Will AAA Tow An Uninspected Car? Check Here!

will AAA tow an uninspected car

From people’s testimony, AAA provides top-notch roadside service for registered members in an emergency. Just like other agencies, AAA has some regulations that every member must comply with, irrespective of their membership level.

One of the controversial points that many people are skeptical about is whether AAA tows uninspected cars.

Well, there are some requirements that AAA will not compromise before towing your car. One of such is that AAA will not tow an uninspected vehicle. So, if your car does not have a current state sticker, AAA will not tow such a car.

This is because AAA regards uninspected vehicles as the ones that are not road worthy. Keep reading for more information.


What are the reasons why AAA will not tow uninspected vehicles?

It has been stated earlier that AAA does not tow uninspected vehicles. Though your car might be okay mechanically, AAA will still regard it as being road unworthy when the vehicle is not inspected. The following are other reasons apart from this.


As a registered organization with a reputation for delivering quality roadside and emergency services, AAA has some standard policies that are not compromised, irrespective of the person involved.

Unlike some towing companies, it is against the policy of AAA to tow uninspected vehicles. Not only that, it is unlikely that AAA also tows a vehicle that is not properly insured. You should know that AAA has a reason for taking such a strict stance.


Each state has different traffic laws. Some of the traffic laws in some states might be similar and this is likely the reason why towing an uninspected vehicle is against the policy of AAA. For instance, driving an unregistered or uninspected vehicle in California is illegal.

When AAA is involved in towing such a type of vehicle in California, it could be sued or charged.


The truth is there are reports that some unregistered vehicles are either stolen or such a vehicle has been involved in a crime. Why shouldn’t you register your car as an owner?

When AAA is caught towing a stolen vehicle, it could be considered as an accomplice, as the case may be. This will put a dent in the reputation of the organization.


For proper records, AAA would like to have some details or information on the car that is to be towed. Doing this at times helps the organization to track the car and its owner if there is a need for it. When the car is not registered, it is unlikely that AAA will be able to track the car, provided there is a need to do so.

Future uncertainty

Another reason why AAA will not want to tow an uninspected car is to prevent issues that could likely happen in the future. For instance, if the car is stolen, it might be discovered later and this will not portray the organization in a good image.

To avoid being in such a compromising situation, AAA would like to know if the vehicle is registered.

How can I tow an uninspected car?

You must always inspect your car to have peace of mind on the road and to enjoy some benefits. However, due to some reasons, you might not have been able to register the car when you become stranded on the road.

For instance, you might have parked the car at home for a longer duration and the permit has expired. In such a situation, calling AAA is not a good idea but there are other things that you can do. The following are some of the things you can do when you are stranded on the road with an uninspected vehicle.

Seek alternatives

Apart from AAA, there are other private truck service operators that you can hire in emergencies. Well, you should not forget to tell the organization every detail about the car, provided you are asked questions.

Some of these private truck service operators have policies that are similar to that of AAA but you can always find one that will suit your needs.

Get a permit

Towing a vehicle doesn’t mean that you have issues with your car on the road. There are instances where you have an abandoned vehicle in your garage and you want to tow it out. In such an instance, the vehicle is likely uninspected.

When you want to tow such a vehicle, you can get a permit that will be valid for a day from the vehicle’s department. If you have such a permit and you can fulfill other conditions, you can contact AAA for the towing of the vehicle.

What are the requirements to have a car towed by AAA?

Though there are many towing trucks and many towing companies, AAA is, however, popular for its top-notch service. The truth is that AAA does not just agree to tow any vehicle once they receive calls for it.

The organization has policies and some requirements that cannot be compromised. Below are some of the requirements.

Registered car

As a car owner, you should know that your car must be registered in your state. You are potentially subjecting yourself to issues when you fail to do this. Well, if you are stranded by the roadside and you need a towing truck, you need to check your papers.

AAA will not agree to tow the car if the car is not registered. If you know you might need the service of AAA in the future, make sure your car is registered.

Registered member

Your car might be registered and AAA will still decline to tow your vehicle if you need the service of the organization. The truth is that you must be a registered member of AAA before you can be qualified for the towing service.

However, being a member is not enough. You must be with your membership card at the time when you need the towing service.

You must be available

If you have fulfilled the requirements stated above, you must also be at the same location where the car is before AAA will tow the vehicle. You might necessarily not be the car owner. A registered member of AAA must be in the car, either as a driver or passenger when the car is to be towed.

Further questioning

Well, being a member and fulfilling other requirements is good but AAA will ask you some questions. Your response to these questions could determine how soon you will get the help. For instance, you could be asked about the physical condition of the car and if it is obstructing traffic.

You will be asked also if you have contacted your insurance organization and other questions.

Things you should do when you call AAA for towing service.  

Some of the requirements that you need to fulfill for AAA to tow your car when there is a need for it has been stated above. Nevertheless, before the arrival of the towing truck, there are some things you should prepare.

The following are some of the things you should do before the arrival of the towing truck.

Inform your insurance organization

Well, the truth is that AAA might decline to tow your car if you have not informed your insurance organization about the incident. You need to do this, especially in a situation when the insurance organization will be responsible for payment.

Have evidence

If you will be needing the service of AAA to tow your vehicle, especially when it is wrecked, you need to have evidence of the incident. Before the towing truck arrives to take the car away, you should use your phone to take pictures of the car from different angles.

You can also have a video recording of the car. If possible, you can interview some eyewitnesses and record the conversation.

Know your destination

You shouldn’t wait until the towing truck arrives before you begin to think of where you will take the car to. In some instances, the insurance organization might suggest a location for you. If you are in this situation, you do not have any problem.

However, if you are the one that will determine where the car will be taken to, you should have a prepared location in mind before the arrival of the towing truck.

Prepare to pay more

Depending on your level of membership and other additional services, you might be required to pay some charges.

For instance, AAA basic members only enjoy a towing of 7 miles freely 4 times a year. If you will be towing the car to a location that is beyond 7 miles and you are a basic member, you should be prepared to pay some charges.

Remove valuables

To avoid being stranded because you might not have access to the vehicle for some days, it is recommended that you remove some valuables that you will need urgently from the car before the towing truck takes it away.

Conclusion – Will AAA Tow An Uninspected Car?

To avoid being denied by AAA when you need towing service and other troubles, it is recommended that you get your vehicle inspected. 

Will AAA Tow An Uninspected Car? Check Here!
Will AAA Tow An Uninspected Car? Check Here!

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