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Can You Add A Towing Package Aftermath? Depends! Read More!

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There are different things you can do with a vehicle, provided it is yours. There are car owners that use their cars for pulling, either for work or recreation. You might be bothered about the possibility of this.

The truth is some of these vehicles have a pulling package that is factory fitted. Hence, many people ask if it is possible to add a pulling package to their vehicle.

Provided the car is yours and there is no litigation on it, you can install a pull package aftermath. However, the type of pulling package that you will get depends on different factors.

Before you install one, ensure that you do your research and be convinced that you are installing the right one. Check out this article for more information.

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Things you should consider before you install a towing package

There are many pulling packages in the market and the ability differs. Before you install one, you should consider some important things. Here is a list of some of the things you should consider.

Likely distance

The distance that will be covered when pulling a car or any other object with the package is important. In a situation where it is likely that you pull beyond 5 miles, you should get a pulling package that has the capacity.

Weight is important

The type of pulling package that you install on your vehicle will determine the weight of what you can pull. Before you ask your dealer to get you one, you should consider the potential weight of what you will be pulling. If it is likely that you pull a car, you should get a pulling package that can move the weight of a car.

Contact the dealer

Once you have the right information about the conditions listed above, you can go ahead to contact a dealer. You can request a quote for the pulling package based on the information you have. Nevertheless, you can also get the package yourself.

Type of towing package

There are options when you want to buy a pulling package. Before you add one to your vehicle, you should be sure about the one you want. The following are the options when you want to install a pulling package.

Factory towing package

Installing the factory pulling package is relatively the best, depending on your budget. It is an upgrade from the normal pulling capacity of the vehicle. A factory pulling package is regarded by many enthusiasts as problem-free and could last for a longer duration. Below are some of its pros and cons.


Below are some of the pros of a factory pulling package

Increases pulling capacity

When you install the factory pulling package, various components of the vehicle are upgraded. The implication of this is that the car will have the capacity to pull items or cars beyond its original capacity.

Specific for each vehicle

Unlike the aftermarket counterpart, the factory pulling package is made specifically for the model of your vehicle. This makes them a perfect fit.

Professional installation

Installing a pulling package could seem simple but you could run into problems during the process. You don’t have to go through this hassle or suffer the likely consequences when you install the package yourself. This is because the installation of a factory pulling package is handled by professionals.


One of the things you can be sure about when you install the factory pulling package is that you will get value for your money. However, you should remember to care for it the way you ought to if you want to get the best from it for a longer duration.

Resale value

A factory pulling package not only fits well on your vehicle but also enhances the look of your car. In a situation where you want to sell the car in the future, the pulling package will be an added value to the price of the car.


Below are some of the cons of a factory pulling package

It is expensive

The truth is you need a fat budget before you can install a factory pulling package. Unlike the aftermarket that you can get for a few bucks, you will need to budget a thousand dollars or more if you want to install it.

Increased gas mileage

Installing the factory pulling package is an upgrade on the engine. Not only that, but it will also increase the pulling capacity of the vehicle.

The implication of this is that the engine now performs more tasks. This will in turn affect fuel consumption. You should be ready to pay more for gas when you install the factory pulling package.

Aftermarket towing package

The aftermarket pulling package will also perform the function as the factory ones. The truth is they are also a good pulling package. However, the aftermarket package has few modifications and limitations from the factory counterpart.

For instance, this type of pulling package does not increase the pulling capacity of the vehicle. The following are some of its pros and cons.


Below are some of the pros of the aftermarket towing package


You don’t need a deep pocket or large budget before you can install the aftermarket pulling package. With a few bucks, you can install it and you will use it for many years.

Fuel economy

Since an aftermarket pulling package does not increase the pulling capacity and does not affect the performance of the engine, the package does not lead to additional fuel consumption.


Assembling the pull hitch and other components of the aftermarket package is very simple. You can easily watch tutorials online if you have any issues while doing it.

Easy to install

Unlike the factory package that must be installed by a professional, you don’t need any expertise or experience before you install the aftermarket package. All you need to do is to get the right tools and follow the instructions of the manufacturer. In most cases, you can finish the installation process within one hour.


Below are some of the cons of an aftermarket pulling package

Resale value

If you have a plan to sell your car in the future, an aftermarket pulling package is not the best option for you. This is because most potential buyers are not always comfortable with vehicles that have aftermarket pulling packages.

Easy damage

Many people have run into problems while installing the aftermarket package. In such a situation, the package could get damaged. Not only that, if you have installed the package wrongly, it could damage the vehicle that is being pulled, your vehicle, or the cargo that you are pulling.

More expenses

While the aftermarket pulling package might appear cheap, the reality is that you could be spending more than it would have cost you to fix a factory pulling package. For instance, when it is installed poorly and damages the vehicle, you will need to spend more money to fix the issue.

pull capacity

Unlike its counterpart which increases pulling capacity, the aftermarket does not add to the pulling capacity of the vehicle when installed. This means your haulage remains the same when you install them.

How to install a towing package

Except you are installing the factory pulling package, you will have to install the aftermarket package yourself. This, however, doesn’t mean that some people do not prefer to install the factory package themselves. The process is easy and you can complete it within one hour. Below are some of the processes involved.

Park the vehicle rightly

Once you are ready and you have selected the right location, preferably a flat surface, you can then engage the parking brake of the car. Afterward, you should use chocks for all the wheels. You need to do this to avoid mishaps during the installation.

Raise the vehicle

Once you are through with the step above, you can get a jack with the capacity of the vehicle, then use it to raise the vehicle. This will create more space for easier installation of the package.

Assemble the pull hitch

This is where you need full concentration. Any problem here could affect the whole process. There are different manufacturers and the method of assembling the pull hitch differs. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the manual.

Create holes

If your car does not have an existing hole where you will tighten the bolts, you should create the holes by drilling the frame of the vehicle.

Mount the pull hitch

If you are through with the steps highlighted above, you can then mount the pull hitch on the car frame. You will need a C-clamp or any other tool recommended by the manufacturer for this. If you have any issues with the mounting, you can watch tutorials on YouTube.

Also, do not forget to ask a professional for help if there is a need to.

Conclusion – Can You Add A Towing Package Aftermath?

You are subjecting your car to risk when you tow without a pulling package. Your budget will determine any of the options that you will opt for.


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