reputable organization that has been rendering the service for many years. However, there are some things you must do before you are qualified for the service.

Below are some of the requirements that must be fulfilled before you are qualified for pulling service by the organization.

You must be a member

The organization does not assist everybody. For you to be qualified for pulling service, you must be a registered member of the organization. There are different levels of membership and your level will determine the type of service that you get. For instance, a member that is on the basic level is qualified for 7 miles pulling service 4 times a year. Meanwhile, members on other levels are qualified for more miles of pulling service.

Your automobile must be registered

The fact that you are a registered member, irrespective of your level doesn’t mean that you cannot be denied pulling service when you need it. One of the policies of the organization that cannot be compromised is that the automobile that is about to be pulled must be registered.

The truth is an unregistered automobile might be stolen or have a criminal history. For you to be qualified for assistance, make sure you are driving a registered automobile.  

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Presence of a valid membership card

Being a member and driving a registered automobile does not mean that the organization will render you the pulling service once you call for assistance. You must have your membership card with you wherever you need help.

Nevertheless, the automobile does not necessarily have to belong to the owner of the card. Someone who is a registered member and in possession of the membership card can call on the organization for assistance when there is a need for it.

You must be present at the scene

Except in an emergency where the member has been rushed to the hospital, you must be present at the scene before the organization will pull your automobile. Also, a registered member of the organization must follow the pulling truck when the automobile is being pulled away.

Moreover, in a situation where the affected automobile is obstructing traffic, the organization pulls the automobile away from the road before considering other requirements.

How do I hire a towing truck?

Being a registered member of AAA or other organizations is good but you could be denied the pulling service when you are in dire need of it. The alternatives you have in situations like this are to call any of your close associates for help or hire a pulling truck. If you will be hiring a truck, below are some helpful tips.

Recommended company

If you want an easy search, you can ask people for recommendations. You can call any of your family members, friend, neighbor, or colleague. Any of them that have been satisfied with the service of a company in the past will easily recommend one for you.

Search yourself

If you are unable to get recommendations or you are not satisfied with the company, you can search for nearby pulling companies online. When you do this, you will have to filter different companies. To make it easier, you should only consider the ones that are in your vicinity. You can then compile the list.


Once you have a list of companies that you are considering, you should read the comments and feedback from the previous clients of the companies.

Clients that are not satisfied with the service of the company will leave negative reviews and will even warn other people not to patronize the company. If any of the companies have many negative reviews, it is recommended that you remove the company from your list.

Contact the companies

The number of companies on the list should reduce once you are through with the reviews. You can then go ahead to contact the companies and tell them what you need.

Before you agree to hire any of them, you should ask for important information such as the license of the company, the fees, additional service, the portfolio, and how soon it will take the pulling automobile to arrive at your location. If you are not satisfied with the response, you should move to the next company.

Meanwhile, the company will also like to get some information from you. In most situations, the pulling company will ask for the details of the automobile, where you are taking it to, the issue with it if it is registered, and other useful information. Make sure you give the company an honest response.

Prioritize your need

Two or more companies could give you a convincing response when you contacted them. However, you should know that your needs are important. Make sure you state each of your needs to the company. A company that has all the portfolio to meet your needs and with other additional services should be considered.

Prepare for the arrival of the pulling truck

Once you have agreed with a pulling company and a truck is on its way, you should make the necessary preparations. This is the time for you to contact the insurance company, take pictures, know where you are taking the automobile to, and remove your valuables. Just do the necessary things to avoid rushing when the truck arrives.

Moreover, once the pulling truck arrives, do not allow the person to start their job until you can verify that you are dealing with a legit company and the information is the same as what you have with you.

Conclusion – Will AAA Tow A Car With Expired Tags?

AAA does not want to be involved in the criminal issue. Any automobile that doesn’t have a tag is considered as being street illegal. Hence, the organization will not pull it. 

Will AAA Tow A Car With Expired Tags?
Will AAA Tow A Car With Expired Tags?

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