Will AAA Tow A Commercial Vehicle?

Will AAA tow a commercial vehicle

Some people use their vehicles for commercial purposes. Just like a private car owner, they could also have issues on the road and they will need assistance such as towing.

One of the organizations that many car owners look up to when they need such assistance is AAA. This makes commercial vehicle owners ask questions about whether AAA will also tow commercial vehicles.

While AAA has been offering roadside assistance to many car owners, provided you are a registered member, the organization, however, does not render the same service for commercial vehicles, except in some situations.

This is due to the policy of the organization. Check out this article for more information.


What is the situation where AAA will tow a commercial vehicle?

While AAA will tow a private vehicle, provided all the requirements have been fulfilled, the company will decline to tow a commercial vehicle.

However, there is some situation where the organization will agree to tow a commercial vehicle. The following are some of the situations where AAA will tow a commercial vehicle.


As a registered member of AAA, if you are in a commercial vehicle and it breaks down on the road, AAA shouldn’t be your first call for assistance in such a situation. Well, the organization might agree to tow the vehicle if it is an emergency.

Such an emergency could be that the affected commercial vehicle is obstructing traffic. In a situation like this, AAA might agree to tow the vehicle out of the way and to a safe location. This, however, is not guaranteed.

Private plates

Some private vehicles have been converted for commercial purposes. Such a commercial vehicle will likely retain the private plate. If a commercial vehicle has a private plate and it requires a towing service, AAA might agree to tow the vehicle, provided other requirements of the organization have been fulfilled.

Private registration

As a commercial vehicle owner, if you have registered the vehicle as a private vehicle and you have fulfilled other requirements of the organization, AAA might agree to tow your vehicle if there is a need for it.

Benefits of being a member of AAA

You cannot be assertive about when your vehicle will likely break down. To avoid being stranded, you have to make preparations. One of the things you can do to avoid being stranded is to register with a roadside assistance organization such as AAA.

Doing this has a lot of benefits when you compare it to hiring random towing companies or waiting for your friend to come and tow you. The following are some of the benefits of being a member of AAA.

You will get the needed assistance

When your car breaks down or you are involved in an accident, you could need more than towing service. If you are a registered member of AAA and you have fulfilled other obligations, you will get the assistance that you need, irrespective of where it occurred and the time.

Saves time

You don’t have to wait for a longer duration before the arrival of the towing truck or the assistance you need as a registered member of AAA. Once you can fulfill the requirements, you can be assured that the help will arrive within the shortest duration.


Some of the towing companies around will charge you per hour for their service. You could spend more than your budget on a single towing service. As a registered member of AAA, depending on your membership level, you are qualified for free towing service.

For instance, if you are a basic member, you are qualified for 7 miles of free towing service four times a year. In a situation where you are going beyond 7 miles, the fees will be relatively cheaper compared to when you hire a towing company.

It is safe

You are subjecting your car to a risk when you call your friend or a family member for towing. This is because the car you want to use for towing might not have the capacity to move your car.

Moreover, irrespective of the time of the day when the incident occurs, you can be assured that AAA will provide you with the needed assistance.

Reasons why AAA will decline to tow your car

With all the benefits of being a member of AAA, there are situations where you might not get the assistance when you call for it. This is because the organization has some policies and requirements that cannot be compromised. Below are some of the reasons why AAA will decline to tow your car when you call for it.


You must be a member of AAA before you can be qualified for a towing service. There are different membership levels and each level has different packages and benefits. For instance, the first membership level is the basic level.

A member that is on this level will get 7 miles of towing 4 times a year for free. If you are on the highest membership level, which is the premier membership, you are qualified for 100 miles thrice a year and 200 miles once in the same year.  

Registration of the car

The truth is that AAA will not just agree to tow any car. This is because the organization is not interested in being involved in controversies or being tagged as an accomplice to any crime. If your car is not registered or the tag has expired, AAA will decline when you call for assistance.

As a member, if you want the organization to come to your aid when you need it, make sure your car is registered.

Your membership card

Though you might be a registered member and you are driving a car that is registered, the organization will still decline to tow your car if you are not with your membership card. That is the only proof that you are a registered member of the organization.

Just like the way you keep your other IDs with you, it is recommended that you take the AAA membership card with you wherever you go.

However, in a situation where the affected member is involved in an accident and such a person has been taken to the hospital, AAA might agree to tow the car even when the membership card is not available.


In a situation where a vehicle is involved in an accident, the first person that should be informed is the insurance company. If your insurance company has a favored towing company, AAA will decline your request, irrespective of your membership level.

How to hire a towing truck

Since you know that AAA might decline the request to tow your vehicle under some circumstances, you should think about alternatives. Y

ou can call a friend or hire a towing company. To avoid having issues while towing the car, you should consider a towing company. Below are some of the procedures you can follow when you want to do this.

Get recommendations

You can easily get a towing truck to your location without any hassle by asking people for a recommendation. You can call your mechanic, your friend, or your insurance company for any trusted towing company that could be recommended.

Go online

If you are unable to get one through the step highlighted above, you can easily go online and search for towing companies. Some of the companies that are close to your vicinity will be suggested.

While doing this, you have to consider the proximity of the company to your location before you make a list of some of the companies that you will consider.

Learn from others

Before you call the companies to make inquiries, you should learn from the experience of those that have hired the company in the past. Any company with many negative reviews should not be considered, irrespective of how close the company is to your location.

Make inquiries

At this stage, you know your needs and you know your budget. Just call the companies and ask them a few questions. You should ask for their license, how soon they think they can get to your location, their charges, additional services, and others.

You should also take your time to explain the type of service that you want and your desired destination.

You should also be prepared to answer some questions that could be helpful for the company. The company will ask you for the details of your car, the gross weight, the issue with it, registered or if it is causing an obstruction, and many more.

Wait for the truck

If you are convinced that one of the companies can handle the task, you can then ask the company to come. While waiting for the arrival of the towing truck, you should make some preparations such as removing your valuables from the car and taking pictures, provided it is necessary.

Conclusion –Will AAA tow a commercial vehicle?

You should know the policies of any organization before you join. Except for some conditions, it is unlikely that AAA will agree to tow a commercial vehicle. 

Will AAA Tow A Commercial Vehicle?
Will AAA Tow A Commercial Vehicle?

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