Will AAA Tow My Car To My House?

Will AAA tow my car to my house?

The American Automobile Association(AAA) operates within the confines of the law. This means that the nature of their services to society are well spelt out and permitted. It, therefore, follows that they must strictly adhere to all the terms of business with their members.

So, Will AAA Tow My Car To My House? Yes, they are held duty-bound to tow your car to your home. Towing companies are by their nature of business and service to the community supposed to tow your car to your house or any auto repair shop of your choice.

However, this must not be for a distance of more than ten kilometres from the point of breakdown or scene of an accident. If the distance through which the car must be towed is more than this, you are liable to pay extra charges for the additional distance.

Though how much you eventually pay will be determined by the category or class of registration you have. This is simply because there is a classification of membership determined by the registration fee you pay, which will ultimately also impact the type of services you get and the charges you pay too.

Do I have to be with my car for AAA to tow it?

No, you don’t. In fact, AAA can tow your car to either your home or any repair shop of your choice whenever necessary, whether you are present or not, provided you are a registered member and your membership is up to date.

You are also covered should you wish to move your car from one garage to another, though a vehicle can only be towed once for every breakdown. If you request a second tow, it will be at your own expense.

How far will AAA tow my car for free?

AAA policy stipulates that the company can tow your car across a distance of five to one hundred miles depending on your class or status of membership, either for free or for a fee.

For instance, when your vehicle cannot be either started or safely driven, it can be towed for free to any destination of your choice that does not exceed five kilometres from the point of breakdown or scene of an accident for classic members only.

This distance can be as long as one hundred miles for those with Plus membership. So, you can now see how your membership category determines the quality of services you get.

How much does AAA charge to tow?

AAA offers three basic types of membership, ranging in price from fifty-six to one hundred and nineteen dollars every year.

In addition to any towing services which membership confers on the members, there are other benefits too. Some of these benefits are emergency road assistance, DMV/MVD services, trip planning by travel experts, and discounts on all $ 120 00+ hotels, restaurants, movie theatres, and many more.

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Will AAA tow a car that is not mine?

In other words, will AAA help you with your friend’s car, right? Yes, they will. This is because AAA registration covers you as a person and not the vehicle per se. It simply means that you will be covered for their services in any vehicle you are driving yourself or are driven in.

Will AAA tow my car if I am drunk?

Yes, they will. That is what is commonly called the ‘tipsy tow’ and which is also available to all AAA members as well as non-members alike for at least the first ten miles of the tow.

Can you join AAA and use it immediately?

Yes, you can. All AAA benefits and services are available to its members promptly after registration. However, Plus and Premier services are available after about one week from the date of registration, or when your upgrade payment is received. Other than these two, all other services are available to members promptly upon complete registration.

Will AAA tow a car without plates?

No, AAA won’t want to have anything to do with an unregistered vehicle,  just in case. This is primarily because AAA has a nationwide policy that prohibits them from towing all unregistered vehicles.

A vehicle is considered unregistered if it has expired tags or no tags at all. This is certainly a commendable policy that they have in place to reduce abuse by car resellers and other auto criminals as well.

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Can I schedule a tow with AAA ahead of time?

Yes, you can schedule a tow with AAA before the time. This approach is further made easier with what they call ‘4 service calls’. Service calls take care of such things as towing whenever needed or warranted.

Each time you call them, you lose one service call, and you are allowed to continue calling them until you possibly exhaust all your available service calls for a specified period of time.

Can you use AAA without a membership?

On whether you can use AAA without membership, the simplest and most realistic answer is no, you can’t. This is due to the fact that before you are attended to, you would be asked to provide your AAA membership card in order to take advantage of all AAA membership benefits. Alternatively, you can use the AAA Mobile app for fast and easy access to your membership card, whenever you need it.

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What are some of the AAA terms and conditions for members?

This is an exclusive emergency road service that is available to only members, which is specifically meant to get them back on the road as soon as is possible. Every member is provided with up to four emergency road services. Their services include:

Mobile car battery service

Whenever your vehicle refuses to start, AAA road service has got you covered through providing you with battery tests and/or the vehicle itself, charging the battery when it is depleted,  or even jump-starting it for you.

Fuel delivery

Their technicians will be on hand to provide free delivery of enough fuel to get their members to the nearest service station.

However, any diesel fuel request must be made during a member’s call for service, since it may not be available in certain locations. Note that all classic members will be charged for fuel supplied at the prevailing market rate, but those on AAA Plus, AAA Plus RV and AAA Premier will receive their fuel at no cost to them whatsoever.

Locksmith/Lockout Services

Their technicians are always available also to provide lockout or locksmith services for all members, though on slightly varying terms depending on your registration status.

All AAA members are covered for locksmith services or reimbursement for either parts or labour as is shown below. Should the technician fail to open the door of the vehicle, or the key is either lost or broken, such member can opt to have the vehicle towed ( subject though, to all the terms of towing vehicles).

  • All  AAA Classic members are entitled to locksmith services or any reimbursement up to about fifty dollars for parts and labour.
  • AAA Plus and AAA Plus RV members are also entitled to locksmith services or reimbursement for vehicles too, up to one hundred dollars for parts and labour as well.
  • AAA premier membership avails to individuals locksmith services and reimbursement for vehicles and Home Lockout up to about one hundred and fifty dollars for parts and labour as well.

All in all, to get these services and more, you must furnish your valid AAA membership card and any matching photo identification for all lockout services.

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Will AAA tow a non-op car?

AAA’s national policy does not permit it to tow any unregistered vehicles, which are also referred to as non-vehicles. The same is true for all other vehicles with no tags or whose tags have expired. This policy is meant to curb any abuse by car resellers or any other criminal activity as the case may be.

Will AAA tow a project car?

AAA does not cover a project car or any other car for that matter, but rather, it covers a specific driver. In other words, AAA does not cover cars but their drivers only.

Just prove that you are actually the person to whom the driver’s license belong, or that you are indeed you, and there will be no issues whatsoever.

The problem, however, is that the  AAA driver may have reasons to think twice because of something he or she might have observed. For example, if the driver thinks that your car is not good enough, then he or she can turn you down.

What are the rules and regulations for AAA towing?

Whenever your vehicle cannot be started or even safely driven, AAA will tow it without any charges to your home or any other destination of your choice,  up to five miles from the point of breakdown or accident for classic members, but up to one hundred kilometres for Plus members only.

How do you tow a project car?

In order to tow a project car, make sure that:

  • You have all the needed materials at your disposal. If the new project is at a place that may be regarded as a tough to manoeuvre location, it may become necessary to pull it to a safe place, that is more accessible before you load it onto a trailer.
  • You may bring a friend along just in case.
  • Ensure to use the correct tow vehicle.
  • Also, make sure that you use the appropriate ball mount too.
  • Use the correct trailer as well.
  • Make sure that you are so careful as to remain safe throughout the process.

Does AAA do flatbed towing?

As a matter of fact, they do. Consequently, should any member request a flatbed wrecker and neither the condition of the vehicle nor its manufacturers need a flatbed to tow the vehicle safely, then such member will be responsible for any additional charges that may result thereof.

However, AAA Plus provides towing services for up to one hundred miles( including any special towing equipment) at no extra cost whatsoever.

Can non-members use AAA?

All AAA services are available to only members who are specifically mentioned on the membership card. This membership is not transferable, and it is equally not provided to non-members either.

However, other members of your household who may require twenty-four hours emergency road services must have their own membership card too, in their names, before they get any service.

Which is better between AAA and Good Sam?

The best approach is to buy both, and if you must choose between them, then buy Good Sam because it provides better pricing, covers more vehicles and family members, and also has better basic coverage and winching service, though it may falter in other categories.

Who is covered under AAA membership?

Ideally, AAA membership benefits cover only individuals and are non-transferable too. All registered members receive service in any eligible vehicle such as four-wheeled trucks, motor-driven cars and so on.

As a result of these classifications, AAA services will not be available for un-recognized vehicles, particularly those that are equipped with oversized wheels and/or tires, either as a driver or passenger, even if it is a rental car.

Will AAA Tow My Car To My House – Conclusion

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is an organization of registered members whose primary objective is to act promptly in assisting their members in distress wherever that may be, just to ensure that such distressed members get back onto the road as quickly as possible.

What is more, their services not only cover you as a member but also all others in your household too. In fact, all your family members can enjoy their services as long as your registration and prompt payment of all fees and levies is up to date.

There are categories in the registration, and registration fees vary from one category to another. For this difference in registration fees, you get varying qualities and extent of services as well.

However, you are entirely free to upgrade from one level to another at your convenience. The choice of what to do is yours to make.

Finally, it is important to note that AAA has conditions and terms before they attend to any vehicle,  in order to avoid regrettable issues. For instance, AAA does not tow any unregistered vehicle.

Also, they are willing to tow your vehicle to any place of your choice, but anything in excess of what is spelt out in their contractual agreement obviously means that you will have to pay for the extra.

Will AAA Tow My Car To My House?
Will AAA Tow My Car To My House?

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