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Towing Questions & Answers

Will AAA Tow My Car To My House?

The American Automobile Association(AAA) operates within the confines of the law. This means that the nature of their services to society are well spelt out and permitted. It, therefore, follows that they must strictly adhere to all the terms...

Can You Tow Rear Wheel Drive Car Backwards?

Towing a vehicle becomes necessary in the event of a breakdown, tire flattering or sudden engine malfunction that necessitates taking the vehicle to an auto specialist. However, there are conditions for towing different cars based on their features. For example,...

Does Towing Affect Alignment?

Wheel alignment, which is sometimes called breaking or tracking, is a standard automobile maintenance practice that involves adjusting wheel angles according to the specifications of its manufacturers. This practice is meant to reduce tire wear or degradation, and also...

Can You Tow A Car With Handbrake On?

Yes, you can tow a car with the handbrake on. However, this depends on whether the car is a rear-wheel drive or not, if it is, you can tow it on its front wheels. If it is a front-wheel-drive...

Do They Need My Keys To Tow My Car?

Do They Need My Keys To Tow My Car? Not necessarily, since there are ways to go about the entire process without the need for the keys, and notable among these is through by-passing the keys. In conclusion, your...

Can A Car Be Towed With The Wheels Turned?

Whether a car can be towed with the wheels turned depends on its weight and how well equipped the tow truck is. Consequently, it does not really matter if your wheels are locked or turned or whether the parking...

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