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Will Towing A Trailer Damage My Car? Get Answers Here!

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You might have heard the stories of superhumans or you have seen them in movies. The truth is some of these stories might be fantasies while some might be relatively true, depending on the situation.

Due to the stories that have been heard or seen on TV, some people, especially car enthusiasts believe there are things they could try, hence they ask many questions about what could be done with cars. One of such questions is that they would like to know if cars could be used to tow trailers.

Using a car to tow a trailer might be possible, depending on a lot of variables. For instance, you will compare the size of the car to the trailer, you will compare the weight, the physical conditions, and many more.

However, the truth is that most cars would not have the same weight as a trailer. This makes it almost impossible to use a car to tow a trailer in a normal situation. Keep reading this article for more information.


Dangers of using a car to tow a trailer

Apart from what you see in movies, it is unlikely that you see any car that will have the capacity to tow a trailer. If you go ahead to try it, you are subjecting your car to risk. Below are some of the likely things that would happen when you attempt it.

Damaged engine

The engine has a maximum capacity of what it could move. The manufacturers design it to be so, based on the weight of the vehicle and other factors.

When you use the car to move a trailer, you are subjecting the engine to extra stress and over-traction. In such a situation, the engine will break down with time.

Damage to the car frame

When you use your car to tow a trailer, you are potentially moving a weight that is beyond the capacity of the car. In most cases, it is unlikely that the car will be able to move the trailer by one inch. Though this will put extra pressure on the car’s engine, it could also ruin the frame or the chassis of the car.

Damage to the braking system

For your car to tow a vehicle successfully, you need all parts of the car to function optimally. However, when you use the car to tow a trailer, you will damage the braking system. This is because the pressure on the car will affect most parts.

Damage to the gears

Another part of the car that is affected when you put extra pressure on it is the gear. Towing a trailer would create additional stress on the transmission, which will soon lead to overheating when you do it continuously. When there is overheating, the gear will likely be affected.

Swaying of the car

Due to overworking, it will be unlikely for you to keep the car in a position when you attempt to tow a trailer. In most situations, the car will likely wobble when you begin to tow a trailer with it.


Before you tow anything, you should first know the law of the state and the weight of the vehicle. If you will be towing a trailer, you should be mindful of these things before you go ahead. For instance, you cannot tow anything beyond 1200 lbs in Texas.

Moreover, you should know the size of the trailer. Some states do not permit towing of a vehicle that is beyond some size.

How to tow a trailer

Instead of risking your car when there is a need for you to tow a trailer, it is recommended that you seek alternatives. You should allow professionals to handle the process. Below are some of the procedures you can follow when you want to tow a trailer.

Know the law of the state

The first thing you should do when you want to tow a trailer is to know the legality of doing so. You should find out if the law of the state permits towing a vehicle of such weight and size. You can visit the council’s traffic department for more information or you seek an expert’s opinion.

Call a mechanic

In a situation where the law of the state does not permit towing vehicles of such state, you can call a mechanic to come and fix the trailer wherever it is instead of risking a lawsuit. Though this might cost more, it will be better than running into problems in the process of towing the trailer.

Call for a towing service

If it is legal for you to tow a trailer in your state and there is no alternative, you can go ahead to do so. Recall that some of the dangers of towing a trailer with a car have been highlighted earlier. Instead of towing with a car, you should call for a towing service.

If you are a member of an organization that offers towing service, you can call the organization, provided you can fulfill other conditions of the organization. You can also hire a towing company when you need one. Just make sure you give the company the right information about what you want to do.

How to hire a towing company for my trailer

It is unlikely that you can tow a trailer with your car. This will also make it near impossible for you to ask a friend for help, especially if your friend does not have a vehicle that can tow a trailer. In this situation, what you need to do is to allow professionals to handle the job.

Below are some of the procedures you can follow.

Ask for recommendations from people around you

If you have trailer owners around you that have been in a similar situation before, you can ask them for recommendations of any towing company that the person used. The person will likely recommend one, provided the company rendered a satisfactory service when the person hired it.

You could be lucky to get one when you do this. Another means of getting a reputable company that could handle the task is by visiting the traffic department. Just tell the officials what you need, then wait for a few recommendations.

Online search

The step highlighted above should lead you to one company but if you are unable to get one that could handle the task through recommendation, you can also search for one yourself. Just go online and search for a reputable towing company. This will lead you to a lot of companies around you.

Nevertheless, you have a role to play here when you want to select from the pool of suggestions. You can filter the suggestion by considering the companies that are closer to your location.

Moreover, you should also read reviews about any of the companies you are considering. A company with many positive reviews should be preferred over a company with many negative reviews.

Make inquiries

After reading the profile and reviews about the company online, you can go ahead to contact the company. You should state it categorically that you want to tow a trailer and you would like to know if the company can deliver the service.

You should also ask for the license, registration, and other paperwork. If possible, you should ask how long they have been in business, the fees you will pay, and how long it will take the towing truck to arrive at your location.

Before you agree to terms with the company, it is recommended that you truthfully respond to all the questions the company will ask you.

For instance, the company would want to know the model of the trailer, its weight, present condition, and other needed information. This will help the company to determine the best way the service could be rendered.

Get prepared

As soon as you agree to the terms of a company and the truck is on its way to your location, you should make preparations. If you have any valuables in the trailer, you should remove them or take pictures, if they will be needed in the future.

Reasons why you should hire a towing company

Using a car to tow a trailer might seem possible but you are ruining the car. If you need to tow your trailer, it is recommended that you hire a towing company. Below are some of the reasons why you should do so.

It is safer

Some of the dangers of towing a trailer with a car have been highlighted earlier. Hiring a towing company will give you peace of mind and prevent these dangers.

It is quick

The use of a towing company when you want to tow a trailer will make it easier and quicker for you to take the trailer to your preferred destination. Moreover, it is unlikely that you experience any issues on the way.

Conclusion –Will towing a trailer damage my car

Though a superhuman story can be true, you are, however, subjecting yourself and the car to greater risk when you tow a trailer with your car. 


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